Automated Clearing Script

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9:15am Jun 5 2021 (last edited on 1:36pm Jun 20 2021)

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I've suggested this a few times but we're doing it again!

An automated to clear out accounts as soon as they hit the 7 year inactive mark (at reset obviously). If it can also be coded to do banned accounts at the 6 month mark that'd be awesome (maybe have a flag to ignore the account if someone is banned temporarily for more than 6 months if that's a thing?).

These names clearings are extremely stressful and often create animosity between users. I remember I got a name last clearing that basically had the SB carrying pitchforks if "whoever got it" didn't give it to someone else. No one deserves a name more than anyone else, but that doesn't stop people from getting angry about another user getting it. People also lose a lot of sleep over it, which is unhealthy and promotes an unhealthy playstyle.

- ALL accounts that are eligible would be cleared, ensuring no names are missed and the database gets cleaned out better
- No late nights
- No stress from users
- No human error chance
- No having to dig through and make lists of accounts for someone else to clear
- More chance for a new user to get a cool name because they aren't all organized in one showroom for older users to suddenly see and decide "oh, that's a good name" when otherwise they would never have thought of it (I do this myself for selling, but it'd be better overall for users to have a chance of suddenly stumbling on a good name while naming something)
- Names getting cleared not affected by the availability of the person/people that can put them into the "clearing" section
- Clearings consistent and constant, not whenever there is time to start one
- No manually remembering to clear out items from all locations (if items are included)
- Cleaner item DB counts
- No need to screen names being moved for racist meanings because they'll get deleted without pomp or circumstance


Bonus if it can also clear the items from the account so we have a more accurate count in the item DB.

Technical notes as suggestions for the scr.ipt (for devs, skip if you're just reading the suggestion):
- Check last activity date. If that date is for some reason before the year... 2004 let's say, then check last login date. That should cover the glitched out activity dates while also covering users that don't get auto-logged out too often.
- When the proper date hits for an account, pass that user ID to a bunch of SQL that clears everything from the relevant tables where the user ID matches the one passed. These tables would include the storage for showroom, rancher shop, Creatu collections, profile, graveyard, gallery, item collections, closet, inventory, merchant shop, book shelf, squishy shelf, clothing rack, storage, food pen, and anything else I've missed.
- If possible, clear out eggs as well in the above step. I don't know that it truly affects anything but anything that cuts out giant swaths of data is good right?
- Just for fun we can also clear out their bank but that's really completely unimportant to me and shouldn't be a factor when making this
SQL (repeat for each relevant table):
WHERE user_id = ####

Bonus bonus: Maybe make a to go through once a week/month and send you the names/IDs of people who have that glitched date and still have pets/items on the account so you can double-check them, unless using the last login date fixes that issue entirely and we stop caring, then this will be a non-issue.


9:16am Jun 5 2021

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9:16am Jun 5 2021


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Total support.


9:17am Jun 5 2021

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9:19am Jun 5 2021

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I really like the bonus idea of clearing items as well, I support the whole idea too


9:36am Jun 5 2021

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Support this idea! Also, theres a lot of good colours and expensive pets that are about to be deleted, if they were released into the forest or sth, that would be a nice addition in my opinion.


10:47am Jun 5 2021

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This has my full support! Also like the items included, there are inactive accounts that have hard to get items, kinda bums me out seeing that XD

10:57am Jun 5 2021

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I agree with all of this, but mostly on account of the unhealthy playstyle I see cropping up (which is why I think some folks feel entitles to themselves or friends getting names. Like a risk and reward thing).

I also get kind of, idk, nervous that this is manually done? I'm not accusing anyone of cherry-picking what they want before the names get put out, but automation would def be futute-proofing against the temptation.

I like that you bring up the whole not having them all in one spot to decrease the whole picking names up you never thought of. I definitely did that this time around as consolation prizes for not getting the two I've been looking at for a while lol. Its a valid point though I agree.

(Also YES item clearing. Delete those suckas)



2:03pm Jun 5 2021


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I support this and item clearing. 


2:06pm Jun 5 2021

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^^  I absolutely support wolfspi's original suggestion(s). ^^
Also yes to item clearing, but a hard NOPE to pet foresting instead of deleting (that was in the comments, not the original post).


3:03pm Jun 5 2021 (last edited on 3:03pm Jun 5 2021)

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I would love some beauties to be in forest to catch. I would pass out to catch one.

3:45pm Jun 5 2021

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Couldn't agree more.
Literally no reason not to do this.
upvote x 1000.

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9:56am Jun 6 2021

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100% agree with this. It causes a lot of unnecessary stress and hostility on the site to have these mass clearings done, and I too am a little uncomfortable with the manual clearing because it does invite the possibility of unfair advantage.

Disagree with the forest releases brought up by others though; that would tank the value of some of the rarer pets that would get released.


5:12pm Jun 6 2021

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7:16am Jun 27 2021

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100% support for this!
Item clearings too yes, but I don’t agree with putting the pets in the forest (sorry anyone who wants this)

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6:10am Jul 31 2021

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Temporarily returning player here, just wanted to throw in my unwarranted two cents about this.  I joined this site when I was a kid (2012), so I lost and regained interest in things a lot over the years, as any person does.  There was probably about an 8-9 year hiatus for me here because of general life, and admittedly forgetting about the site for a while.  

The other day it popped into my head and I excitedly tried for 20 minutes to log back in, and when I finally did I thought I had accidentally made a new account.  Coming back to see literally nothing left on my account was kind of depressing.  I understand and support why this is done, but I can’t help but wish profiles could have been archived somehow because despite not actually needing or wanting those pets and items back, I can’t remember anything I had and will never know now.  

In contrast, I hadn’t signed into two other popular pet websites for probably around 6-7 years as well, definitely less time than I’d spent away from this one, but nonetheless, a long time.  Neither of these sites had touched anything on my accounts aside from a couple pet names being reclaimed.  This felt entirely fair compared to throwing away anything that might have been on my account, especially considering the likelihood of my pets being called something akin to “pufflez9743”.  

Anyways, like I said in the beginning, my opinion is kind of unwarranted seeing as I’m not an active user by any means.  It was still super cool to come back and see how much has changed over the years and how much I could remember.  I applaud the hard work that’s gone into making it what it is now, cheers from a former player.


4:33pm Aug 6 2021

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support support support 


11:19pm Aug 21 2021

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Late to the party but I hugely support this!

9:38pm Oct 24 2021

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I completely support this idea and the clearance go wolf!  
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