Dragons! (rp interest check)

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3:37pm Aug 15 2016 (last edited on 6:16pm Aug 20 2016)


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- Scattered across this world, there are items that contain incredible powers. Those who come into contact with these items will be transformed into creatures many believe to be nonexistent. These creatures are very much real, but not in the ways that most would think. The tales of knights in shining armor battling great, fire-breathing beasts my just as well be true as much as they are exaggeration. These creatures are known to mankind as dragons. Whether they consider their abilities a blessing or curse, there is no way to undo the effects of the dragonstones. 

These stones are more than mere baubles, though. A beautiful, iridescent rock that can be found anywhere throughout the Earth. What one becomes merely depends on where and when they find these stones... or when the stones find them. -

Dragon Facts:

- people have no control over whether or not they find a stone

- depending on the area they find it in and the time of day, they become a certain type of dragon

- light, dark, lightning, fire, earth/rock, forest, wind/air, ice/snow and water are currently the types

- dragons address each other not by type but by name; light dragons are called a Lightshifters, dark are called Shadowbenders, lightning are Stormbringers, fire are Flamebreathers, earth/rock dragons are Quakemakers, forest dragons are Gladekeepers, wind/air dragons are Skyriders, ice/snow dragons are Frostcallers and water dragons are Depthdwellers

- as a result of the second point, certain areas of the world tend to contain more of certain dragons; fire dragons are typically found near or in desert regions, or near volcanic activity. Earth/rock dragons tend to be in the rocky areas of the world, such as canyons and mountains. Forest dragons tend to be concentrated into forests, but it depends on the type of forest as there are so many. The types of forests determine the colour of the dragon form as well as the structure. (ie, jungle forest dragons are smaller than boreal) Wind/air dragons are those who have come into contact with a stone at a mountain peak or somewhere with high winds, also during tornadoes and hurricanes. They slightly resemble Chinese Lung dragons and are very light and nimble. (noodles!) Ice/snow dragons are people who came into contact with a stone either in the winter or in the arctic/antarctic, or during a blizzard, although time of day also effects it as well. There are fresh and saltwater dragons, which both look slightly different depending on where the person came into contact with the stone.

- light, dark and lightning are the rarest types, as specific conditions must be present. Those who came into contact with the stone at the break of day become light dragons. Those who become dark dragons found the stone at midnight, and those who became lightning dragons came into contact with a stone during a thunderstorm. These dragons are not as limited to areas as the other types, as it is time rather than area that define them. If someone comes into contact with a stone in the water but at midnight, they will still be a dark dragon and so on.

- dragons are not immortal, because they are still part human; however they do age much slower than most humans, which allows them to live for hundreds of years

- not all dragons can fly; earth/rock dragons have purely decorative or no wings, and water dragon 'wings' are used for propulsion under water.

- dragons are immune to human diseases, but can contract some nasty ones of their own

- a dragon can only be slain by another dragon, or by having a dragonsteel weapon rammed through their heart while in human form

- dragon blood can be drank to cure fatal illnesses in humans, and crushed dragon scales can be used to stop bleeding from mortal wounds

- a dragon's scales have an iridescence to them, which is transferred to their hair in human form (keratin is the base for both scales and hair/fur)

- dragons can only really be wounded in their human bodies, and can heal any injury provided their heart is undamaged and they haven't lost a limb (they are dragons, not crabs lol); their wounds will eventually seal up without medical care, though they can get sick if the wound isn't clean

- dragons can sense each other, and each one has a certain scent depending on their type/subtype (saltwater dragons smell like the ocean, fire dragons smell of soot/ash, etc) but only dragons can smell this

- some other animals like dogs can pick up on a dragon's presence

- there are those individuals who band together to destroy the dragons, they call themselves Hunters

- these people believe the dragons are inheritly evil and can not control their second forms, and put others in harm by existing; despite the fact that they couldn't be more wrong, they fight and kill dragons using dragonsteel weapons

- dragonsteel is a metal found deep underground, nearly hard as diamond and the only thing that can kill a dragon

- dragons sometimes hear their beast forms whispering in their subconscious, and their behaviour can change due to this; for example, a water dragon may feel the need to run outside if it's raining, or a fire dragon may feel more rageous

More dragon facts might be added eventually!

This is an idea I had for some time, and I thought it might be interesting to see if anyone would like to RP it with me owo it would be public, and the application forms are still TBD as I have no idea if anyone is interested.

If you have any questions or are interested, don't hesitate to post on this forum or rmail me! :D


If you have any preexisting characters that are or are not dragons, you may use them uwu not everyone has to be a dragon in the RP, either <3


3:56pm Aug 15 2016

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me like


9:22pm Aug 17 2016

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I really like the concept of this and if you were to actually make this into an rp I would join in an instant.


4:50pm Aug 18 2016

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Interested ;] Will be very excited for an rp my dude


12:09pm Aug 20 2016


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I must admit, I'm intrigued by this...


4:08pm Feb 24 2017

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