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(yes, because I am literally so uncreative and this title is crap)

Here, you will find applications for my private dragons RP. Submit these applications via Rmail to me, and if they are accepted you may post them here for other members to reference. ^^

Info for this RP can be found here.

At this time you may have up to two characters. c:


Name -
Dragon, Civilian or Hunter -
Dragon Type -
Ethnicity -
Age/Date of Birth - 
Gender - 
Orientation -
Des-cription/Reference (human) - 
Des-cription/Reference (dragon) - (if character is not a dragon you may delete this)
Alignment - (find here)
Personality Type - (find here, can be more than one)
Relationships -
Brief History -
Song (optional) - (just any song you think fits them)
Anything Else -


Name - Vincent Callaway (also responds to Vince)
Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon; Lightshifter
Ethnicity - British parents, born in America, now lives in Canada
Age/Date of Birth - 277; November 18th, 1739
Gender - Male
Orientation - Homosexual
Des-cription/Reference (human) - Blue eyes, brown rings around pupils. Long, blonde hair that curls slightly at the ends and looks blue/white in some lighting (iridescence from scales). Pale-ish skin, slightly darker from sun exposure. 5' 9". There's a long, diagonal scar down his inner right forearm he doesn't like to talk about. Tends to wear long pants and a jacket over various shirts, dislikes shorts for some reason so rarely wears them unless they're pajamas. Looks like he's 26.
Because I lack the ability to draw humans, here's his 18th century getup. Modern outfit is obviously much different xD (he still has his sword, though it's in a display case in his house now and unused)
Des-cription/Reference (dragon) - IMAGE 17ft tall, 22ft long.
Alignment - Chaotic Good
Personality Type - ISFP (Adventurer)
Relationships - None at the moment, has a bad habit of falling in love with people he outlives. 
Brief History - Born to two British immigrants to America (wasn't America at the time but shhh), his mother died in childbirth and his father's life was claimed by war when he was nine. Having no other immediate family or friends in the area, he was sent back to Britain to live with his aunt, a drunken mess of a woman who died of alcohol poisoning after abusing Vincent for eight years. (she hated him because her sister died giving birth to him, and also hated his father for marrying her, and it got worse when Vince started to look like him) 
One year later he moved back to America, and made a living for himself as a hunter. He came into contact with the stone that same year, and had trouble adapting to his second form, but got it right eventually. Other than that, there's not much to say. He's lived through several wars, and took up arms in two of them; the American Revolution and Civil War. After that, he decided he'd had more than enough violence and changed careers several times. Presently, he's a high school history teacher.
Song (optional) - Halsey, Young God
Anything Else - Has lots of those weird animal shirts you can get online or at Hot Topic/Spencer's (cats riding dinosaurs in space, taco dogs on skateboards, etc.) Likes all manner of sweets, especially ice cream. Has a Maine Coon cat named Misty, takes her for walks. Despite over 200 years of dealing with peoples' crap he still trusts a bit too easily. Means well, but often causes trouble. Has a strong dislike for rudeness/entitlement in others. Tonsurephobic. Sometimes suffers reoccurring nightmares, usually about his childhood or his time as a soldier. Fluent in English, French and Spanish. Likes to be outside in the sun, and wakes up early. You can tell he's unwell if he sleeps in.


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Acceptionage and joinage ;o

Name - Ennie
Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon
Dragon Type - Gladekeeper
Ethnicity - Brazilian 
Age/Date of Birth -  171/1845
Gender - Female
Orientation - Asexual
Des-cription/Reference (human) - Very short, about 5'2'', with dark skin and short very, very dark brown hair save for a few strands of iridescent green near her right temple that form a thin line of green hair. Eyes are dark hazel with the smallest scattering of greenish flecks, and always have a mischievous glint to them. Very lithe and slight, but with sinewy muscle from a lifetime spent in the trees. Looks to be in her late 20's, but has an air of indomitable youthful energy. 
Des-cription/Reference (dragon) -  Still quite small, only around 7ft long, and a dark, dappled brown colouring, turning slightly lighter towards the front and stomach. A ridge of iridescent, dark green feathers start just above her eyes and travel all the way down her back to her tail, where they grow slightly larger and help her stay agile and graceful whether she's flying or jumping from branch to branch. Her wings are dark green, lightening to a stark lime green just at the edge. If she stayed still enough, she could disappear into the foliage of the rainforest she called home. 
Alignment - Neutral
Personality Type - ENFP (Campaigner)
Relationships - None. 
Brief History - With all the chaos and infighting over the monarchy of the country in the 1800s, a great many poor and exhausted families fled the populated coast lines in favor of the deep, unexplored jungles in the interior. Ennie's family was one such group of refugees, and like so many others they met nothing but grief within the shady underbrush. Starvation, sickness, and exposure to the elements killed off many of her family, and she would surely have followed suit if she hadn't found the stone while foraging. Her new form frightened the refugees, and had no choice but to abandon them and find a way to survive on her own. Life as a dragon was far easier for her than life as a human, and she thrived living among the trees. 
Eventually, she grew tired of a life of solitude and began to crave human company. She decided that WWII and the drama that followed in the country was a good time to move on and began the slow journey Northbound towards the United States, a place she'd heard was a veritable heaven of liberty and peace and happiness. Arriving in 1972, she was sorely mistaken, but found the constantly evolving technology too tantalizing to move away from. She remained in the states to this day, moving from state to state so that her agelessness doesn't raise alarm. Loves to collect technology and can't help but ogle and inspect anything new that catches her eye. Currently daylights as a Starbucks barista, and has no idea other dragons exist. 
Song (optional) - ANYTHING by Gunship xD
Anything Else - Likes to wear slim fitting jeans with pockets and always wears an old, green, canvas zip up jacket with pockets. Basically all the pockets. Has a small satchel that she always carries with her, likes to carry stuff she finds with her and has an extensive collection of knick-knacks at home. Needs her sleep, will be dead to the world all night long and sometimes well into the morning. Is addicted to Netflix, and especially appreciates cartoons. Touches her index and pinkie finger to her thumb on her right hand in a sequence when she's nervous or deep in thought. 


