Flora Floxes Information/Rules

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This forum is just to help keep things tidy for the Flox Universe.

Rules and Such found in next post below...

I ask that you please try to not post on this forum.

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PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANY IMAGES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, I specifically made these designs for Rescreatu but if you ask me I may allow you to post on other sites as long as you credit me

You cannot sell off your floxes or eggs to anyone, once a deal is made it is permanent.

The Adoption feature is available for letting go of unwanted Floxes.

Trading/Gifting is acceptable but please let me know first.

No Refunds. Only special cases will be considered.

Do not claim artwork as your own, please!

Signatures will not be added as it clutters the piece, so please be courteous to me as an artist.

I have the right to change the rules and update them as I add new things to the floxes universe

You must pay upfront for everything as I will not be holding anything as it takes away from the first come first serve rule I’ll be abiding by

I will take alternative payments if you do not want to offer tu but the items/pet must be worth the same value.

I have the right to take away this option should I feel the need to.

Any extra tu offered when offering items/eggs/pets can be used for lowering hatching/kitting time, saved for future items, or returned, JUST LET ME KNOW!

Please allow me time to draw more flox batches and adult forms as it takes quite a while to decide what to do for both, as such please be patient

The Flox Store runs on a first come first serve basis as well.

All Items must be paid for upfront and will not be put on hold for any reason.

Items will be rotated out randomly every month or so.

Flox Ink is my remake of Meybi’s/Comyet’s fanmade Ink Sans from Undertale.

Eggs, Hatching, Kits, Loners:

Each egg costs 7 million tu when they are available. I will also accept different forms of payments of creatu, cp, items, ect. (a list of what I’ll accept will be down below).

Rare Flox Eggs may also become available at certain times, and will be sold at 14 mil tu.

To make things fair, you may only adopt 1 egg per batch. If an egg is still left after the next batch comes in you may adopt that one along with a new one. In conclusion, you may adopt up to 2 floxes at one point.

There are two different batches of Eggs when they come in! There is one where anybody can adopt an egg and one where only those who have two or fewer floxes can adopt an egg. A person who owns 2+ floxes can gift an egg from the second batch to a new person who matches the specific criteria. It is encouraged to send eggs to new people, as long as they know about the gifting and flox universe! (This does not mean you can advertise as that is against Recreatu Rules!)

Lone floxes will sometimes appear and become available to purchase for 8 million tu. There is also a very rare chance of the loner being pregnant and if it is it will cost 14 million tu.

To hatch an egg, one must wait 7 days or one week, although, for a price of 1 million tu, one can speed up the hatching process by a day (7 million tu in total for it to be hatched the day it is received).

Floxes hatched from the Mother Tree eggs will already be fully grown.

Floxes hatched from eggs of two flox parents will have a kit stage.

It takes 1 week for a kit to become an adult.

Just like eggs, kits can have their age sped up for 1 million tu, per day.

Kits are not born with their birth flowers, and simply have a leaf for a tail. Once they become an adult, their flowers will grow in.

Twins are possible and are usually born from the same egg.

Both Eggs and Kits have their flowers hidden until adulthood. They can be very shy and self-conscious about their flowers, so they only show them when they feel they have formed a strong bond with their owner.

A Flox Family can only have 25 members in it.

After you reach a maximum of 25 floxes any eggs/kits/adults/loners received afterward must be given up for adoption or gifted away. You can also choose to adopt out any Flox in your group if you want to keep new eggs/kits/adults/loners.

While floxes love big families, too many members in a pack can create chaos and disorganization. When a family gets too big, some floxes will find it necessary to wander off and start a new family of their own.

Breeding, Mating:

Floxes have no titled gender, thus when bred it does not matter who is female and who is male. In a way, they are sort of like hermaphrodites. Thus any two can breed.

As a clarification, floxes born from eggs, both adult and kit, will not be pregnant. (That would be weird.)

