Bounty-hunt Business (Open, 2-3, Literate)

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4:47pm May 6 2017 (last edited on 6:12pm May 6 2017)

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(Hey, everybody! Duskie here, opening a Roleplay. It's set here in the Resworld, and is going to follow me and my Meiko pack as bounty hunters, interacting with you and yours.

For the sake of easy play, let'e keep it to your HA and up to two Creatu. You can be anything! We're going to be bounty hunters based in Rieflem, but just about anything goes.

Keep things literate, but don't worry about matching post length to me or anyone else. We all have our "short post" moments.

As an edit, recommended by a friend, this thread will hold sign-ups. Please PM me your character info via this template, and I will give you further instruction.

Companion Creatu (If Any):

Thank you! Let's do this!)

"I told you, tracking a Tesuri in Atqueen isn't the problem here, Mr. Orland. It's getting it off-world and back here to Rieflem that's the problem. You're now up to three times the price, would you like to argue any further?" the young woman said, lacing her fingers together and putting her chin on them. The two male Meiko under the table stirred; they knew that tone of voice from their handler. She was about to either get a job, or make someone very uncomfortable.

It was usually a mix of both.

The portly, middle-aged man across the table narrowed his eyes. He looked like he was about to protest, but sighed in defeat.

"Fine, Miss Corran. You have a deal. You have three days, please find this creature, or I will never hear the end of it from my wife." the banker said.

The bounty hunter stood, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth of signal to her Meiko.

"I've told you, please just call me Kat. I have to be professional with literally everything else." she said. "Or at least Katrina."

Katrina and her pack left the small bar they'd met the banker at, and headed toward the spaceport. She was looking to catch a ship or a ferry or a portal, something, to get her to Atquati, fast.

The larger and darker of her two Meiko, Shaed, stayed at Katrina's heels, but the smaller one, the sepia one, decided that someone else seemed like a more entertaining option. 

Gaibrien ran up, baying at a stranger to get their attention, as Katrina ran after him, to try to stop him.

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"No, no, I know Leverene are rare, I know this... I'm sorry, sir, I'm trying everything I can to find one for your daughter... It's not their breeding season, they're hiding in their warrens... Understood, sir. I'll call you when I get one."

It wasn't until she knew the call was over that Olivia sighed. Two hours on the phone with the indignant CEO of some multi-billion dollar corporation and he couldn't be assed to at least learn the basics of what he wanted.

His daughter, on the other hand, knew exactly what was desired. The kid had done her homework, and Olivia was rather impressed - especially since she was 12. 

Olivia liked a client that knew their stuff.

That said, when the kid was in school and her dad had to talk for her, it's never a good day for the bounty hunter.

Gideon, Olivia's partner-in-crime and very furry Liyure, swung his head over and licked his owner's cheek. Sonde, who had been happily perched on his head, squawked rather angrily at the sudden movement. Olivia hummed lightly and scratched under Gideon's chin, eliciting a rumbling purr from the cat.

"Sonde, you need to be a little more respectful. Remember, we don't need to draw attention to ourselves. Especially not at the port."

Kind of a moot point when you lug around a gigantic gold cat, but whatever, she thought to herself. She didn't need to bring Gideon around, but he was wonderful for easing stress.

Sonde squawked again, but this time in alarm. 

A very loud, very fast Meiko collided with Olivia before she could even look up.


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(I'll write in another entry for another player when I get one. For now, I'll be responding. Post order is Duskie, Sombra, Duskie, Player 2, Duskie, Etc. until we have a full cast. I'm looking at one more player, maybe two.)

"Gaibrien! Heel!" Katrina shouted, taking off after the running Meiko. 
She leaped at him, tackling the large, brown, doglike creature to the ground in front of the other traveler.

"Sheesh. And here I thought you were the smart one, Gabby. That Liyure could eat you in two bites, you idiot." she said, low.

Katrina stood, extending her hand to Olivia.

"I'm so sorry. He doesn't usually do this kind of thing, I promise." she said. "I'm Katrina Corran, I work as a..."

Kat trailed off for a second, remembering that her profession was a little less than legal.

"A tracker. We're trackers by trade. The dumb one there is Gaibrien, and the big one over here is Shaed." Katrina said. "Obviously, Shaed's swimming in the brainy end of the gene pool...They're brothers."

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Olivia chuckled, taking the other's hand.
"Olivia Bouvet. Traveler, part-time liasion-for-hire."

She grinned at the little Meiko - Gaibrien - and whispered to Katrina; "And just between you and me, but Sonde there is more of a threat than this big guy."

The little Mirabilis, still sitting ontop of Gideon, hissed faintly at this. Then, as if to prove her partner's point, turned to the pair of dragons and hissed at them as well.

"The worst Gideon can do is lick ya to death, but, in his defense, it wouldn't take much."

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Katrina laughed.
"I don't doubt that. Looks like a pretty feisty bird you've got there. Mine's fairly laid back." she said, looking around for the line to board the shuttle. Ah. There.

"All aboard to Atquati Regional Spaceport! Shuttle leaves in FIVE minutes!"
D*mn, that conductor was loud.

Katrina clipped leashes to Shaed and Gaibrien's collars, before gesturing toward the shuttle.

"Terribly sorry, Olivia, but unless you're headed onto that shuttle to Atquati, we won't be able to talk for long. Not unless you drop me a message." she said, pulling a small, black and purple business card out of her pocket. It had an Ebilia's skull emblem on the front, and Katrina's phone number printed simply in purple on the back.

"If you are headed that way, well, we can continue our chat. Is...Is he going to fit on the ship?" she asked gesturing to Gideon.

Katrina made to get in line, behind several people that Shaed, as large as he was, couldn't avoid bumping into. Kat hastily apologized to one person, looking back to try to see if Olivia had followed or stayed.

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Honestly, Akihito thinks he could be excused if he thought the ticket looked... a little shoddy. Worse for wear. Inferior. Rundown. He's got a whole list of words just for this occasion, of course, as the tutoring from the classes his mother made him sign up for reminds him cheerfully in his brain. The ticket in itself, was simple black ink on white paper, hardly any counterfeit-proof measures taken. 

That, well, was before you even started talking about its unfortunate newfound residency in the bird perched on his shoulder's beak while they were on their way to the spaceport. A startled yelp, a flap of feathers, and a sulking Easero later, Akihito was finally there: Reiflem Regional Spaceport. It's a quaint little place. The last time he'd set foot here though, was probably two or three years ago. Officially being a student and picking up the odd bounty job in Reiflem meant he hadn't needed to travel much, and his life certainly wasn't lacking in that many places.

Or, certainly, hadn't been lacking, until the phone call from his mother had come in yesterday morning. "No word except for the occasional mail, when are you going to get off that molten rock?" his mother had asked. She'd meant back home to Scria, that much he knew before murmuring a vague acknowledgement and hanging up.

Hence, a trip to Atquati, where his family and their freaking "prize-winning line of Meragons" were not present, thank you very much. 

Akihito stared down at the mangled ticket in his hands once more. Overhead, the conductor blares, "All aboard to Atquati Regional Spaceport! Shuttle leaves in FIVE minutes!" He shuffles in line, wincing as Cawa, on his shoulder, digs her claws in a tad bit tighter than he's accustomed to. It's then that something bumps into him, sending him nearly to the floor, and Cawa squawking as she takes to the air. A Meiko, huh. A female voice apologizes hastily, but the shock makes Akihito snap right back, "Sorry? Good riddance."
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