Plant lovers unite

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1:19pm Oct 22 2020 (last edited on 1:21pm Oct 22 2020)

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Any other plant lovers out there?
I'm filling our section of the house with plants and I'm quickly running out of room! 
I love to talk about them with anyone else who's interested 


What's your favourite plant?
What's on your wish list?
What do you have at the moment? 
What plants do you struggle with the most?


My favourite plant ever is the bog standard spider plant
I can't get enough of them, even though they're super common and easy.
I just find them so cute and so fulling to grown and propagate from, it's so nice to share them with friends and family.

My big wish list plant at the moment is aglaonema tricolor *u* 

OOphh so I'm sure I'm going to forget something but here's a list of plants I currently own : 

*Spider plant(s)
*Variegated Monstera Albo- My partner was horrified how much I paid for this cutting lol
It's got a new leaf coming, I'm hyped!
*philodendron royal queen- just had to repot her, was hoping I could hold out until spring. They now have a much needed moss pole 
*Aloe vera 
*Black Raven ZZ plant 
*(some) Tradescantia 
*musa basjoo (banana plant)
*pineapple plant 
*Yucca- will need repotting in the spring 
*mayybeee a Begonia Rex (firework) Idk if it's dead or just winter die back ;n; 
*Golden pothos cutting in water 
*Syngonium podophyllum *pink*- so pretty I love 
*Calathea lancifolia (rattle snake plant)
*Calathea Ornata (pin stripe)- bit of a rescue from a garden centre but they're looking much better now.
*Stromanthe sanguinea (triostar)
*Cordyline Tango
*Blue star fern 
*Peperomia (Can't remember which type oop, but I need more in my life)
*begonia Maculata - spotted begonia
*cane begonia
*Hendra Helix (common/ english ivy- variegated) 
*jade plant 
*Sansevieria (mother-in-laws-tongue) 
*Sansevieria Cylindrica 
*lithops (living stones) 
*random assortment of cacti 
*one lone air plant 
*golden pothos cutting currently in water

- just brought some neon and marbled pothos cuttings 
- I also have some aquatic plants in my fish tank hoho 

I actually really struggle with Aloe's- I have to admit I've melted a few in my time but I'm learning my lesson.
I've struggled with my begonia Rex for ages ad I hope it pulls through, lots of peoples seem to just give up when it starts to get cold so I live in hope. It's my first time with a crinkly leaf plant and even though I was keeping up with humidity it's leaves still went crispy. If it's dead and doesn't bounce back it'll be awhile until I try one again. 

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