To breed a pair of floxes both owners must agree to it and both must pay a fee of 5 million tu.

If you own both floxes you must pay 10 million tu.

Floxes are known to have litters of 1-4 eggs, any more than 4 is considered extremely rare. Ownership of the kits/eggs, must be decided between the two breeders.

Eggs will appear 3 days after breeding.

After 3 breedings a flox will no longer be able to reproduce.

Flox Breeding has a Cooldown Effect. Each Flox can only breed ONCE a month.

This is to ensure that floxes are given enough rest between breedings.

I will be focusing on a first come first serve basis when creating batches, thus eggs may take more than a week to come out if people bred their floxes before you.

Breeding Licenses can be obtained from special deals (usually from customs) and are good for 2 free breedings (counts as 10 million tu basically).


The Adoption feature is now available.

Any flox you do not wish to hold on to anymore can be left with Ink in hopes of finding it a new family to join.

Floxes understand that it’s important to spread their love and will never hate their past owners for leaving them to start a new journey.

If an adult or kit is not picked up by anyone after a week, it will wander off and may or may not return later on.

This can present its own perks, which are a secret for now ;)

An adoption fee of 1 mill will be administered for a pickup.

Guest Artist:

Guest Artists will start to be considered in the next few months.

If you would like to have a batch of eggs/adults featured with your own special designs, please Rmail me.

You will receive 50% of payment when your eggs are sold and 50% of payment when your designs are ever bred.


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Just using this message as a Layout real quick- Sorry bout that ;]

Selling Almost Everything

Hey Everyone! I figured it was about time I post this.
I am currently in the market to purchase and/or trade for an Albino Liyure.
It has been a longtime goal of both mine and my brothers (who played long before me and then quit due to inactivity).

I know I don't have nearly enough to purchase one, as they can cost well over 15 bill tu, so I figured I'd start cracking down and try to sell off everything I own in hopes of buying one in the future.

Like the title says, I am basically selling off all my creatu and items.

The only creatu absolutely not for sale are Kogenta, Paint,and Kidou.
I might be willing to part with Paint and Kidou, but only for a hefty price each.

I am not really looking to trade for things, but I am always open to see what you have, so don't feel shy :D

Anyways some notable things I have include (more can be found in my Rancher/Showroom):


Sorcerio (Disenchantment)
ShoyoHinata (Haikyuu)
IrumaSuzuki (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun)
AsmodeusAlice (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun)
AbaraiRenji (Bleach)

Creatu (note some of these have RWN/RW):
I would recommend just looking at my showroom as I have many more dyed and rare colored creatu:D

Complete Pack of Stardust Urns (Ember, Aqua, Silver, Jade)
Empty Stardust Urn
Cosmic Salve
Curse of the Undead
Egg of Rebirth
Gold Liyure Squishy
Golden Apple
Healing Water
Memoir of Otroe
Mutation Potion
Pile of Ember, Aqua, Jade Stardust
Pumpkin Loaf

Abyss Tail of Questionable Origin + Merbits
Achromatic Casual Lei + Grass Skirt
Albino Iluvu Tail + Ears
Atquati Festival Down
Black Casual Lei + Grass Skirt
Black Iluvu Tail + Ears
Black Kioka Circlet
Blessed Amulet of Reiflem +Eyes
Blessed Amulet of Relcore + Talisman
Cupid Arrow + Bow + Wings
Easter Spirit
Ember Stardust Earrings + Hair
Escaping Ghost
Essence of Youth
Fawn Body
Fire Fly Jar
Jade Stardust Earrings + Sandals
Mutant Veram Tails
Rabbit Buddy
Scroll of Knowledge
Sepia Ebilia Tail
Silver Casual Lei + Skirt
Simple Grass Arm and Wrist Bands + Leg Bands
Snow Tail of Questionable Origin + Merbits
Spring Petal Blast
Zenirix Tiki Mask

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