Human Avatar Saving Glitch - Post here if you are having problems

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5:15pm Feb 10 2012


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Chrome issues have been fixed. Issues for other browsers are being worked on now, no matter how much you think they are not. 

We apologize that it has taken so long, but please do keep in mind that 

1. Support Staff/mods/artists/writers/content managers are unable to fix anything to do with the HA. 
2. It does take time to find errors in thousands and thousands of lines of code. 
3. The people who are working on this are not robots who sit and work non-stop; they have lives too.


12:31pm Feb 11 2012

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Omg! Yay! It's fixed! Thank you coders! Only one more problem I have to report; I have some amber skinny jeans that aren't in my wardrobe, along with some other items, but the skinnies are the thing I care about most. :c 

yeah i dont know either.


2:03pm Feb 11 2012


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There are some conflict issues between body part ID numbers and clothing ID numbers from what I understand, but that is being worked on and will be fixed as soon as possible. =)


4:46am Feb 12 2012

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Thanks so much. Been wanting to wear these since the dawn of time...Or since they were made lol.

yeah i dont know either.


3:32pm Feb 13 2012


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Okay guys I do believe most, if not all of these issues, have finally been fixed.

4:06am Feb 20 2012

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:'D I have not been able to dress up my HA for ages until now. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this <3
I only have one problem: My Omni mask isn't showing in forums :x


10:09pm Feb 21 2012

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As you can see... My avatar still has no skin. It has been like this for over a month now and I'd really love it if it could be fixed... Thank you.


2:00pm Mar 3 2012 (last edited on 2:01pm Mar 3 2012)

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My body/hair(or lack thereof) saves fine & I can see them in the Body Features/Wardrobe sections but when I look at the thumbnail of my HA on the left, my body is gone & my hair won't change. It's the same on the forums.


9:52am Mar 28 2012 (last edited on 10:00am Mar 28 2012)

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Surgiac: Try going to your wardrobe and saving there, that's how I have to change my hair (save the hair and body you want first, then go to wardrobe and save again.)

*edit*Wrong forum /moving. I don't know if this has been brought up, but the dark denim skinny jeans aren't usable...

This item currently has no function.


8:02pm Apr 19 2012

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did it work?

Randomness!! =D

8:48pm Jun 3 2012

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i dont know if its just my account er somthing but i cant see any of my clothing items in my wardrobe and i basicly cant change T.T lol i hope it can be fixed :P


9:01pm Jul 23 2012 (last edited on 11:59am Jul 24 2012)

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As you can probably see, I have no eyes. It is kind of disturbing. I don't know if it is just my computer, although I saw someone else without eyes as well...It doesn't bother me too much though, so if you can't fix it then that's alright.


7:34pm Aug 2 2012

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I'm using Chrome, and I my HA isn't updating in the forums. It saves under the 'Avatar' page and it saves over to the left side where it shows your avatar's head, but it doesn't update in the forums. :/ I dunno if this problem is already being dealt with, just wanted to let you guys know. c:


1:19am Aug 10 2012

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I've been using Firefox & this problem started at the same time as the Comet Festival (I had issues with my telescope which seem to be resolved).

Now I have clothing that's just stuck somewhere, I guess. The stardust jeans and top hat I got just don't show up anywhere (wardrobe, clothing rack, quick stock). And maybe a week or two before that, I got a babydoll shirt that shows up in my quick stock and clothing rack, but not my wardrobe. Maybe these are two different issues though :/


2:09am Aug 26 2012

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When I choose a new hairstyles for my avatar, it changes on the body features page, but the small avatar on the side stays the same no matter what.

9:16am Jun 24 2021


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