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5:03pm Oct 8 2017 (last edited on 3:31am Oct 14 2017)

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Enjoy art and/ or writing? 

Love the idea of Inktober but are finding it hard to:
A. Get inspiration 
B. Stay motivated 
C. Find time to do a drawing A DAY?!
D. Find the confidence to give it a go
E. All of the above

Well don't fear! 
I'm going to try and set up a thingy!

Welcome to the Res-CREATE-tu board, a relaxed, possibly rewarding forum built around the idea of keeping you drawing regularly. 


- Every week you'll be given a buzz word or phrase and you have to do something creative relating to that prompt. 
It can be anything you can think of, a short story, a poem, a drawing a quick sketch, a sculpture etcetc and you don;t even have to follow the prompt if you have a better idea!

You'll have the whole week to finish it before the next prompt is posted. 

If you a drawing two weeks in a row you'll get a small reward
If you do a drawing four weeks in a row you get put into a draw to win a slightly bigger prize!

Prizes can range from rare pets, Tu, Items to art.

You don't have to draw a masterpiece, just quick little sketches will be awesome! 

If you want any help or critique just ask! I'm sure there's a lot of lovely users out that'll be willing to help and it'll be amazing to see you grow as an artist each week. 


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3:07pm Feb 24 2018

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I love this idea, subbing to work on my creativity with my art and writing

3:07pm Feb 24 2018

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psh, would help if I actually subbed 

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Look outside, the wind is blowing
Leaves unfurling on the trees
What was browns and shades of winter
Slowly turning hues of green
See the bunnies slowly waking
From the sleep that snows do bring
Birds are chirping in the meadow
Cold is fading, this is spring

Ask yourself, do you feel better
Now the warmer weather comes?
Ice is melting, grass is growing
Seasons ebb and seasons flow
Softly flowers bud on bushes
Slowly ponds do teem with life
Sun begins to shine once more
And once again the world is rife

With everything that spring does promise
Warmer days and warmer nights
All that faded in the winter
Now regains its former life
Fruits are growing, chicks are hatching
All around new life begins
After all, the winter's done now
After all, this is the spring.


8:51pm Feb 25 2018

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I lie on my bed and stare out the window.
Shades of bright blues and whites fill the skies directly in sight. Birds are pirouetting through the blue blankets above them with their new found wings.

I sigh in content as my eyes shift to the ground. Bright green nubs are sticking through the earth, some of which have already started to bloom beautiful yellow daffodils. The grass is a bold shade of chartreuse and appears to be hopeful of the impending rain which already comes less often.

The doe in the field below watches her child skipping on it's trembling stilts for the first time and the owl and owlets are visibly sleeping in the nearby wood. 

The frost is now thawing, giving way to new life below, and due to this the cicadas start to chirp their sweet melodies.

This is my favourite season, this is Spring.

3:55pm Mar 6 2018

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New prompt!


4:07pm Mar 6 2018 (last edited on 4:34pm Mar 6 2018)


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The ice cracked suddenly beneath my feet, flinging me into the frosted water below. Above me, on a branch now far out of my reach lay the scarf that had blown there in the winds earlier. The scarf I had been sent out, in this, to find.

Shivering, I pulled myself towards the bank, ignoring the crunches as more of the thin covering I was so certain would take my weight broke as my body impacted it. As I lay, finally on real, unyielding ground, terra firma at last, I tried to wring out my garments as best as I could. The scarf was a loss, but I knew if I hurried, I might still make it back in time for dinner.

Eyes trained on the uneven path, I almost missed a strange, white-ish glint. Almost.

Looking closer, it looked almost like an egg. But winter wasn't yet over, nothing should be laying yet, surely whatever this was had to be a rounded stone of some sort?

Picking it up, I noticed the smooth, slightly pitted texture. Though it was almost as cold as one, this was no mere rock. I had nothing dry to wrap it in, but I knew that I needed to get it somewhere warm... warmer than out here, at any rate. Cradling it in my hand, I hurried home, almost tripping over my own feet (and the path) in my haste.

no, I hadn't been able to get my scarf, but maybe, just maybe, I had found something much more precious.

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