Started my Mod Training 28th Sept 2010. <3

- My real name is Nikki o:
- I live in Scotland, UK!
- No, I don't wear a kilt or eat Haggis.
- I love black CS pets!
- I'm nineteen
- I LOVE Ebilia!
- My planet is RELCORE!
- I'm 5' 3"
- I'm obsessed with my Blackberry.
- I laugh at my own jokes.
- I've never tried beans!

Res Goals time!

-Get a black Wyrae [x]
-Complete Kirs Quest again [x]
- Tag Ollie onto a black Ebilia [x]
- Obtain 100mil. [x]
- Obtain 200mil. [x]
- Obtain 300mil. [x]

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I LOVE my Ollie. <3