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7:36pm Aug 20 2009 (last edited on 6:56pm May 11 2013)

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All site rules apply. See the rules page at

  • Spamming (repeated or nonsense messages) will not be tolerated on the boards or in the chatroom. Examples of spamming are single word answers, excessive repeats (including smileys), excessive capitals and other unnecessary and annoying posts.
  • Please take your time to make intelligent posts, use correct grammar and spelling. It would be greatly appreciated by all staff and members.
  • When using the forums, you must post your board under the correct section. Any boards in the wrong section can be deleted by a staff member. If you feel there is not a section for your board to go under, please mail a member of staff for advice. Continuous disregard of this rule will result in your account being frozen.
  • Posting inappropriate content or linking to it will NOT be tolerated and will result in a permanent site ban. The same goes for Art Theft. If you find any of this on Rescreatu, report it immediately!
  • Unless you are the owner of the thread. There is no reason why you should be bumping old threads. Bringing up old post (necroposting) is strictly forbidden. Chances are, if the post died, then there was a good reason for it. You can post on threads that are at least 4 weeks old, but any farther than that and you will be warned.


  Thank you!

- Staff

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