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Also accepted. And postageing.

Name - Vosahf.

Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon, and Hunter.

Dragon Type - Darkfire.

Ethnicity - Russia. Or what is NOW Russia. Grand Duchy of Moscow back in birthtime.

Age/Date of Birth - Born 1350. In cold summer.

Gender -  Male.

Orientation - Straight.

Des-cription (human) - Imagine a more slight version of Zangief from Street fighter, with more scars on the arms, and a shaved head, as to not scare people with the red effects the keratine does to his hair. Usually wearing something to make himself look less imposing, like robes. Beneath the robes, where not visible, there is a black near skintight suit of unknown composition, that protects from wounds, and has enough give for acrobatics, with the logo of the Hunters on the chest.

Des-cription (dragon) - Has spent his entire conscious life as a human form, despite having the Dragon form. Just knows its red, and its saved his life in a dragon fight at least once.

Alignment - Lawful Neutral.

Personality Type - Virtuoso (ISTP).

Relationships - A long one with the Hunters, that involves killing many dragons.

Brief History - Started as a hunter at a young age, quickly excelling under the tutelage. Learned to write and read at the same time. Then his baptism by fire came when he came of age. Take on a dragon in single combat  with a small dragonsteel sword and succeed.

He did handily, with the scars to prove his worth. And he found a firey stone as his reward. It changed him into the thing he hunted, but he stayed with the hunters regardless. He defeated many more dragons since, keeping his sword as a backup weapon, while using his fists to kill many more. He was also prodded and probed over the years to find out more about dragons, to little avail.

During this long time, the spirit of the fire dragon that he took up has been whispering, begging to be free of the fear of these hunters every movement, through any could be their last. After an innumerable time when the fighting has died down to near nothing, yet Vohsahf can smell the bloodlust of the younger hunters for him, he decides to take his leave of the Hunters and retire finally. They said he was a betrayer as he left.

With his large retirement settlement, and a larger chip on his shoulder, he travels to find where he now fits.

Song https://www.youtube.com/embed/AdaziWHDmZQ

Anything Else - Confirmed solo kill count on dragons estimated over 150.

Knows a variety of languages from his long life, and, despite his stature, is quite well read and eloquent if he wants to be.

Has a temper.

Cannot keep a beat in his head.

There is, I think, humor here which does not translate well from English into sanity.

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Name - Zathia Callaway

Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon

Dragon Type - Shadowbender

Ethnicity - Canadian

Age/Date of Birth - 333 10/31/1683 (m/d/y)

Gender - Female

Orientation - Straight

Alignment - Chaotic good

Personality Type - INTJ Architect

Relationships - None at the moment

Des-cription/Reference (human) - Zathia is very short at 4'9 with pale skin. Her hair is a longish black with hints of white and silver. Some can see a slight glowing sheen coming out of the white and silver areas in the right lighting. Her eyes are a brilliant light amber with midnight black flecks drifting within them. Through many years of harsh environments, advoiding the Hunters and other dragons she has become lightly muscled. She wears a pitch black cloak, an old habit of hers, with a light brown tunic, black pants and dark brown boots. She also caries a blade in a sheath hidden within her cloak. That may be strange nowadays but she has always had a fixation with medieval times causing her to look like she is off to a larp or a cosplay as she walks down streets.

Des-cription/Reference (dragon) -

Quite small, all things considered, with black wings that are spotted with white specks varying in size and illumination. She can fly though the night sky almost completely unnoticed unless someone was paying complete attention to the sky.

Brief History - Zathia was born into a poor yet happy farming family as the last of many kids. At the age of 8 as the smallest in stature she wasn't able to do as much work for the family as her older siblings when the help was needed. Their farm land had become infertile and with being unable to produce crops their farm was going under. With this in mind Zathia did her best to help out around the farm by feeding their pigs and leading the cattle out to graze in the fields. This wasn't enough to save the farm so they were forced to sell their livestock and land to new families moving in. With nothing left except for their home Zathia's parents shuttled their eldest sons into town to work at the blacksmith's shop and barber's shop.

Over the years the village connected to the old farmland brining in new people and supplies. The blacksmith and the barber's shops were doing brilliantly thus they eldest sons were paid a few coins more. With the extra coins in their pockets Zathia's parents got a bright idea. They sent all of their children off to work in the town on a blisteringly hot day during 1695. Zathia went to the tailor's shop to look for some work there. After a few hours panicked screams echo throughout the town.

