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4:57pm Jun 16 2011

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My Rmail gets cluttered every day, and I have some ideas to help 'declutterize' it. xD

1. Instead of having: Re: Blah                              
                               Re: Re: Blah
                               Re: Re: Re: Blah
                               Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Blah

   You could have just: Blah


2.Folders could actually work.


3. Between Rmail conversations, different colors for each person instead of a few dashes like:
    Instead of: Hi
                     How are you?------good, you?
    You could have:
How are you?
good, you?


Support/No support and why/why not Form:

Idea #1:
Idea #2:
Idea #3:

EDIT: I have a teensy idea. Juss oneee more.
Teensy Idea: Maybe you could pick a special font or color already there whenever you write Rmails, post, or blogs, instead of manually selecting it every time.
:) Bye now.

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10:57pm Jun 18 2011


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Folders do work..I use them all the time. What is happening when you try to use folders?

Forcing different colors would mean doing away with the rich text editor we have in rmail now, allowing users to choose their own font sizes and colors, so no support there.

The subject line does tend to get crazy and it would be nice if it were limited to just one Re: instead of infinite ones. I also want the ability to send a message without entering a subject GONE...nothing is more irritating than an inbox full of messages that all say "Please enter a subject". 


2:01am Jun 19 2011

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The folders work for me too, but I really like the other ideas :)

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9:45am Jun 19 2011


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1. I don't use folders very often, so I dunno what to say there :x; 2. I fully support the idea of having only one, or no "Re's" I have responded to an rMail so many times the actual topic got cut off, so it's just a bunch of Re's there. owo, 3. I do not support the specific colors because I like having my own font style and everything. ^^ Saving a default outgoing rMail font would be VERY VERY nice! I would love that.


1:31pm Jun 19 2011

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Okay so it seems the color thing is out of the question. XD

Broken- Well, when I move an Rmail to another folder, it just stays where it first was. It doesn't go where I want. 

Having one or no "Re's" seems to be a good idea to you guys.

And default font and color seems like a good idea.

The overall support/no support for my ideas:
#1: Support
#2: N/A
#3: No Support
Teensy  One: Support

Adopt one today! Please click me! I'm dying! EDIT: Oh crap I'm dead. Click me anyways, cause I'm awesome.
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