~I'm just learning to fly again~

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11:51pm Oct 19 2016 (last edited on 11:54pm Oct 19 2016)

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It all seems unreal, looking back, as if nothing I did before hand matters now. The flowers seem brighter than before, the sents in the air more vibrant and appealing, everything feels so crisp... So fresh. I don't know anything about where I am know, but I know that it is away from where I used to be, it's a new start. A new beginning. Everything that I've ever wanted... But there seems to be more. It's like a blank canvas, it used to be filled with sketch designs from someones else's sketch pad, blocking up my work with their mess. But then some kind person, some absolute saint, put on a brand new layer of gesso. Not destroying the work underneath, but making it meaningless.

And I suppose that they did the same for everyone else.  And I guess that's why we're all here.

1.Please abide by the rules Patrick has set for all Rescreatu users.
2.Post "Too strong" to under the power part of the Bio to show me that you have read the rules.
3.Try to have fun and be nice to other roleplayers please.
4.Each person will have three warnings before they are ejected from the roleplay ,there are no exceptions.
5. Please no godmodding or powerplaying
6.I might add more rules if I see fit to.
~Basic gist of things~
We're all starting out fresh in a new town, you feel like you're forgetting something important, but you just can't figure out what. You know who you are, but... What was it like before you found yourself in this town? You just can't remember....So now you get a fresh start, what are you going to do?
~Side note~
Heya guys, long time no see on my part, I though that I'd get back onto the roleplaying scene on res and well, here we are~ I hope you have fun!






((Anything you want...well within reason))

((Just don't make them too strong))

((If any))



11:52pm Oct 19 2016

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(I hope you don't mind me using my own.)
Name ≡ ŀ Asher Kyle Austin
Age ≡ ŀ 17
Gender ≡ŀ Male
Species ≡ ŀ Human

Appearance ≡ ŀ Asher is rather handsome. He's got that whole bad boy look that most girls dig, yet he isn't sure why they dig it or how he got it. His dark brown hair is usually styled up into a quiff. He has light blue eyes with tiny grey flicks. He has a firm, square jaw with a light stubble. He's pretty muscular for someone who sits around, watches TV and eats Doritos.
Personality ŀ Asher defiantly has a nice personality, or that's what many say. He isn't very sure of himself. He's rather quiet and shy when he meets you, but once he's comfortable he comes out his shell. A lot. He's suddenly brave, adventurous and loud. Very loud. He's an odd prankster, who is very sensitive. Be careful what you say, because he's been hurt in the pass and takes almost everything serious. Although he tries to understand the joke behind the comment.

He easily adapts himself to new surroundings and people. He changes his personality to suit each person. Although he doesn't like some people, he is polite and doesn't show his dis-comfort. 

History ŀ Asher was bullied in the pasy. He went for psychology and he felt it wasn't working, so he told himself he was fine and carried on. He has bad luck with choosing friends. That made him sensitive. Sometimes he wonders why he's still here, when he's been hurt so badly. But he decided there has to be someone that will make him feel better. And there is one person who he only trusts. And then there's another person growing on him too. 

He tells everyone knows his favourite quote, just to think about, and to know what they're getting themselves into. Trying to be friends with a young man who deep down is just a boy, who knows nothing about the world. "He's been lied to so many times, that the truth confuses him." That's his quote, he lives by it now. And he hopes it makes people realize how badly he's been hurt in the pass, that they know he's very sensitive, doesn't trust easily and one could even use the word "broken". But he doesn't like the sound of that. 
Family ŀ He has a mother and father and that's it. He's never wanted siblings. He doesn't like people asking, "Don't you get lonely?" he just answers "No." But he's been lonely for a long time because of his friend issues.
Other ŀ Nope. (Is this okay? Sorry it's so long.)

Nothing exceptional. Only exciting thing is his Editic memory. ("To strong"?)
He has a beautiful male grey and white cat with bright green eyes. His name is Neo.


11:04pm Oct 24 2016

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((Accepted and I do not mind at all that you used your own bio, Sorry if this roleplay takes a while to get started, we've just finished moving into a few place so things are kind of weird and hectic right now.)


1:53pm Oct 25 2016

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{Thanks! :) No worries at all. I have exams coming up so I probably won't be as active as I usually am.}

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