Zathia stepped out into the chaos of the burning town watching as very few families were able to escape the roaring flames into the near by forest. Among the chaos Zathia lost her family within the smog as she ran throughout the blazes calling to them to no avail. With no one in sight she ran to a cave sheltered away from the fire. With ash and soot covering her cloak she discarded it and went deeper into the cave to stay away from the creeping smoke. She hid there for hours maybe even days to wait out the . Hunger gnawing on her stomach caused her to get up and stumble aimlessly throughout the cave thus getting deeper and deeper into it. As she finally collapsed out of exhaustion her hand landed upon a strange stone that shone like the north star with the contact. Her father finally entered the cave to find his lost and only daughter only to find a black dragon in the place of his little girl. He backs up into the wall behind him causing him to drop his supplies and hightails it out of the cave.

After that Zathia learned how to work with her dragon side to survive without any other humans around and traveled around the world. She is now traveling around Canada doing odd jobs for people.

Song (optional) -

Anything Else - She has spent enough time in Ireland to pick up an Irish accent. She prefers the night time to any kind of sunlight. She is quite calm in dangerous situations, very clumsy and forgetful.


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[[here is my accepted form *X*]]

In a while now I will feel better

Name - Revon Eleken

I’ll face the weather before me

Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon

In a while now I’ll race the irony

Dragon Type - Dark Frostcallers - Stone found under a occurrence of the Northern Lights.

And buy back each word of my eulogy

Ethnicity - Finnish

All the uninvited tragedies

Age/Date of Birth - 246 - Born in 1771

Step outside

Gender - Male

Ask yourself now

Orientation - Bisexual

Where would you be without

Deion/Reference (human) -

---Days like this----

There are many ways to describe Revon but for the most part, he really is just rough around the edges. Clothes are generally a mess, black hair set to match. When you look at this sort of guy, you think he either is doing it on purpose. Dark black hair is curly on his forehead, the iridescent nature of it shimmering to blue and purple in certain lights, perhaps when he tips his head back or runs a hand through it. His eyes hold the same sort of quality as his hair though it is more a combination of blue and green, curls of color in his iris’s that make it look like they too are alive. He stands at 5’9, not immensely tall but not small either. Revon holds himself well, back straight, head up, though he is exactly broad shouldered or large, frame more wiry than bulky. When visible, freckles decorate his shoulders and back, patterns like constellations of stars in the night sky that trace his body.

---When you finally collide---

In clothing, he tends to wear things like button ups and vests, only because they seem to make him look casual enough to suit a normal crowd but actually put together in some ways. No matter what he is wearing, however, his attire is always decorated with small little bracelets and necklaces with the same sort of orb, orange and blue. Perhaps they are actually filled with liquid because they seem to flow with his movements and breath. Along with the bracelets, he usually has some sort of dark jacket at all times, seeming to always be cold even in the warmest of weather. Maybe he really is cold, however, because his breath is pretty much always visible in the air, cold puffs coming out from soft pink lips.

---With the moment you can’t forget---

Though seen rather rarely, his smile is usually bright and crooked, dimples clearly outlined on his cheeks. With that smile you can see straight teeth behind his chapped lips and at that point, Revon’s eyes are likely twinkling with amusement. But as implied, that sort of sight is rare.

So do I remind you of

Deion/Reference (dragon) - (if character is not a dragon you may delete this)

[[I own this character art, please don’t take and all that~]]

Someone you never met

Alignment - (find here) Lawful Neutral

A lonely silhouette

Personality Type - (find here, can be more than one) INFJ - Advocate

And do I remind you of

Relationships - None at the moment as he has a tendency to avoid affection for reasons you will see if you read his history.

Somewhere you wanna be

Brief History -

So far out of reach

Revon was born in bad conditions and by bad, I mean terrible, and by terrible, I mean… words I can’t use here. It was cold, freezing, enough to kill a man if he wasn’t paying attention. Snow whipped around in soft flurries, catching the air and the breeze as it whooshed through the cracked window of the small house of a Finnish man and women.Even when the snow died down, brilliant lights of color shimmering through the dark night sky in greens and blues, the cry of a birthing women was not exactly beautiful.

Revon was born that night… and no one was really happy about it. He was born to a home with little money, little food, little everything, even love. Another son was another mouth to feed for a family that didn’t need that extra pressure and Revon felt that sort of reminder on him for his entire life. He had never been as strong as his brothers and sisters in brute strength, unable to help his father in the blacksmith and not suited to aid his mother as a seamstress. It was difficult, knowing you weren’t suited for anything available to you, in a lower class family barely able to function. His brothers barely spoke to him, knowing that he wasn’t worth the time, and his sisters seemed sad when they looked at small little Revon.

But the boy did his best to put himself to use every day, to be of some help, to put a smile on his mother’s face. He would collect scrap from the metal works of the small town and take it to his father to be melted down for metal or he’d find odd jobs at the cannery that required someone young and active. Seven wasn’t too old to start working, right?

But it never did enough to make her smile.

It finally became too much for all of them when he was about twelve, unable to do enough as he stood. He still remembered the words that came from angry lips, a hand slashed through the air in frustration. Mistake, accident, never meant to happen. And then little Revon was out in the snow, running with tears freezing slowly as they ran down his cheeks. He ran through the snow, not even knowing where he was going, as night set and the wind chill picked up around him.

Lights shone above his head again, his namesake, the Aurora Borealis that had lit the world when he was born. A beautiful tragedy of a unspoken song lighting up the world. Some saw those lights as beautiful but Revon, who had always tried to see beauty in everything, couldn’t appreciate them that night. In fact, they were just a bitter reminder of all he had done wrong just for existing. A child who was never meant to happen, someone who was only a burden. It was the 18th century and a kid like his was only a curse.

