ʢɞ αя¢нαєυѕ 2: gσℓ∂ αη∂ ѕιℓνєя νєяѕιση ʚʡ

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carina nebula png by omenaapple

That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above. 

Long ago, a cave system spanning miles beneath the crust was discovered. Many new species were found to make their home there among the gem-encrusted walls, ranging from the harmless to the horrific. No matter their disposition, however, each was tamed, made a companion to the devoted and the wealthy. Many gained lifelong friends in these creatures; many more lost their lives searching for them.

Then, one day, the caverns collapsed. Anyone in there was lost, presumed to have died in the rubble. The underground world was sealed away once more.

And then they opened again.

And, to the world's surprise, there was a flourishing city within. 
Those who had been buried had managed to survive -- and thrive. They had adapted to the dark underground, using the beasts below for labor, food, even light as they built themselves up.
After some wary discussions -- the new civilization was several generations old at this point, after all -- it was deemed necessary for the Aboveground, as it was called now, to be given access once more to the companions that called the Underground home.
New eggs were brought up, new creatures seeing the light of the sun for the first time.
Even the creatures themselves seemed to have changed. Some were subtle, a ruff of feathers or changed size, while others were as drastic as the gaining of a new head.

You've earned the privilege to know these wondrous beasts once more; welcome back to the land of the Archaeus.

Be warned, for there are monsters underground.


Each egg will be based on precious gems and metals from both real-life and fiction.
Eggs cost 10,000,000 tu each. Other forms of payment may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
Eggs hatch as soon as they are bought with only one stage so there's no waiting for babies to grow up.

As eggs are claimed, I will eventually revive the tle="" target="_blank">Archaus owner list. If you are on this list and have had a name change, please let me know so that I can update it accordingly.

Customs will open as I find the time to work on them.

I will attempt to have a batch out daily provided the last batch has been bought out.
Please do not claim more than one egg per batch until 24 hours have passed since posting; once that timer is up, you may purchase as many eggs left as you desire.

If you would like to apply as a guest artist, please fill out tle="" target="_blank">this application!

If you're interested, the old thread and lore is listed tle="" target="_blank" style="">here!

A special thank you to Omee for helping immensely with this project ranging from drawing several assets to her general support ❤ And another huge thank you to Nekodragon for supplying us with some more species!


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How rare is each species?
As before, each species' rarity is based on a star system -- those with fewer stars are more likely to show up. However, because of the specializations the humans Underground, some species are now more common or rarer than before. The current ranking system is as shown;

Skree Noibble | Chendaar | Yurnan | ???

★ ★ 
Vamprey | Ragthar | Emetti | Lycax

★ ★ ★
Bek | Oskund | Seleyo | Goovar

★ ★ ★ ★
Lastus | Ekrit | Myasi | Diploon

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kraxan | Yali

New species are listed in bold

Are you going to make new species?
At this time, yes! There are a handful of designs that need finalizing before they can be handed to the Aboveground world, but they are coming!

Do you do customs?
I will, at some point, open up customs for a limited time. Be sure to keep an eye out!

Why did you make a new thread rather than keep the old one?
There are several reasons I wanted to create a new thread. I find a fresh start is much more energizing than utilizing old, dead threads. I also had a mishap and deleted most of the old images and having a full thread of broken pictures isn't good for me mentally, especially knowing it was my own muck-up that caused it.
There are also some users on the previous thread that bring only negative thoughts and I would much prefer to keep those archived away.

Also, I've redone so much of the art and lore! I want a chance for them to shine on their own without being held back by the past.

Is anything going to change?
I have big plans for the Archaeus! A system for breeding, apparel, and new species are all things I'm currently looking to implement. Perhaps there will be more on the horizon!


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The Archaeus Encyclopedia

 Skree are sightless, bird-like creatures. They also happen to be the most docile - if you feed yours a few bits of quartz it'll be your best friend.
While Skree's patterning tends to be simpler, their color range is broad. Occasionally pigment mutations will pop up and allow for extravagant patterning. It's currently debated whether or not Skree mutations occur more often in males or females. This is entirely because researchers have no way to determine the gender of a Skree.
Skree also get along well with domesticated Aboveground birds. They seem particularly fond of chickens and pigeons and only mildly tolerant of peafowl and ostriches. The only defenses a Skree has against predators are its size -- which is a subpar defense -- and the claws on its feet. They're not strong, but the talons are sharp enough to warrant the need for stitches in most cases.
Skree often have quick bursts of energy, much like you'd expect from an excited child. What prompts these energy outbursts is unknown, although it is believed to be linked to strong emotions, such as sudden happiness, fear, or hunger.

