The Tale of a Throwaway Creatu

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Many important stories begin in iconic places, at specific times. The Atqueen Forest, the Black Market, The Enchanted Springs. This story begins on a cold morning in Relcore.

A young man stood outside Fashion Galore, shivering in his thick trench coat. A cheap knockoff spooky veram backpack lay by his feet.  He turned at the sounds of footprints and saw the woman he was waiting for.

 "You certainly took your time." the man muttered under his breath. 

"Pardon?" the woman replied.

"No, nothing." the man said hurriedly.
"Now, do you have the hatches for me? 100k each right?"

"Yes. I do. Now hand over my money first." the woman said, her face serious.

"Here." he muttered, chucking 300k at her feet. "Now hurry up. I have places to be!" 

The woman picked up the money and put it in her inside pocket. She took the eggs from the man and slowly rubbed them. 

"They're ready."

The man gestured at the muddy chimby egg, which looked as though it had been taken from the wild recently. The woman gently tapped the egg, and started to scratch the egg lightly. The Chimby inside began to scratch back. Slowly, the egg buckled and cracked from the force of the newly formed Chimby's claws before it poked its head out of the now broken shell.

"Congratulations! A female albino!"

Her voice wasn't as warm as her words. She roughly passed the Chimby to the man, which startled the creatu causing her to let out a loud shriek.

"Hush!"  the man growled at the chimby before shoving her roughly into his backpack. He gestured at the second Chimby egg. A few moments later, the woman presented him with a mutant Chimby.

"What is this?"

The woman stared at the man.

"This is disgusting."

The woman frowned, but still said nothing. 

"Take it to the Atqueen Forest for me." the man said before shoving him at her.

The woman placed the mutant Chimby on the ground next to her (warning it not to move or else) and began hatching the last egg, a Gondra egg. The egg rustled and cracked before a green scaly head poked out and explored the brand new wide world.

"It's a Nattie." 

"Ugh."  the man grunted. "Whatever. Keep or release. I have no time for common loser creatu."

The man turned on his heels and marched off. The woman sighed with relief and counted the Tu, glad to find it was all there. She looked at the Chimby on the ground and the Gondra in her arms. She grinned and laid the Gondra on the floor, happy with her haul. She hitched a ride to Atquati but instead of releasing the Chimby as requested, she merely sold her three hatches for tommorow to a regular customer for a sizeable amount.

A while later, she travelled back to Relcore and into the forest where she offered the Chimby to Adagu along with the extra eggs she had smuggled from unsuspecting owners whilst discussing business and hatches.

 Ursylva greeted her and thanked her on Adagu's behalf. The woman walked all the way back to the centre of Relcore before she noticed the little Gondra following her.

"Ugh. I forgot you existed." 

The woman groaned. She didn't want to walk all the way back to the forest.

"Whatever. I'm not going back to the forest just to get rid of you. I'll call you KeepRelease"


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..............Ten Days Later.............

KeepRelease groggily jumped to his claws. He checked the time and began preparing a breakfast for his mistress. He hurriedly spread jam and butter on fresh lightly cooked toast, placing it on a tray. He then added three biscuits on a plate, a cup of tea and some Relcore berries and cream in a pale, striped bowl.

Keep was swift as he charged upstairs at maximum speed, somehow managing not to drop the food and drink. As he sped to his mistresses room, he thought about how only ten days ago he was a tiny baby hatching from an egg. His mistress Sara had told him how she spent hours and hours gently warming the egg to keep him alive. 

He knocked three times before croaking out in a barely used voice-"Mistress? I have brought you breakfast!"

"Come in immediately!" Sara shouted.

Keep meekly pushed open the door and crept in, his head bowed. 

"What do you call this?" She said in a low growl. "You lazy thing! And after everything I have done for you! I expect better. I like my toast almost burnt! I asked for this breakfast half an hour ago. I rang the bell until it broke!"

KeepRelease  nodded. "I'm sorry mistress. That was wrong and lazy of me."

Sara shook her head. "This time though, it's just not good enough. Polish your scales, we're going out."