He found his stone like that, staring bitterly at the lights in the cold tundra outside his village, the stone buried deep in snow but still shining like the lights above him.  

Revon never went home after that. He couldn’t. It was a small part of the world and they were hardly progressive. Dragons were seen as nothing but monsters at that point and no one in town was one. He had to move on, keep going, or he would only be even more of a burden.

As his life progressed, he hid, and ducked, and dodged everyone that tried to come near him, that tried to be any more than acquaintances. He wasn’t much of a cheerful person anymore and time still hasn’t changed that. He was a dark frostcaller of the Northern Lights, however, and sometimes, in moments of happiness, that side of him still shown out. He never stays in one place for long, however, travelling often and frequently. He’s a travelling photographer by trade, finding it best to at least maximize his inability to stay put by documenting the world around him as he goes and sends said pictures to places like the New York times for their covers and such.

Ohhh I wish you’d open up for me

Song (optional) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG5PJKxfMtE



Cause I wanna know you

Anything Else - Nope



Do not talk to me or my snails ever again.

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Name - Kirsi Vanhanen

Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon

Dragon Type - Ice/Frostcallers

Ethnicity - Finnish

Age/Date of Birth - 90 (born circa 1926)

Gender - Female

Orientation - Straight

Des-cription/Reference (human) - [view]

In her human form, Kirsi stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall, and has the appearance of a young woman around the age of 21. She is lean with some (very) slight muscle from her time fending for herself in the wild. She has icy blue eyes and long, pale blonde hair that she keeps woven in a thick braid. Perpetually somewhat cold, she usually wears a light blue scarf and blue, knit arm warmers. She most often wears a short white dress with sheer long sleeves over dark blue jeans, which she keeps tucked into brown knee-high boots.

Des-cription/Reference (dragon) - [view]

Kirsi’s Dragon form is one befitting the freezing lands where she gained her power and grew up. She is a large, leanly-built Dragon whose scales are covered in a thick, double-layered white fur coat which accumulates ice crystals, resulting in an odd blue pattern over her body in places where the ice is particularly thick and causes her coat to glimmer in the light. The end of her tail burns in an ice-blue flame that is cold to the touch. She has large, widespread feet to prevent sinking into the deep snow when running, and a large pair of snow-white, feathered wings. Her eyes are bright yellow and equipped to see small details over long distances, which makes it easier for her to hunt in the snow. Her antlers are much smaller than they appear, but are coated in many layers of ice which make them look longer than they are while also giving them steel-like strength and their blueish color.

Alignment - Chaotic Good

Personality Type - ISFJ, Defender

Relationships - At the moment, none.

Brief History - Born not long before the outbreak of the Second World War in a remote village in north-eastern Finland, Kirsi is a relatively young dragon. She came into contact with a Dragonstone at the age of fourteen, while she was fleeing from her home during an invasion by Russian troops in early 1940.  Her father was killed defending his family and, as the eldest child, Kirsi was ordered by her mother to take her younger siblings and flee further north to the nearest village. In the midst of winter, she became disoriented by a sudden blizzard and was unable to find shelter before her younger siblings perished in the cold. Disheartened, hungry, and full of guilt, she laid down in the snow to accept her fate; however, as luck would have it, the snow beneath her collapsed, sending her tumbling into a deep crevice beneath the ice. In this snowy cave Kirsi came upon a glowing, pale blue stone, which thrust upon her the power to change into a Dragon. Afraid of this new power, the soldiers from whom she had fled, and the threat of what other humans might do to her should they find out about her new form, Kirsi fled further north to a small, uninhabited island in the Arctic Ocean, some miles off the northernmost point of Finland. She lived there in peace for several decades, using her dragon form to survive. In the 90’s, the island was discovered by chance by a group of fisherman, and humans began developing it as a habitable space. Uncomfortable with them encroaching on her lands, but unwilling to either flee her home again or harm them, Kirsi instead chose to integrate herself among the small community growing there. After some fifteen years, her lack of aging drew too much attention from the island’s new inhabitants, and she begrudgingly chose to leave her island in favor of traveling the new, modern world the humans had built during her self-imposed exile. She has never (knowingly) met another dragon.

Song (optional) - Axe to Grind, Bastille

Anything Else - Kirsi was alone for a long time, and given her history, is very slow to trust. She does not like to be touched, or to allow anyone close to her in any way. In spite of this, she has an empathetic and warm personality at her core, and has a soft-spot for creatures she believes are weaker than her, as well as a deep respect for strong beings who do not harm the weak for the sake of showing their strength. She tries not to let new people that she meets recognize the long-suffered pain within her, choosing instead to be outwardly cheerful and lighthearted. She does not stay in the same place for very long. While she has a tendency to isolate herself and consider her own well-being before others, she has a strong desire to prevent suffering and will step in to stop wrongdoing if she believes it is being done. H
aving been alone without a reason to use one for so long, Kirsi forgot her original surname. When she integrated into the modern world she took the last name Vanhanen, meaning "old," as a quiet joke with herself about her apparent agelessness.