Noibble are slinky little fiends, happy to reach into a pocket or knapsack for a treat. Sometimes that treat just happens to be actually valuable.
While Noibble have traditionally been known to be sneaky pickpockets, they're now trained widely to be companions and, in some cases, can be therapeutic. 

This critter is a Chendaar. They can't see very well, and they're not particularly fierce, so one has to wonder what in the world they do to survive in the Underground.
The docile temperament of the Chendaar has ensured the species' survival with the humans and it is now bred as a luxury pet.
Chendaar's coats are luxuriously soft and don't tend to knot. They're used as hiding places for all sorts of baubles! Despite their decadent fur, Chendaar are prone to chill. It's advised to keep them warm with scarves, hats, and booties. In spite of the fur not keeping the creature warm, clothing and blankets made with Chendaar fur are some of the warmest and are able to keep wearers warm even in the coldest areas of the Underground.
Chendaar eat mainly insects. They use their tails to whip moths, crickets, and other flying creatures towards their mouth in much the same way that Aboveground bats will use their feet and tails -- just minus the flight, of course.

While there is not much need for beasts of burden in the Underground, Yurnans fill as much of that niche as possible. They're even-tempered, hardworking Archaeus that only ask a nibble of rockroot in return. 


Lycaxes are sneaky little carnivores, getting into locations they shouldn't all in the name of their next meal. With flexible spines and joints that can dislocate at will, there's hardly a crevice in the Underground that a Lycax won't investigate. 

Vamprey are among the most deadly inhabitants of the Underground. By the time you see the gemstone dangling it's already too late. Fortunately for all but the most daring of devils, Vamprey live in deep wells and springs in the Underground, feasting upon both fresh prey and scraps that float from Aboveground. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum as Skree, Ragthar make... pretty awful pets, to be honest. They're grouchy, always hungry, and they love shredding furniture.
It takes a lot of dedication, time, and patience to raise a Ragthar. They are destructive, even when they don't mean to be, and as they come from dimly lit caverns, are prone to being nocturnal in the Aboveground.

Emetti are the opposite of Goovar. While they do have eyes at birth, their gem will quickly grow to cover half of their face. Their prehensile ears have evolved to compensate for both the lack of a primary sense and their tiny little arms. Emetti are obligate carnivores and travel in small groups, preying on larger Archaeus such as Skree. 
Despite new pop culture depicting them as able to glide with their ears, that is definitely not true. Even though they do not glide, they are capable of floating a small distance. This ability is mostly used when they're hunting, leaping from wall to wall or between stalactites, and drifting mid-jump.


These skittish creatures can't hear but have the eyesight of a hawk. Pairs, usually mates or siblings, will herd and farm Chendaar for their meat and use them as sentries in the darker parts of the Underground.

There's an old saying in the Underground -- "as odd as an Oskund." These creatures' behaviors are always odd to those watching; they'll twitch, they'll jitter, but in the same breath they'll move with a fluid grace that's rarely seen in the Underground. Some Oskund are more jittery than others -- those with wings tend to be more sturdy on their feet as the appendages lend them extra balance.

Seleyos, much to the surprise of everyone since its discovery, are quite docile. Once the initial shock wore off, a group of them were quickly tamed and now, several years later, there's an entire fleet of them used as transportation around the Underground.

Myasi are among the smallest Archaeus species known. They can comfortably ride a child's shoulder or in their pocket and they tend to do so with great frequency, chittering happily as they ride. 

This is a Goovar - they're normally sweet, yet slippery, little monsters.
These deaf creatures have come to be known as a pest in much the same way raccoons are to the Aboveground; many find them endearing but others find them more of a nuisance. Affectionate and trusting, it doesn't take much to win a Goovar over.

Lastii are a distant species, preferring to keep to themselves. They are particularly active at night and their owners report never having a nightmare since purchasing one.
A Lastus is a dream weaver and dream eater. Their solitary life means they're rarely seen, even by those who own them. Recently it has come to light that they're able to drift in and out of the subconscious realm, feasting on nightmares. It seems these creatures have varying likes. Some will prefer abstract dreams, others favor anxiety dreams, and still more like night terrors.

Ekrits are among the largest creatures in the Underground. While they are generally peaceful, if one startles them they become a living battering ram. They have recently evolved to lose the spike on their wrists and gain a fourth horn on their face. It doesn't offer much extra protection, but it does look cool. It's rumored that Ekrits are one of the oldest species known to humankind, but the evolution of so much defense leaves one wondering if there's something older and larger out there...

While clearly aquatic in origin, Diploon do survive quite well on land as well. It appears they have a set of lungs, much like Aboveground amphibians, letting them stay in the caverns' watery biomes for long periods of time.

