Prince Xarvein

Hey! Kid! Halt right there! Don't come any closer...

Yavitr, Don't worry, they're probably just some salesman. Hi..... I am Prince Xarvein of Galtriob, and next to me is my pet, Mabvtoy. I am currently looking to buy -All klaws co clothing that I don't have.. (I have: green klaws boots, hat, suit, gold klaws hat, mittens)-
WHAT? You're NOT here sell anything?? Mabvtoy, attack!!

Inside the beasts belly you find.......

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1tu Barter Token (x 1)

20k Messenger (x 1)

A Guide to the Rancher Class (x 1)

A Hackers Story (x 1)

A Klaws Co. Carol (x 1)

A Sprig of Holly (x 1)

Achromatic Aukira Tail Feathers (x 1)

Achromatic Ebilia Mask (x 1)

Achromatic Ebilia Tail (x 1)

Achromatic Iluvu Gloves (x 1)

Achromatic Iluvu Pages (x 1)

Achromatic Iluvu Squishy (x 1)

Achromatic Jaaku Cloak (x 1)

Aerix Stocking (x 1)

Ageless Extract (x 2)

Ahea Face Mask (x 1)

Ahea Stocking (x 1)

Albino Aukira Tail Feathers (x 1)

Albino Bone Ebilia Wings (x 2)

Albino Easero Wings (x 1)

Albino Iluvu Ears (x 1)

Albino Iluvu Gloves (x 2)

Albino Iluvu Pages (x 1)

Albino Iluvu Tail (x 1)

Albino Intimidating Jaaku Mask (x 3)

Albino Jaaku Horns (x 2)

Albino Vaspi Wings (x 1)

Amber Aukira Tail Feathers (x 1)

Amber Carved Crystal Skull (x 1)

Amber Dye Kit Squishy (x 1)

Amorous Shades (x 1)

Angel Trumpet Seeds (x 1)

Apathetic Shades (x 1)

Apple Cinnamon Lolly (x 2)

Arcablue Squishy (x 1)

Archmage Gloves (x 1)

Ardur Face Mask (x 1)

Ardur Stocking (x 1)

Atquati Corn Husk Doll Container (x 1)

Atquati Goody Bag 2012 (x 2)

Atquati Goody Bag 2013 (x 2)

Atquati Goody Bag 2014 (x 1)

Aukira Face Mask (x 1)

Aukira Gingerbread Cookie (x 1)

Aukira Stocking (x 1)

Azure Aukira Tail Feathers (x 1)

Azure Carved Crystal Skull (x 1)

Azure Chirping Easero Chick (x 1)

Baby Drachid Squishy (x 3)

Bag of Natural Atquati Creatu Squishies (x 1)

Bag of Natural Reiflem Creatu Squishies (x 1)

Bag of Natural Relcore Creatu Squishies (x 1)

Bag of Natural Scria Creatu Squishies (x 1)

Bag of Natural Seasonal Creatu Squishies (x 1)

Bare Branch Antlers (x 3)

Bare Branches (x 1)

Bears_gurl Fake Fangs (x 1)

Beastly Ahea Squishy (x 1)

Beastly Metal Claws (x 1)

Beastly Skaldyr Squishy (x 1)

Beastly Tesuri Squishy (x 1)

Beef Burger (x 1)

Berrok Egg Bauble (x 1)

Berrok Stocking (x 1)

Berry Gummy Bat (x 1)

Berry Gummy Rat (x 1)

Black Aukira Tail Feathers (x 1)

Black Bone Ebilia Wings (x 2)

Black Grinning Surgical Mask (x 1)

Black Iluvu Ears (x 1)

Black Iluvu Gloves (x 1)

Black Iluvu Pages (x 1)

Black Iluvu Tail (x 1)

Black Intimidating Jaaku Mask (x 1)

Black Ivik Squishy (x 1)

Black Jaaku Grin Mask (x 1)

Black Libra Scales (x 1)

Black Valentine Pendant (x 2)

Black Vaspi Wings (x 1)

Blade of the Stars (x 1)

Blonde Aukira Tail Feathers (x 1)

Blonde Ebilia Tail (x 1)

Blonde Iluvu Gloves (x 1)

Blonde Iluvu Pages (x 1)

Blood Moon Flag (x 1)

Blood Tear Makeup (x 1)

Blossom Snowflake (x 1)

Blue Easter Recipe Card (x 3)

Blue Plastic Easter Egg (x 1)

Blueberry Jaaku Cupcake (x 1)

Bone Claw Glove (x 2)

Bony Chestplate (x 1)

Book of Spring (x 1)

Boot-Shaped Snow (x 2)

Box of Dyed Easero Cupcakes (x 1)

Box of Easero Cupcakes (x 1)

Box of Jaaku Cupcakes (x 5)

Brain Bubblegum (x 1)

Bug-filled Chocolate Bar (x 1)

Bunch of Pixel Flowers (x 1)