Keep nodded, bowed his head and backed out of the room. "As you wish mistress." 

KeepRelease walked downstairs past all the expensive paintings and items on display, into the kitchen and through the little green door next to the oven that lead to his room. Keep polished his scales until they shone and brushed his teeth over and over again until they stung with the taste of mint. 'Perhaps this will please mistress Sara' he hoped silently as he went through the back door, looped round and waited outside the front door for his mistress to come.

After a few hours, he tilted his head confused. Suddenly his mistress leaned out of a window and yelled "Stay down there! You are not to move and if anyone tells you to do something then you must do it and then return to this spot." With that, she shut the window and went inside.

Keep stood there. He stared at the same thing for hours as he had been instructed. Sometimes he wished humans and creatu were equal but he knew that was just a daydream. His mistress Sara had told him how creatu were there to serve humans. Still, he knew Sara was a lot nicer to him then any other humans would be.

Soon, it began to rain and a darkly painted chariot pulled by a black Berrok pulled up outside the house. There was a small steel cage in the back behind a tall burly man who was holding the reins.

"Get in." 

The man unlocked the cage and pointed at it, indicating he wanted Keep to lock himself inside. Keep remembered his mistresses words and got inside locking the cage door behind him. The man whipped the Berrok with the reins and they were off, the chariot jolting around loudly in the pouring rain. Keep layed down to try and get some sleep and although a tear rolled down his cheek as he lay there, once he was asleep, a big reptilian grin stretched across his face. He was dreaming.


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The sound of cages clashing together woke Keep. He rose wearily to his feet and seeing that the cage door was open, walked out. He looked around and saw a dimly lit room with shady characters talking in hushed voices. At the centre of the room, a tall man with dark skin sat stroking a naturally coloured Veram. 

Suddenly it clicked in Keep's mind where he was. The black market! He knew he had to escape, get home to his mistress or she would be angry. KeepRelease edged towards the door, but before he could make his move, the Veram let out a shriek and alerted everyone that he was trying to escape. Keep ran for the door and got just outside when suddenly hands of all shapes and sizes held him down. Slowly, a human with a jacket full of badges strolled out of the room, smiled at him evilly and slowly waved a flower underneath his nose while stroking his head in a particular spot. Keep began to relax. He just couldn't help it. He let the strokes gently sooth him.
Keep knew he was supposed to be doing something, but why do anything when he could smell such a beautifully scented flower and get stroked by such friendly humans? Keep no longer cared about whatever he was planning to do. All that mattered was smelling that lovely flower just below his nostrils. He let the people guide him back into the warm, inviting cage full of more of the delightful flowers. He lay down among them and slept once more. 
When KeepRelease woke up, for a moment he was briefly aware he was wearing a muzzle full of something before the flowers began to affect him. His eyes drooped, his jaw slacked and he stood there like a zombie. In front of him, the man with the badges stood, smiling. The man was a blur in Keep's unfocused, glazed over eyes. 

"Sit." The man commanded.

Keep obeyed without a second's hesitation. The man continued to command Keep to do tricks, all of which Keep did without comment or hesitation. The man turned to the person who drove the chariot. 

"I'll take him."

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The next thing Keep knew, he was in a tall, fortress-like building. The man with the badges introduced himself. "I am Sergeant Harrison, but you are to call me master. What is your name?"


"KeepRelease WHAT?" The sergeant replied, whipping keep with a stick. "Show some respect to your master!"

"I'm sorry Master." 

The sergeant shoved a long list of chores into Keep's hand and marched off down the corridor. Keep looked for any possible exit, pushing open every door and window. Keep was a practical creatu; he knew there would be an exit somewhere. He had no luck whatever. He completed the chores, however the Seregeant was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, a voice boomed out, seemingly from nowhere, "Come down to the basement. Now."

Keep hurried down there as fast as he could. He passed several strange pieces of equipment, and strange cages hiding oddly shaped creatu in their  shadows. The sergeant had a broad grin on his face, and even performed a spine chilling evil laugh. "You didn't think you were just my servant? No,no,no, you will be experimented on." 

