My Most favorite pets on Rescreatu are kiokas, ezahnis, omnis and liyures.


[X] Kioka creatu egg -Thanks to deedlitmon and paydoh
[ ] Liyure creatu egg
[ ] Omni creatu egg
[X] Ivik creatu egg
[ ] Albino Ezahni to lead my army of Ezahnis. -Thanks to Baphomet
[X] Achromatic Ezahni to lead my army of Ezahnis. -Thanks to fairyneko.
[ ] Black Kioka creatu
[ ] Albino Kioka creatu
[ ] Black Liyure creatu
[ ] Albino Liyure creatu
[ ] Black Omni creatu
[ ] Albino Omni creatu

Special thanks to:

DresdenComplex for Chandelle -my albino uilus and Shiniest -my blonde uilus.
misilidora for Hiroku -my blonde veram and UAV -my blonde uilus.
WindWalker for Rejoicing -my black Saruka.
ShadowStar0 for Unpredicted my calico ardur.
Dragwolf for Callon my calico kayoki.
AlaynaAuditore for Smoothly my mutant kayoki.
babyshades for Saviors my black Saruka.
ThinWhiteDove for Shiga my mutant Ebilia.
rawrisay for Declines my black ezahani.
Thaw for Ranting my black Ezahni.
WolfFangx for BlackAngel my black Shaefu.
AngelDelight for Jord & Harmonized my 2 black Shaefu.
sweetbeamie09 for Chessa my black ezahni.
PhantomPhan for Delusions my mutant ebilia.
rawrisay for Shinru my mutant ebilia.
Perenelle for Yipper my mutant ebilia.
sweetbeamie09 for ShadowKing my black shaefu.
PhantomineDuchess for Alexsandria my black Ezahni.
alyanabilla for Woppsie my black Haberiar.
JesslovesLuke07 for WinterHolly my albino Haberiar and 1st ALBINO CS pet.
xXAlbiXx for NightPath my black Haberiar.
Mikkio for whitewave my albino Iluvu and Ghostflower my calico Iluvu on the same day.
WhiteFox for MidnightLucky my black Jahra.
Mikkio for Darkaholic my black Jahra.
fairyneko for Morikoko my black Saraka.
Mikkio for WhiteGuardian my albino Shaefu. My 2nd ALBINO CS pet.
fairyneko for Ironwork my black Saraka.
JesslovesLuke07 for NightSeeker my black Shaefu.
SuperBunnyFooFo for DarkestHope my black Haberisar.
Mikkio for BrightestHope my black Haberisar.
JesslovesLuke07 for Katheryn my albino Shaefu and 3rd ALBINO CS pet.
Mmamushi for Payden my blakc Cyid.
JesslovesLuke07 for Translation my albino Shaefu. My 4th ALBINO CS pet.
SuperBunnyFooFo for Slinky my achromatic vogar.
deedlitmon for my Kioka egg.
xXAlbiXx for Witless my albino vogar.
fairyneko for Edeline my black shaefu.
fairyneko for Migaila my calico Meiko.
JesslovesLuke07 for Darris my Achromatic Saruka.
xXAlbiXx for HopeDreamer my calico Intes.
JesslovesLuke07 for Kevina my calico ardur and Gloriane my achro ardur on the same day.
fairyneko for BestChristmas my achro Ezahni and Analeigh my black Ezahni on the same day.
ThunderMouse for DarkestAngel my black Ezahni.
fairyneko for MidnightSweetheart my black Ezahni.
fairyneko for WhiteGlitter my calico Gondra.
fairyneko for ChronoCrystal my calico Gondra.
fairyneko for ChronoDragon my Achromatic Gondra.
tomburgerpie for ForeverFlyer my Achromatic Vaspi.
ShadowStrike for Arvin my albino Vaspi.
BarrelGirl95 for Thienete my albino Ebilia.
fairyneko for MoonWarrior my albino Kurrabi.
MaiKaida for Thurstan my Achromatic Tesuri.
Mikkio for Kristianne my Achromatic Mirabilis.
tomburgerpie for SnowyGlow my Albino Draqua.
Wolf for Terrel my Albino Mirabilis.
tomburgerpie for AirDancer my Calico Mirabilis.
tomburgerpie for Tyrid my Achromatic Veram.
tomburgerpie for SpecialDog my Achromatic Zenirix.
tomburgerpie for ThisIsForYouRed my Achromatic Jaaku.
tomburgerpie for Untidiness my Achromatic Leverene.
tomburgerpie for BartonPeveril my Calico Vaspi.
octopusbaby for Tavorian my black Saruka.
tomburgerpie for SeemsLegit my Achromatic Uilus.
tomburgerpie for Crespo my Achromatic Uilus.
tomburgerpie for Tadah my Calico Uilus.
tomburgerpie for SpaghettiHoops my Calico Paor.
tomburgerpie for Superdrive my Calico Ardur.
tomburgerpie for RadicalMan my Albino Ardur.
Jess for Raria my Albino Ebilia.
ShadowxxMistress for Lykiaos my Albino Ebilia.
tomburgerpie for TheShard my Achromatic Vaspi.
Jess for Tedmund my black Ezahni.
Tomburgerpie for Dishy my black Jahra.
tomburgerpie for Sectarian my Calico Leverene.
Fizzeh for Fibon my Achromatic Kurrabi.
