unpopular opinion time!

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3:42pm Sep 19 2021

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..unpopular bc i think legit everyone does this.
copy/pasting a good hatch, or item get in chat. it clogs up actual communication and is super annoying.. no offense but i promise u no one actually cares. getting a nice hatch or item is always great, but u dont need to broadcast it- the text word for word to the entire site. 
if you mUSt share tho, couldnt u just b like.. "I just hatched an albino!", "I just got a magical plushie!" instead of  " xcolor female xspecies hatched on 20xx-xx-xx at xx:xx:xx.. we just.. dont need all that information. the site has rules against ad spamming so cant we implement what like. brag spamming?
i realize its res culture at this point as its been going on for years but. my god

4:06pm Sep 19 2021

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This is actually against the rules so you can always report it to staff. Chat rules bullet (especially relevant, the last two sentences):
2. Please do not spam the chatroom with unnecessary messages. Examples of spam include but are not limited to posting a long message or several messages in succession in all capital letters, posting excessive keyboard mashing (like “asgdfhgjkl;l;”, it is known that this is sometimes a reaction but doing it more than once or having a long post of just that is spam), excessive use of emojis, excessive use of the bold, strikethrough and italic chat codes, excessive use of punctuation or letters, and posting short messages in rapid succession instead of keeping them all to one post. This includes copy and pasting any on-site wording, sentences, game results, quest results, alerts, or anything else similar; with an exception for Hatchery Notifications only. The Shoutbox is for chatting, not showing off or spamming everything that happens as you play the game.

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