Hello!! Welcome to my profile!

Goals for Res:

all iluvus undead, so I can say love is dead [ ]

Make all creatu undead [ ]

Host a giveaway (either halloween themed or summer themed) [ ]

Get 100 of each boo pop [ ]

blueberry: 50/100

citrus: 54/100

Licorice: 55/100

Raspberry: 49/100

Enter an official Res contest and win [ ]

Get every color Skaldyr [ ]

get to 120 on kir [ ]

get through all the levels of kir (this is gonna take forever xD) [ ]

My old username was Torsho, but now its crow <3

I have a twin sister named Voidbringer!

I am 18 years old, my birthday February 10th, time zone is 2 hours earlier than res time.

Check out my res merchant and rancher because they have funny little end cards c:

I am a percussionist, and love playing timpani and marimba :) Things I also love: Videogames (metal gear solid, LOZ, Fire Emblem, anything with KIrby, etc), BOOKS! (Wings Of Fire, Grishaverse, Brandon Sanderson books, SCYTHE <3 <3 ), Homestuck/Hiveswap, Tv shows (AOT, Umbrella Academy, Steven Universe, Dragon Prince, Supernatural, Mrs.Maisel, JJBA, and so much more)

I am a sucker for fantasy and enjoy playing DnD as both a DM and player :> I LOVE bird symbolism, hence the name crow lol.

I am pretty shy when it comes to posting, but enjoy conversations on the chatbox.

If you need eggs, I'm pretty good at hunting eggs, so just ask :) <3

I am pretty busy, and if I hatch eggs for you, or you need something from me, just rmail, ill get to you eventually, I haven't forgotten about you xD

Have a wonderful day :)