A story for Trip

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2:53pm Oct 7 2016

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I was sitting on the beaches of Atquati, my one true home, where I, a water-loving girl from Reiflem could be herself without judgement from her peers. I had been living here for little under six months, since April/March, and already I had hatched and befriended over a hundred Quelis, much to the dismay and sometimes amazement of my family back on that black pit of a planet. I was greeted by a boy during the fifth month. 
He was tall, tanned from years of surfing the waves and playing on the beach. He had a little buddy, too, small quelis, and I could tell that the two were inseparable. He introduced himself with so much surfer lingo that it took me a minute to decipher. 
"What's your name, mate?" 
I told him my name. 
"I like that! I'm Trip, and this is Kai. You look like you just came here recently."
"I did." 
"How long ago? Can't have been very long, can it?" 
"Five months." I replied. He smiled at me, then proceeded to tell me about his Island. He asked where I was from. 
"Oh, you're a heat lover, eh?' 
"No, not at all actually. I'd rather be surfing here than making money there. It's peaceful here, and I get sunsets that I've never seen on Reiflem."
He smiled. "I've been here all my life, and I can't think of a reason I'd want to leave."

“Me either.” I replied, smiling back. I heard a small call of my name from the bushes and fifty-two of my quelis friends came scurrying out of the bushes and jumped on me.

“Whoah!” He exclaimed as I fell backwards in the sand and laughed as I was covered in quelis kisses. “How many of these little guys do you have?!”

“Squeelie! Haha! Cut it out!” I said, stroking the small blonde I had hatched earlier in the day. “I have over a hundred of them. I rescue them, hatch them, buy them, I’m pretty much obsessed.” I said from the ground. “Alright guys, go home, I’ll be there soon.” I kissed Squeelie on the top of the head and set him on top of one of the bigger quelis as I sat up. Trip helped me to my feet, and I looked down at Kai, who had the most bewildered expression on his face.

“My friends are helpin’ me gather up supplies for a luau, would you like to help?”

“Of course!”

“Bring all 100 of your little quelis friends with you, I’m sure they’ll get along great with Kai!’


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