Mother Ahea Squishy

This Ahea looks very eager to teach her offspring how to get on in the worlds. Motherhood is universal!

Item Name:

Mother Ahea Squishy Information
Amount in Game:229
Shop Base Price:0 tu
Average Merchant Sale:8,723,809 tu
Shop Stocked In:Currently Not Stocked
Merchant Shop Price
Smol Shop30,000,000
The rookery30,000,000
Mad Meiko Menagerie50,000,000
Thehippis Rare Item Shop250,000,000
Most Recent Merchant Sales
2020-05-24 18:58:235,000,000 tu
2020-05-24 18:56:184,500,000 tu
2020-05-16 09:58:5110,000,000 tu
2020-05-14 00:09:4425,000,000 tu
2020-05-14 00:09:4015,000,000 tu
2020-05-14 00:09:349,999,990 tu
2020-05-14 00:09:339,999,990 tu
2020-05-14 00:09:249,000,000 tu
2020-05-14 00:09:197,000,000 tu
2020-05-14 00:09:177,000,000 tu

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