hey my things

i got my squishies when i was a bit younger so they're pretty important to me, sorry i'm like 3

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Aerix Fruit
Aerix Fruit (x 1)
Empty Stardust Urn
Empty Stardust Urn (x 1)
Ginger Valabex Squishy
Ginger Valabex Squishy (x 1)
Ginger Veram Squishy
Ginger Veram Squishy (x 8)
Ginger Zaphao Beanie
Ginger Zaphao Beanie (x 1)
Ginger Zenirix Squishy
Ginger Zenirix Squishy (x 1)
Glowing Aqua Flower
Glowing Aqua Flower (x 3)
Glowing Blue Flower
Glowing Blue Flower (x 1)
Glowing Ghostly Flower
Glowing Ghostly Flower (x 2)
Glowing Green Charm
Glowing Green Charm (x 1)
Glowing Orange Flower
Glowing Orange Flower (x 2)
Glowing Pink Flower
Glowing Pink Flower (x 2)
Glowing Purple Flower
Glowing Purple Flower (x 2)
Glowing Red Pendant
Glowing Red Pendant (x 1)
Goiba Bath Toy
Goiba Bath Toy (x 1)
Goiba Shield
Goiba Shield (x 1)
Gold Plated Tiny Clam Shell
Gold Plated Tiny Clam Shell (x 1)
Gold Shimmering Flecks
Gold Shimmering Flecks (x 2)
Grape Soda Pop
Grape Soda Pop (x 1)
Green Potion Squishy
Green Potion Squishy (x 1)
Green Rope Flower
Green Rope Flower (x 1)
Gunmetal Staff Balloon
Gunmetal Staff Balloon (x 1)
H Alphabet Squishy
H Alphabet Squishy (x 1)
Ham (x 1)
Hamster Beanbag
Hamster Beanbag (x 1)
Happy Stress Ball
Happy Stress Ball (x 1)
Heart Cooking Pot
Heart Cooking Pot (x 1)
Heart Flour Bag
Heart Flour Bag (x 1)
Heat Chase
Heat Chase (x 2)
Hot Dog With Ice Cream
Hot Dog With Ice Cream (x 1)
Hot Dog With Onions
Hot Dog With Onions (x 1)
Hunail (x 1)
I Alphabet Squishy
I Alphabet Squishy (x 3)
Ice Spear
Ice Spear (x 1)
Itchy Malal Resmas Sweater
Itchy Malal Resmas Sweater (x 1)
J Alphabet Squishy
J Alphabet Squishy (x 1)
Jade Stardust Flower
Jade Stardust Flower (x 2)
Jade Stardust Gown
Jade Stardust Gown (x 1)
Jade Stardust Scarf
Jade Stardust Scarf (x 1)
Jade Stardust Telescope
Jade Stardust Telescope (x 1)
Job Tower Token 11
Job Tower Token 11 (x 1)
Juicy Green Apple
Juicy Green Apple (x 5)
Kelp (x 2)
Key of Death
Key of Death (x 1)
Key of Knowledge
Key of Knowledge (x 1)
L Alphabet Squishy
L Alphabet Squishy (x 2)
Large Blue Candle
Large Blue Candle (x 1)
Large Smoothed Driftwood
Large Smoothed Driftwood (x 1)
Laughing Emote Squishy
Laughing Emote Squishy (x 1)
Lauz Squishy 07
Lauz Squishy 07 (x 1)
Light Fur Headband
Light Fur Headband (x 1)
LOL Emote Squishy
LOL Emote Squishy (x 1)
Long White Cape
Long White Cape (x 1)
Love Emote Squishy
Love Emote Squishy (x 5)
Luxury Coffee Candy
Luxury Coffee Candy (x 1)
M Alphabet Squishy
M Alphabet Squishy (x 2)
Mad Emote Squishy
Mad Emote Squishy (x 5)
Magenta Gondra Squishy
Magenta Gondra Squishy (x 1)
Magical Happy Pencil Case
Magical Happy Pencil Case (x 1)
Meiko Ball
Meiko Ball (x 1)
Merchant Pouch
Merchant Pouch (x 1)
Mint Ripple Chemisier
Mint Ripple Chemisier (x 1)
More Fish In Atquati Card
More Fish In Atquati Card (x 1)
Murren Soup Bowl
Murren Soup Bowl (x 1)
Mutant Aukira Squishy
Mutant Aukira Squishy (x 1)
Mutant Chimby Squishy
Mutant Chimby Squishy (x 1)
Mutant Draqua Squishy
Mutant Draqua Squishy (x 1)
Mutant Vogar Squishy
Mutant Vogar Squishy (x 1)
Myotis Oni Mask
Myotis Oni Mask (x 1)
N Alphabet Squishy
N Alphabet Squishy (x 1)
Natural Ardur Squishy
Natural Ardur Squishy (x 1)
Natural Aukira Squishy
Natural Aukira Squishy (x 1)
Natural Berrok Squishy
Natural Berrok Squishy (x 1)
Natural Chimby Squishy
Natural Chimby Squishy (x 1)
Natural Cyid Squishy
Natural Cyid Squishy (x 1)
Natural Drachid Squishy
Natural Drachid Squishy (x 1)
Natural Drindian Squishy
Natural Drindian Squishy (x 1)
Natural Ebilia Squishy
Natural Ebilia Squishy (x 1)
Natural Ezahni Squishy
Natural Ezahni Squishy (x 1)
Natural Haberisar Squishy
Natural Haberisar Squishy (x 1)
Natural Iluvu Squishy
Natural Iluvu Squishy (x 1)
Natural Jaaku Squishy
Natural Jaaku Squishy (x 1)
Natural Kayoki Squishy
Natural Kayoki Squishy (x 1)
Natural Leverene Squishy
Natural Leverene Squishy (x 1)
Natural Malal Squishy
Natural Malal Squishy (x 1)
Natural Mirabilis Squishy
Natural Mirabilis Squishy (x 1)
Natural Sirleon Squishy
Natural Sirleon Squishy (x 1)
Natural Skaldyr Squishy
Natural Skaldyr Squishy (x 1)
Natural Tesuri Beanie
Natural Tesuri Beanie (x 1)
Natural Veram Squishy
Natural Veram Squishy (x 1)
Natural Zaphao Squishy
Natural Zaphao Squishy (x 1)
Natural Zenirix Squishy
Natural Zenirix Squishy (x 1)
O Alphabet Squishy
O Alphabet Squishy (x 1)
Orange Juice Bottle
Orange Juice Bottle (x 1)
Orange Smock
Orange Smock (x 1)
Orange Train
Orange Train (x 1)
P Alphabet Squishy
P Alphabet Squishy (x 1)
Peanut Butter Cookie Bag
Peanut Butter Cookie Bag (x 1)
Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood (x 2)
Pile of Gold Stardust
Pile of Gold Stardust (x 3)