Kraxan are said to hail originally from the Aboveground, where Queen Kina resides. We think that's a load of turds, though.
"Kraxan used to have one head," an elderly man tells his grandchildren. "But when it became necessary to always look behind you, to watch your own back, that head split into two."

No one knows exactly how Yali managed to get around with a gem for a head and face, but they're one of the top predators of the Underground, so something must be working for them.

More entries and details will be added as the species are hatched!


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The marketplace is where, predictably, people come to sell their wares. There are many curious items here, most mundane, but a few will catch the eye of anyone in possession of an Archaeus.

Fusion Stone
Price: 15,000,000

This stone will allow two Archaeus to fuse, resulting in new offspring.

When this stone is used, two Archaeus will be fused into another. This will result in the loss of the original two creatures.
If two people agree to breeding, each choosing an Archaeus to use, it will result in two offspring rather than one.
Rarity of the offspring will be rolled between the parents -- for example, a breeding between a  and a  Archaeus will result in any random or ★. A breeding between a and will result in any Archaeus at random.

Fusion Focus
Price: 20,000,000

This accessory to fusion will allow the owner to roll the rarity of a fusion outcome.

For example, a breeding between a  
and a  will usually only result in a roll from those two rarities. When this is used at the same time as a Fusion Stone, the owner(s) can pick any specific rarity for their offspring.
One stone per offspring, so a 2-person breeding will need two stones if they want to roll a different tier.

Polish Kit
Price: 1,000,000

This brush and polish set will allow for an old Archaeus to be remade on a new base!

Image is needed for an Archaeus to be updated. Archaeus will only be updated onto the same base; i.e. a Skree will only be remade onto the Skree base.

Gem Buffer Kit
Price: 1,500,000

This buffering kit will allow for an old, image-less Archaeus be remade on a new base!

No image necessary for the Archaeus to be updated. Gem and species will be taken from the old adopt and remade with a new pattern and look onto the revamped version of that base.

Species Crystal
Price: Varies

This crystal is imbued with magical properties, allowing the transformation of an Archaeus into a different species. Just let the vendor know which species you're buying crystals for!

Each crystal is different depending on the species. Crystals may only be purchased for species that have been discovered at least once. The prices varies per rarity -- see the chart below;
- 3,000,000 tu (blue)
- 5,000,000 (green)
- 7,000,000 (red)
- 10,000,000 (silver)
- 12,000,000 (gold)


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Eggs have been retrieved!

Eggs are 10,000,000 tu each




3:28am Mar 14 2021

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May I get the last egg please? (The black with pink and white) :D


3:31am Mar 14 2021

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This Noibble has a Schorl Tourmaline embedded within.

While Noibble have traditionally been known to be sneaky pickpockets, they're now trained widely to be companions and, in some cases, therapeutic companions. 


3:33am Mar 14 2021

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surprise me and i'll take one (1)

my name's russ and i only care about uldavi and cute men

3:38am Mar 14 2021

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This Skree has a Rubellite Tourmaline embedded within.

While Skree's patterning tends to be simpler, their color range is broad. Occasionally pigment mutations will pop up and allow for extravagant patterning.


3:39am Mar 14 2021

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I'll take the first eggie, the brown with stripes!!!

Archaeus Pets I Own


3:40am Mar 14 2021

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Can I get the first egg, please? :)

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This Chendaar has a Dravite Tourmaline embedded within.

The docile temperament of the Chendaar has ensured the species' survival with the humans and it is now bred as a luxury pet.

@Rosette, since Silver posted first they claimed the egg. Would you be willing to switch to the blue egg?


3:51am Mar 14 2021

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This Goovar has a Paraiba Tourmaline embedded within.

These deaf creatures have come to be known as a pest in much the same way raccoons are to the Aboveground; many find them endearing but others find them more of a nuisance. Affectionate and trusting, it doesn't take much to win a Goovar over.


4:19am Mar 14 2021

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May I take 2nd egg please? Or whichever one that isn't taken yet c: 

Archaeus adoptables 🖤

3:07pm Mar 14 2021

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7:13am Mar 15 2021

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subbing 😍 need me a lil cave friend 

12:33pm Mar 15 2021

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The eggs above have all been claimed, but if you'd like I can hold an egg off to the side for you in the next batch?


Four new species have been discovered thanks to support from @Nekodragon
Only time will tell what creatures they truly are.


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Eggs Have Been Retrieved!

Eggs are 10,000,000 tu each


Bullseye | Lucky | Striated | Papyrus

Eggs from Guest Artist Kozmotis

Tricolor  | Heatwave

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