introduction to catra's creatu ocs!~

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11:52am Nov 5 2020 (last edited on 12:58pm Nov 5 2020)

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Hello, all. I was making this in a google doc but figured I should make it somewhere that I can share with you all instead.
This is a WIP, basically just here to get my ideas out about my creatu OCs! Who knows how this thread will change in the future- it will likely serve as a sort of "profile/character directory" once things are more fleshed out ;)

lime cosmic jahra
 The “queen” or leader of the clan. She is benevolent and fun loving. Can be immature or childish at times, a bit young to be a queen but she makes a good pack leader.

gold jahra
The queen's apprentice (WIP)

blessed cream meiko
The gatekeeper.

stardusted silver drindian

Guides the exploring faction alongside Amende. Very serious and mature, can be quite stern but has a soft side. Likes sparkly trinkets, she is aware of her beauty, but is quite modest when it comes to compliments and praise.

blessed calico zaphao
The founder of the exploring faction, leads it with the help of Sleetwing. Extremely bubbly, happy go lucky personality. Interested in ancient relics, and will take any risks to sate her curiosity. She’s impulsive, doesn’t always think things through, and usually depends on luck. Sleetwing tries to help her make more informed decisions about things.

(more to be added! also eventually the images will link to their profiles:3)

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