Goal List:
- Get A Bino Jahra (Hatched 2 in 2013)
- Get An Achro Jahra (Traded for 1 in 2014, Rika hatched one for me ‘14)
- Get A Black Omni (Thank you for trading, Blue!)
- Hatch A Bino CSer (Bino Aerix Zuiver )
- Get the name Michael (Thank you Demotional!)

Thank You:
- Euchre, for being my beloved and very loving Res-husband <3
- Fizzeh(Horselova), for being my best Moderator boss
- Thowra for this Art

Notes To Self:
Species: Gondra
Color: rose
Gender: Female
Age: 561
Level: 1
Health: 10/19
Hunger: not hungry
Power: 8
Defense: 7
Agility: 7
Intellect: 13
Nourishment: 28
Squishies: 1
Rarity: 30%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Delighted
Birthday: 2014-06-01 02:20:18


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