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Approved XD

Name – Elias (nickname/preferred name: Twigs)

Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon

Dragon Type – dark forest (Gladekeeper)

Ethnicity – Eurasian

Age/Date of Birth – 6/4/1996 (d/m/y)

Gender – Nonbinary (they/them)

Orientation – not sure

Des-cription/Reference (human) – 5 ft 6. Messy short dark brown hair and light brown eyes with a hint of
green in them. Kind of chubby, covered in mud and dried blood because they
never clean themself. They wear old worn out, oversized clothing (probably from
unsuspecting travelers who got too close to Twigs). Doesn’t like wearing shoes.
After being away from humans for so long, they don’t need to speak anymore
(they continue to make sounds though like grunting, screaming, hissing,
AAAAAAA). Twigs likes keeping their makeshift side bag with them at all times
(it’s filled with random stuff, including a sharp dagger like stone) and has a
large walking stick (for hitting things). A few small leaves stick out of the

Des-cription/Reference (dragon) - (if character is
not a dragon you may delete this) Body type is like a spinosaurus, except
shorter, the length of two cars and longer forearms that actually touch the ground. No wings. It has
antlers that look like branches that sprout flowers and leaves depending on the
season. The mouth is weird tho, it has another split going vertical down the
middle of its snout (so the head can open up wider (like the monster from Stranger
Things). Colour scheme is green, brown, and red.

Alignment – Chaotic

Personality Type - ISTP

Relationships - none

Brief History – Orphaned as a young child after having their parents killed by natural
causes, the lost child vanished into the forest and lived their youth as a
hermit, experimenting and creating natural homemade medicines, exploring the
land and slowly becoming a hoarder of natural objects such as precious stones,
animal bones, and plants. Only until recently have they started lurking around
small towns/farms out of curiosity and easy food.

Song (optional) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGXBR1wR-mo&feature=player_embedded

Anything Else – Lives in a burrow by a stream. Inside there are hand woven baskets made
from twigs and vines filled with food, lots of old jars filled with stuff, roots
hanging from the ceiling, floor is covered in a layer of leaves. Occasionally
remembers their parents and pretends they’re there, if she thinks about them
for too long Twigs starts crying, they also like humming and dancing.



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Name - Dr. Rayo Aagone 
Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon
Dragon Type - Lightning
Ethnicity - Spanish
Age/Date of Birth - 277/ April 1st 1764
Gender - Male
Orientation - Asexual 
Des-cription/Reference (human) - 
Des-cription/Reference (dragon -
Alignment - Chaotic Good
Personality Type - Architect 
Relationships - No
Brief History - From a blow to his head 100 years ago, he gained amnesia and can't remember anything past that. He can't remember how long he has been a dragon or how he came to be one. He just continues to move forward and considers it to be an opportunity for a fresh start in his life.
Song (optional) - Thunderstruck- ACDC
Anything Else -

3:31pm Sep 1 2016


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Accepted and joining. :D

Name - Rjupa Gunhild the Wild
Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon
Dragon Type - Shadowbender, stone found under other rocks near a waterfall.
Ethnicity - Swedish/Scandinavian
Age/Date of Birth - 1410 Approximately. Winter. Doesn't have a better guess.
Gender - Female
Orientation - Bisexual
 (human) - Tall and broad shouldered, would be stocky if living in a
city/near human inhabitants. Very short dark hair, hazel eyes. Tends to
dress in hard wearing materials, greens and blues for preference,
scavenged from abandoned campsites. Current clothing is falling apart
and an indeterminate shade of brown. Always wears a faint scowl.
 (dragon) - Large. Very dark blue scales, almost black and silver
spines. Eye colour is silver as a dragon, something that you'd be wise
not to point out.
Allignment - Chaotic Neutral
Personality Type - INFP (Mediator)
Relationships - None
 History - Born to two relatively well off parents, second spare.
Destined to become a religious 'donation' by her family in return for
blessings, sio ran away, as anything was prefferable to a temple. Joined
 a band of thieves for awhile, but left them when she found she could
help people on her own, and they were hindering that. Has lived off the
land for centuries.
Song - All we are we are, Matt Nathason.
Anything else - Has no real knowledge of or patience with modern technology.


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Name - Leigh Henare

Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Hunter/Civilian

Ethnicity - New Zealander (English/Maori mix)

Age/Date of Birth - 22, born 1994

Gender - Male

Orientation - Uh, flexible? Not something he’s thought about much

Des-cription/Reference (human) - [rad dress-up game ref]

5’8 and leanly built, Leigh’s not the most intimidating guy out there in the world of punching Dragons. Still, he’s got hard muscle from years of training and he’s quick on his feet, so he’s handy in a fight. His eyes are hazel, bordering green and his eyelashes are long. He wears a Dragonhide-lined black leather jacket that his father gave him for a bit of extra defense against the beasts he hunts. Sometimes wears Dragonhide pants too but not very often because they’re too tight and he can’t move in them very well (and they tend to get him odd looks). He prefers dark, extra-sturdy jeans or loose-fitting pants like sweats and cargos. His black hair is long enough that he has to pull it back to be comfortable (otherwise it gets in his eyes and he can’t see well enough), but short enough that his messy updo looks kind of silly. His shirts are usually simple black, red, or grey t-shirts or tank tops.

