Cross-Site Trades [W] Res [Offering] FR, DV, FV, CS, Goats, PFQ

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12:53am Sep 10 2021 (last edited on 1:01am Sep 10 2021)

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Prismatic Bell - value - 2m potatoes
~1.3b tu
-Seeking a mixture of tu, rc, and cp.
Exchange Rate: 15,000 potatoes = 10,000,000 tu

Nearly all pets and items are available.
I do have some hoard I hold on to - feel free to just send a trade or inquire. 

625000 FurCoins 750 FurDollars
Everything is available, all items, all locations, all villagers. 
Please feel free to ask about specifics, it's a large account. 

18.5m SS
Dawn Lucky Box
Dusk Lucky Box
Twilight Lucky Box
-All items up for grabs.
-Most goats/names also available with a few exceptions.
Account Here -  feel free to inquire about anything.

- PFQ -
Lots of mons available + account upgrades - inquire (:
2,000gp & 2,900zc available.

- FR - 
Secondary Gene: Seraph (Banescale)
 Accent: Silhouette 
Accent: Mushroom Prince
Accent: Amalfoeti
Accent: It Rained Whole Day 
Accent: Stellae Umbrarum 
Accent: Bottled Wrath
Murkmirth Ambassador x4
Hibernal Starbear
Molten Marauder
Shady Emblem
Starseer's Crown
Sanddune Rags
Prismatic Crystalscales x2
Undine's Flatfins
Powerpack Coat
Murkmirth Tailcoat x2
 Standard of the Stormcatcher 


 Hey all,

I'm new here and I really like it so I've decided to actively play here. I have a lot of other accounts that I could thin out quite a bit and that's what I'd like to do. :D I'm in need of so much here - I'm more than willing to work anything out. DV is the only thing I have to have straight currency for because DV broke my pockets and I didn't even like it. haha. 

There's lots of pets/items I am interested in here - so I'm more than willing to look at that stuff as opposed to straight currency - thought I defintely need to stock up there as well. Feel free to post here or mail me privately - however, don't send anything on the other sites without letting me know because I do not actively play these right now.

Thanks! (:

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