Fav weird food combinations?

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2:56pm Feb 25 2019

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Guys I'm here to ask a very important question...

What are your favorite weird food combinations?

I ask because right now I'm obsessed with cottage cheese + salsa which my boyfriend thinks is gross. What are some things you like to mix/eat together that other people think are weird/gross?


11:31pm Mar 10 2019

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Pineapple and chocolate with vanilla filling. 

8:18am Mar 11 2019

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Yorkshire puddings and Chocolate ice cream 

People have told me it’s weird but it’s basically ice cream in a over done pancake cup


7:31pm Mar 12 2019

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Tater tots and applesauce 

Cetari are puplic transport on Scria and you can\'t change my mind >:O

11:59pm May 1 2019

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Vegan tuna, vegan mac n cheese, and barbecue sauce <3


2:57pm Aug 10 2019

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I'm not sure if I'd call this my favorite, but it's interesting!
So yesterday at work, one of the supervisors brought ham, cream cheese spread, and some bagels.
I don't know, I just toasted the bagel, spread strawberry-flavored cream cheese onto the bagel and slapped a couple of pieces of ham on it.  Slapped them together and ate them like a sandwich.  It wasn't the best flavor combination I've ever had, but it was actually kind of good... but unusual. 

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11:23pm Jul 11 2021

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Peanut butter pickle sandwich 


6:40pm Aug 24 2021

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Black olives and pickles with teriyaki sauce, just in a bowl.

Also Horseradish and vanilla ice cream.  Sweet and spicy!

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