Alignment -  Lawful Good

Personality Type - ESTP, Entrepreneur

Relationships - Are a bad idea when you’re hunting dragons (so his father always said)

Brief History - Not long after he was born, Leigh’s mother came into contact with a Dragonstone. She and his father, both rather fanatic Hunters themselves, came to the decision that it was too dangerous to let her stay near their baby, but irresponsible to let her go free -- so they decided the only thing to do was end his mother’s life. Growing up, Leigh’s father always told him that she was killed by a Dragon, which fueled Leigh’s desire to become an efficient Hunter. Shortly after making his first successful Dragon kill, which he found less satisfying than he’d often imagined it would be, Leigh learned the truth about his mother’s death. He subsequently left the Hunter group that he’d been raised in, unable to reconcile what his father had done with the idea that they hunted Dragons to keep their loved ones and innocent people safe. The beliefs on which he was raised --that all Dragons were inherently evil and all Hunters in-the-right-- shaken, Leigh decided instead to travel alone, ready to do what he must should he come across a Dragon but less actively seeking them. He carries with him the Dragonsteel blade that his father used to kill his mother.

Song (optional) - Drop the Game, Flume/Chet Faker

Anything Else - Leigh completed his training at the age of 20, but it took him a year before he was able to successfully kill a Dragon. 6 months after that, he left the Hunters to work alone, and has been traveling ever since. He has only killed the one Dragon, and has not encountered another since leaving to be on his own. He’s truthfully not the best Hunter, skill wise, and doesn’t really have the disposition to be cut out for it. He considers himself a Hunter because it’s all he’s ever really known. He’s pretty gullible and inexperienced when it comes to interacting with non-Hunter type people, and has never had a chance to interact with the human side of a Dragon. Not really the brightest kid, and a little overly-serious, but he’s got a good heart. He is particularly fond of animals.


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Name - Lorcan

Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Hunter

Ethnicity - Irish

Age/Date of Birth - 22, August 21 1994

Gender - Male

Orientation - Homosexual

Des-cription/Reference (human) - He has light grey eyes with flecks of amber and black flittering within them. He has short ginger hair on the sides of his head which contrast the longer fluff of ginger atop his head. http://therealjacksepticeye.tumblr.com/image/139821645278 Basically this haircut but with ginger hair. Very pale complexion with light brown freckles sprinkled lightly across his slightly muscular body. He is 5' 10". He wears a long black or blue over coat over a green shirt of some kind and a pair jeans. He either wears a pair of running shoes or a pair of steel toed boots. He carries a hidden blade with himself everywhere he goes.

Alignment - Chaotic Neutral

Personality Type - ISFP and ESFP (Adventurer and Entertainer)

Relationships - None at the moment

Brief History - When Lorcan was just at the tender age of 8 when he was forced, by his parents, to go to the Hunters because of a dragon's rampage in the forest behind their home. Try as they might they could never stifle his annoying personality to a fitting calm though that worked for him. He took on his own style of dragon slaying thus breaking some of his mentors rules on his first hunt.

On his first hunt he told his superiors to back down and let him do his job. They obliged only thinking that this may be the only way to get him to learn his place. Well to their amazement the boy walked up to the dragon they were hunting and started to talk to him as if he didn't care that he could be killed. Lorcan sent them a glare before heading off while the dragon catching the mentors off guard. For the next week he forced his mentors to back down whenever they went in for the kill. Finally after Lorcan had gotten to know the dragon to his pleasing he asked to visit their home, and he murdered the dragon in cold blood as soon as the door shut.

His mentors punished him after this but were unable to stop him from doing it again and again to other dragons. Now that he is 22 he has 20 team kills under his belt but one may have been a mess up.

Song (optional) - (just any song you think fits them)

Anything Else - He can actually cook very well and when he's on a mission his partners force him to cook for them. He also bought a little Siberian husky pup that he brings pretty much every where with him now.


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Name - Hawk Staen

Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Hunter

Dragon Type - N/A

Ethnicity - Caucasian. Born in California, Raised in a ton of places, however.

Age/Date of Birth - 23 - June 6th 1993

Gender - Male

Orientation - If it moves and breathes, likely Hawk will flirt with it. So… pan, I suppose.

Des-cription/Reference (human) -  http://file.toyhou.se/images/136991_Qf6BpXN1efHTbI0.png?1428571391

Des-cription/Reference (dragon) - (if character is not a dragon you may delete this)

Alignment - (find here) Chaotic Neutral but willing to push the border to Evil at times.

Personality Type - (find here, can be more than one) ISTP -  Virtuoso

Relationships - None.

Brief (Who needs brief, PSH)  History -

Hawk is a special case of hunter. Many people in this industry suffer through some sort of tragedy at the hands of a dragon or were even raised in this sort of environment. Hawk was neither of those options. In fact, he was about as normal as ever growing up. His parents were kind and loving, though they moved around a bit more than pleasant growing up. It gave Hawk time to see the world, however, living in places such as Paris, Rome, Thailand, and New York.

His mother was insistent that he find a hobby, however, that could keep him happy no matter where he was in the world. With that thought in the mind, Hawk took up fencing and was, well, a prodigy. Pure skill, the ability to simply manipulate a sword without fault or criticism from his teachers. No matter what he picked up, he could wield it with precision and excellence and no matter whether he was in Paris, Rome, or New York, there was always someone who had a school he could learn at.

Over his youth, he grew at this craft, taking to even competing at national levels. It was only when he won the Junior National Championships in the summer of his twelfth year that something changed. Hawk could still remember the day a man in a big black cloak, hold fashion and tied around at his neck with a silver broach, the sign of a dragon on it’s metal piece, came up to him outside of his training school one day. He mentioned that someone important had taken notice of how good he was with a weapon of some kind, be it a fencing sword or anything else, and would like to mentor him.

