People I will owe forever: ----BLAZED for helping me get my first CS pet, a Noctis named Sssnakey.---- SHADOW for my amazing siggy and profile banner, plus buying most of my pets to help me purchase Olyve.--- ANGELDELIGHT for paying off my 5mil debt to Shadow--- FIZZEH for giving me this amazing profile FREE--- SHADOWSTRIKE for Senji the blonde veram for free--- SIRIMOYONI for my free blonde jaaku Alminal---ANGELICA1 for my vaspi egg when I refreshed over one at the end of my hunt-- HAZELWOLF for 35 mil to boost me along-- OUTSANE for buying me a blonde paor for no apparent reason-- MUGIWARA for a free black iluvu for K1r-- RIKATHEFALLEN for hatching my black jahra-- TIBERIUS for my omni Tightrope when I came back after a hiatus-- TIBERIUS-- for sending me a blonde jaaku for no reason whatsoever--



Thanks to Fizzeh for this amazing free profile!
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