With a flourish, the sergeant pulled the cloth away from a cage close by. A poor chimby who was once normal and now looked worse than a mutant screeched at the sudden light. That shattered Keep's nerves. He needed to get back to his Mistress. He ran for the door but the crazy man just pressed a button and the only exit became blocked by a second metal door that covered the door. Keep looked up and saw an open window. He used his wings and was almost out when he felt a yank on his tail. He struggled with all his might, and almost broke free when he felt the now familiar flower filled muzzle slip on.

Keep fell into the sergeants arms. "Now, we are being a little silly today arn't we?" The sergeant said unable to hide the glee in his voice.

Keep nodded wordlessly. He didn't know what his Master was saying but it had to be right. Keep sat in a chair with leather straps and allowed himself to be strapped in. He smiled vacantly at the brick wall opposite.

"I'm so glad you like my flowers, they are a new species i discovered in the Atqueen Forest. They have an instant subduing and controlling effect over all creatu. Amazing isn't it!" 

The sergeant bragged shamelessly for several minutes before remembering what he was doing.

"So, I'm sure you are wondering what I am going to do to you?" The sergeant muttered, half to himself.

Keep's eyes stared forward, blank and emotionless. He didn't care. He was in a world far away from this one.

"I am going to implant these flowers into you, which will keep you in this state forever-with one catch- you obey only me. But don't worry, you're not the first and you won't be the last." 

The sergeant whistled and an army of creatu of many different species from Berrok to Shaefu stood there, awaiting command. 

"And now, it's your turn."

The sergeant powered up the machine and aimed it at Keep. 

"Here we go." The sergeant said and placed his finger on the trigger.

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The man pressed down the trigger deliberately slowly, enjoying the moment when suddenly the ray was smacked with such force that it now faced the shocked Sergeant Harrison. He tried to get up, but it was too late. The beam hit him, and he slumped back into the chair. Keep was impartial to this and continued to sit still as instructed. He could hear whispers but still did not move

"Why won't he move?"  One voice whispered.

"Yeah! We already freed him!" A second voice agreed.

Suddenly the muzzle was severed from the straps and fell to the ground. 

"That's why." An old chimby, the one from the cage was sitting next to the severed muzzle. He waved his paws in front of Keep's face until Keep began to wake up.

Keep slowly rubbed his head. All these flowers had given him a headache. He looked at the chimby and all the other creatu who instead of standing there silently were chatting among themselves. 

"What....what happened?"  As he spoke, he tried to get to his claws but fell backwards, hitting his head. He looked at the chimby, hoping  for an explanation .

"This place is a save haven for creatu like us-the enslaved ones I mean. We.." 

Keep interrupted. "Enslaved? What do you mean enslaved? This is how we are meant to live. We always have and always will." 

The chimby cocked his head in confusion.

"No.  Your owner has deceived you."

Keep felt dizzy as the room began to spin. His whole life, a lie? A sick sick joke? Everything was wrong. He welcomed the black that came as he fainted of shock. 

When he awoke, he was aware of the chimby sitting a few feet away. The chimby came over and gave him some Relcore berries. "Eat these, they will help. Now if you don't mind, I will finish my sentence."

Keep nodded and silently munched on the sweet berries.

"The sergeant thought the flowers would only work on us creatu, so he didn't bother testing it on a human. He set up the first experiment to permanently control a creatu -on me as a matter of fact- but he didnt consider that I might fight back. I managed to over-power him and shoot it at him. Luckily for us, the flowers have a side effect on humans- memory loss. When he came to, I pretended to be under his control and he figured he did it. This is how we survive. Welcome to the family!"

KeepRelease sat there silently, taking it all in. "Thank you." He said, "But I would like to leave. I must see this world where creatu and humans are equal. It's everything I ever dreamed of."

Keep staggered to his claws, and stumbled out the door. He needed to leave.  Now. Nothing was certain any more, but he needed to see the truth. After wandering down corridor after corridor, he finally found an exit. He walked outside into the bright sunlight and followed the dirt path to Relcore.

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