Hawk had been a bit weirded out at the time but had directed the stranger towards his mother for more talk about that. If there was something new to learn, he would be happy to learn it as long as it was cool with her. And after apparently lots of background research or whatever, it had turned up okay. He was now a student, one of several, or a man known as Sen. He was more skilled with a sword than anyone Hawk had ever met. Better than him even. It had been amazing to learn not just fencing but actual sword play. For some reason, Hawk’s family never moved anymore after that, either, meaning that Hawk could continue to fight and learn from his master.

At age fifteen, Hawk’s world changed again. He was taken one day during training to somewhere… strange. Somewhere dark, somewhere quiet, where his master told him a secret no one would ever wish to know. That there was monsters in this world. Monsters that needed to be slaughtered, that had to be killed before they hurt anyone else. Demons almost, that possessed human form and could kill with a single bite. Dragons. Beings of death itself.

And all this time, he had been being trained to fight them off.

Now, you couldn’t really blame a fifteen year old kid from bouncing in on that subject head first. It sounded like some anime or book, where he was the protagonist of an epic quest. You can’t blame him for being pulled into that world without a second thought, green eyes wide and willing to do just about anything that this man he knew for three years had told him. He had trusted this guy, why wouldn’t he listen.

He was indoctrinated into the order at eighteen, saying goodbye to all he loved to fight for this cause. He hadn’t spoken to his mother or father since that day. Perhaps they thought he was dead, perhaps they weaped over his grade. Somewhere along the way, Hawk stopped caring about that thought. Why was that? DIdn’t he once care about those people? Eh…. maybe he did or maybe all he ever felt was apathy. A fake emotion of care that he hadn’t quite been able to express just right.

But he loved this. This world. This thrill that ran through his bones when he pushed his sword into a dragons chest and watched their heart burst into elements. Demons, them all. Beautiful, wrteched demons and Hawk’s blood sang when they died. It sang loud and happy as he watched them shatter. He was protecting people but there was no denying the energy high he got when he made his kills.

His first kill had been an forest one, whatever they call themselves. As tall as a redwood, it had towered above him, insisting that it had done nothing wrong. Of course, Hawk knew the truth. He had seen the bodies in it’s cave, known that it had lured in travellers that had stopped to walk through this beautiful forest of green. It was as bad as a snake hidden in the bushes.

When he killed that dragon, he had saved the being’s claws out of impulse.  A treasure, a trophy, but it had been the best thing he ever did, looking back. The claw never deteriorated on him, still full of all the magic the once demon dragon had held. And only a dragon can really kill a dragon, right? He had fashioned the claw that was nearly longer than him into a sword worthy of any god, it’s light shining with the power almost similar to a dragon’s soul. Every time he killed with it too, Hawk would notice the light through the claw change, matching the elements it absorbed. Maybe it was their souls. Who knows.

He finds it easier to dress for job now rather than for society. Face almost always covered with a bandana wrapped tightly around his face, perhaps hiding something, he can be seen even now moving down streets with the nearly fake looking sword strapped to his back. He is more than happy to take a picture with anyone who acts too, a cheeky glint in his eyes.

Song (optional) - Here, have a playlist of songs: http://8tracks.com/lakeore/chaotic-nature

Anything Else -

Hawk has a bad habit of being extremely open about his life. Not so much in telling people what he does but his interests are never hidden. People will always know what he is thinking, or almost always.. Problem is, with those upfront attitudes, he is also a charmer. He knows how to put his words, to smile and flirt and joke. Speaking of flirting, it’s Hawk’s favorite hobby. He loves to appreciate people of beauty, even if they are people who are disgusting morally. This makes Hawk completely willing to flirt with a dragon and then kill them moments later. What would it hurt, after all, they will be dead in a minute or two later.

Do not talk to me or my snails ever again.

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Name - Rei Mikami 
Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon
Dragon Type - Forest/Gladekeeper
Ethnicity - Japanese, currently living in Canada
Age/Date of Birth - 296/Dec. 14, 1720
Gender - Male
Orientation - Pansexual
Des-cription/Reference (human) - 
Without Mask: His eyes are a deep green color with a lighter ring around his pupil and the outer edge of the iris. his features are soft and smooth, almost feminine and he plays off that. He has long lashes for a male and smooth skin, almost taking away the fact he lived a samurai's life. 
Des-cription/Reference (dragon) - Dragon
Alignment - Chaotic Good
Personality Type - INFP (Mediator) and ISFJ (Defender)
Relationships - He has a brother that he can no longer find. His brother is not a dragon, so he's speculating that his brother is now dead. otherwise, none.
Brief History - He and his brother were born into a family of samurai during the 1700s. His father was a samurai before him and no son of his wasn't going to be a warrior. The brothers learned to wield katanas t a young age. They were taught the way of the samurai and pledged themselves to the same man their father had and then his son when he passed. Rei was the more dutiful, staying by the man's side through everything, fighting for him. Despite his looks, Rei is deceptively strong and used that to his advantage. Wars took his father from him and sickness brought his mother to the brink of death, but she survived. Rei and his brother cared or their mother until she passed at the age of 60. After her passing, the brother looked to settling down on their own. His brother found himself a wife and had beautiful children, but he could never find just one. He went around and eventually crossed the sea as part of a voyage. However, during his time in the New World, Rei stumbled upon a stone as he was exploring the forests. He was confused by the form as not many cherry trees grow around the area, but it reminded him of home. 
Song (optional) - Sakura "Cherry Blossoms"
Anything Else - constantly painting. it eases his mind and keeps him sane. He is flirtatious but unless you reciprocate, he doesn't go too far. he keeps his bangs longer than his actual hair. he feels most comfortable in clothes from past eras. He does like the modern clothing, mostly light jeans, over-sized sweaters and comfortable long sleeves. he feels most at peace outside and doesn't really mind getting dirty. However, when he bathes, he does take a long time. No showers for this boy.