Jess for Trestrin my Calico Easero.
tomburgerpie for AchromaticEasero my Achromatic Easero.
octopusbaby for Joyanne my Achromatic Kurrabi.
Tomburgerpie for Alyr my black Ezahni.
Tomburgerpie for MooImADragon my Calico Gondra.
Ezio for biophysical my Calico Draqua.
Ezio for Leveria my Calico Leverene.
Tomburgerpie for Hyanda & Hyando my Achromatic Leverene twins born on same day.
Jess for Voltas my Calico Leverene.
Tomburgerpie for SnowLeapord my Albino Roditore.
Jess for Kirao my black Jahra.
Tomburgerpie for Calidore my Calico Roditore.
Jess for Kanein my Albino Vogar.
Tomburgerpie for Cloop my Calico Vogar.
Tomburgerpie for HelloRed my Calico Vogar.
Jess for Reznova my Achromatic Aukira.
Jess for Glydi my Achromatic Meiko.
Jess for Grandeio my Calico Ebilia.
Jess for Hypnoe my Calico Jaaku.
babyshades for AmericanShortHair my Calico Ebilia.
Tomburgerpie for HolyLord & WowSoCool my Calico Ebilias on New Year 2015.
Tomburgerpie for 2015IsHere my Achromatic Ebilia. - New Year Day
Tomburgerpie for OwlExams my Albino Uilus.
Tomburgerpie for Zunner my Achromatic Otachie.
Tomburgerpie for Jarge my Calico Otachie.
Tomburgerpie for Rawle my Achromatic Skaldyr.
Jess for Teric my black Ezahni.
Tomburgerpie for OuchMan my Calico Skaldyr.
Porkydoll for Thaxter my Albino Iluvu.
Jess for Judia my Albino Meragon.
Tomburgerpie for Alicone my Calico Meragon.
ShadowxxMistress for Kapricia my Achromatic Meragon.
Jess for Tryic my Achromatic Easero.
Star for Diamondi my Calico Mirabilis.
Jess for Moall my Calico Easero.
Jess for Falir my Achromatic Haberisar.
Jess for Raios my Achromatic Paor.
Jess for Aurelo my Achromatic Jaaku.
Jess for Erun my Calico Iluvu.
Lemonous for Inferious my Calico Easero.
Jess for Yloa my Albino Drindian.
Jess for Deunla my Calico Uilus.
Jess for Gyano my Albino Uilus.
Jess for Rujia my Albino Uilus.
Captain for Preachy my Achromatic Vaspi.
Jess for Lueins my Albino Valabex.
Jess for Vuens my Achromatic Myotis.
Jess for Gueno my Calico Aukira.
Jess for Juenu my Calico Vogar.
Jess for Yeios my Calico Uilus.
Jess for Poeu my Albino Uilus.
Jess for Anonio my Achromatic Malal.
Jess for Hupe my Achromatic Berrok.
Jess for Nuele my Achromatic Berrok.
Jess for Nieah my Achromatic Berrok.
GG for my Albino Divuin.
Flotter for Emmlyn my Calico Kayoki.
Flotter for Mosite my Calico Kayoki.
InfernoFire for AlbinoKitten my Albino Ebilia.
Jess for Joeu my Calico Chimby.
Jess for Cienla my Achromatic Zaphao.
Jess for Beiale my Calico Zaphao.
Jess for Devieo my Albino Zenirix.
Lance for Acceptableness my Achromatic Meragon.
Jess for Takayam my Achromatic Sirleon.
Mmamushi for Adjusted my Achromatic Drindian.
Jess for Lorut my Calico Chimby.
Hades for Acknowledgeable my Achromatic Chimby.
Jess for Lourna my Calico Veram.
Jess for spotspot my Calico Uilus.
Jess for Vyner my Black Eleodon.
miraclesarereal for GalacticSnow my Albino Uilus.
Jess for Colwell my Albino Eleodon.
Jess for Demies my Calico Divuin.
Jess for Virioe my Calico Divuin.
Jess for Uiris my Albino Zenirix.
Jess for Surole my Albino Easero.
Hawki for Periapt my Calico Easero.
Jess for Lorite my Albino Easero.
Jess for Recho my Achromatic Easero.
Jess for Veutri my Calico Easero.
Jess for Cyld my Calico Easero.
Jess for Kurh my Albino Leverene.
Jess for Toreo my Calico Kayoki.
Voidbringer for Coresk my Albino Kurrabi.
Jess for Jirue my Albino Valabex.
Pumpkin00 for Phenomenality my Achromatic Valabex.
Jess for Ehoro my Achromatic Drindian.
Jess for Runro my Achromatic Uilus.

Christmas Withlist

kioka creatu / egg
Omni creatu / egg
Liyure creatu / egg
Cyancu creatu or egg
Unrefined Opal Fragment or opal creatu
Random Morphing Potions
Trance Potion
Galactic Veil
Xoria Minion Robe
Virgo Wings
Little Angel Halo

SELECTED - SnowGuardian
Species: Iluvu
Color: albino
Gender: Male
Age: 551
Level: 1
Health: 4/19
Hunger: hungry
Power: 50
Defense: 25
Agility: 42
Intellect: 269
Nourishment: 588
Squishies: 0
Rarity: 0%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Delighted
Birthday: 2010-02-22 03:00:14

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