Thanks to Kraine for the picture of Legendary

Thanks to Staryulynn for the picture of my fursona

Thanks to Ambzilla for the pic of Solemn

Thanks to karmazyna for the ezahni pic

Thanks to lutinofeather for the pic of Posh

Thanks to Ambzilla for Infernal's pic

Thanks to LaCortoriReturn for the group pic of my liyures

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Welcome to the Hobo Castle!

Thanks to Karmazyna for the pictures of Legendary and the hobo castle

Adopt by Kina

Strikes bday = 30th may

Hatched an Albino Ezahni 12/06/10
Tagged the name Thowra to my Albino Ezahni 03/09/10
Beaned an Albino Mirabilis 17/09/10
Beaned an Albino Uilus 17/09/10
Hatched a Black Shaefu 02/12/10
Hatched a Black Ezahni 12/01/11
Paigecam Hatched me the First Ginger Vaspi 15/07/11
Obtained my 10th Albino Mirabilis 20/02/11
Hatched a Black Cyid 23/02/11
Zalaka hatched me a Black Haberisar 10/03/11
Hatched Unique 02/04/11
Allychan hatched me an Albino Saruka 05/04/11
Hatched a Black Saruka for Fireelf2 13/04/11
Obtained a Black Liyure 14/04/11
Hatched a Black Shaefu 06/09/11
Obtained a 2nd Albino Ezahni 28/09/11
Tagged Baringa to an Albino Ezahni 28/09/11
Reached 500 Mirabilis 06/10/11
Hatched a Black Cyid for Lane 16/11/11
Hatched an Albino Uilus 19/12/11
Obtained 20 Albino Mirabilis 23/12/11 (thanks to tryst & fireelf2)
Hatched a Black Noctis 07/01/12
Hatched a Black Aerix 02/03/12
Ginei hatched a Black Aerix for me 08/03/12
Obtained a Black Omni 21/04/12
Hatched a Black Shaefu 15/05/12
Obtained an Albino Aerix 03/06/12
Hatched an Achromatic Cyid 16/07/12
Hatched an Achromatic Haberisar 04/10/12
Hatched a Black Omni 25/10/12
Hatched an Albino Ezahni 01/01/13
Shaomi Hatched me a Black Shaefu 14/01/13
Hatched a Black Shaefu 19/01/13
Hatched an Achromatic Aerix 15/02/13
Vixens Hatched an Achromatic Aerix for me 16/02/13
Owly Hatched me a Black aerix 01/03/13
Hatched a Black Aerix 02/03/13
Obtained a Black Omni 09/04/13
Hatched a Black Cyid 15/05/13
Hatched a Black Cyid 26/05/13
Hatched a Black Cyid 02/06/13

coding by Tryst
Background & Overlay by 3mmique
ID: 3585671
Species: Liyure
Color: magenta
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Level: 1
Health: 0/25
Hunger: starving
Power: 10
Defense: 10
Agility: 10
Intellect: 1
Nourishment: 9
Squishies: 0
Rarity: 0%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Delighted
Birthday: 2021-04-01 02:05:16

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