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Name-Dusikina Hiranu-Sja Gaatherion [Deuce-uh-kee-nuh High-raa-new
Ja Guh-theer-ee-ohn] (she just goes by Dusk generally though).


Orientation-Pansexual (she doesn't know it yet, as she's only had relations with men)

Civilian or Hunter-



of Birth-
224 ~
December 31, 1791

A light sepia complexion; waist-length auburn hair,
with a silvery shimmer to it, generally worn in a twisted updo or
knotted ponytail. Her cheekbones are high and her nose long, but
thin. Slightly widely-spaced eyes are a striking light brown with
golden tinges, framed by long lashes. The mouth on the smaller
side, but full-lipped. Her body is tall and lithe, well-muscled,
with broad shoulders, small-ish chest, thin waist and slightly larger
hips. She has long arms and legs, with strong, dexterous fingers, and
well-calloused feet so that she has no problem walking barefoot in
almost any place.

(slit-pupiled) dragon, silver in colour, with a compact but large
chest, long legs and long tail. Four legs, with the front paws being
slightly hand-like in that a short claw is set off to the side, low
enough to touch the ground and slightly angled. She could hold
something like a branch or staff loosely but not entirely
securely. She has two black horns that sweep back and up slightly,
and white spikes from her forehead to the end of her tail, where
there is a large, spiky protuberance. Length-wise, she is around
40 feet long, not including the 5-10 inch spikes at the end of her
tail. Her wingspan is right around 50 feet, and her height 15. The
underside of her chest is plated and stomach heavily scaled, with the
underside of the head, neck and tail being minimally scaled to not at

Alignment-Chaotic Neutral
Never knew her mother, no
siblings, no contact with rest of family and no current
romantic/sexual relationships.

Born to a father and mother from communities at odds
with each other, she was always treated with caution in her father's
community. Her mother expected she would not be accepted where she
lived, so she gave Dusk up to her father, who gladly took her in. She
grew up pretty normally though she was certainly still a bit odd
compared to most of the rest of the people in the community. Over
time there were enough complaints about her behaviour and attitude,
and with some nudging from her father and acquaintances shortly after
she became an adult, she simply left. She had always had a sense of
wanderlust though, and so this made her somewhat relieved. 
she wanders, adventures and explores, living mainly on the move,
selling hides, items, food, and her fighting, hunting and tracking
services on occasion to provide money for when/if she needs it.
(optional) -
I don't really
associate characters and writing with music, but this could change at
some point. -shrug-

She tends to wear
light-weight and light-coloured material (for the desert), or
tighter-fitting, darker clothes that allow freedom of movement
(mainly in trees).
The lighter clothes tend to have long sleeves and pants; the dark
shirts are short-sleeved or s
sometimes short enough to show stomach, and shorts that go to about
mid-thigh are most common. She possesses a pair of mocassin-type
shoes as well, though she rarely wears them.

An intricately designed longbow made of mahogany-coloured
wood, a leather quiver, and dual daggers. She also has a medium-sized
leather bag that she hangs over her lower back, and a supplemental
set of flexible but tough leather armour (large shoulder pads,
shinguards and bracers).
Personality Summary: Quiet, not quick to anger, judge, hate, trust or
love, and takes what life throws at her with composure; does well
under pressure. Dependable and loyal to those she grows close to; can
also be arrogant. Only really wants acceptance and to have a
fulfilling life, one she can look back on and be content with, if not
proud of.

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Saw you were short on bad guys >_> 

join approved by Altair

Name - Eremiel
Dragon, Civilian or Hunter - Dragon
Dragon Type - fiya!
Ethnicity - uhh idk white dude, dark hair, tan, light eyes but he says he doesnt really care about that fleshy bag of bones
Age/Date of Birth - 108 April 10th 1908
Gender - male
Orientation - hetero
Des-cription/Reference (human) - 
like this except..probably tanner form the sun i imagine
Des-cription/Reference (dragon) - (if character is not a dragon you may delete this) black to yellow ombre lets call it. small sharp spike on bridge of nose, with head ending in large spikes as well as framed by them. black sail from crown of head to mid neck. eyes however are blue...aka...bad mamma jamma
Alignment - (find here) lets say neutral evil and then some ;)
Personality Type - (find here, can be more than one) buttbutt
Relationships - so few, will take a certain something something
Brief History - Eremiel grew up in the deserts of Arizona(which is where his stone was found, he took to his dragon like breathing, losing most interest in humans and abandoning his family). he has abandoned his human full name and most relations, preferring his dragon form and finding it superior to that of his fleshy mortal shell. He is extremely full of himself to the extent of being charismatic. He is a taker, giving only when the situation will benefit him. 
Song (optional) - (just any song you think fits them)

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