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11:43am Oct 12 2016

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HI! if u ADORE pokemon as much  as i do, u have come to the right place! My FAV evr pokemon is Eevee!!! shes so cute and all her eeveeloutions 2!!! Squee!!!

Anyway we all have our fav Pokemon right? so come on dont be shy! This thread is bunches of fun and free 2!  ANYWAY i love pokemon and play it too soon im getting Pokemon Go so exited!!

KK sorry im just exited :) so u probly just was like when can i join when will she stop going on?
stars mean if u dont play dont answer :)

Fav Pokemon:
Least Fav Pokemon:
*Pokemon games u play:
*Best Pokemon u own:
*Worst Pokemon u own:
*Fav Pokemon u own:

R u happy to subscribe to this Club?

OK! now fill that out and lets talk Pokemon!!!!!


11:51am Oct 12 2016

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Fav Pokemon: Arcanine(Obviously)
Least Fav Pokemon: All the fighting types(honestly cant think of a single one i like)
*Pokemon games u play:Ive played Yellow(got it when i was 4) up through OR/AS
*Best Pokemon u own: I have a Shiny Level 87 Joleton and hes pretty legit. But nothing tops my level 100 Feraligatr(Hydro Pump, Ice Fang, Earthquake, and Ice Punch)
*Worst Pokemon u own: I have a level 3 trubbish somewhere 
*Fav Pokemon u own: Definitely my Feraligatr. I got him in soul silver and kept him up through all the games. Hes currently on my Omega Ruby


11:51am Oct 12 2016

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11:53am Oct 12 2016

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Ur in! :) 


3:27pm Oct 30 2016

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Fav Pokemon: Eevee (I wanted to be eevee for halloween but couldn't find a costume)
Least Fav Pokemon: Jynx (I can't stand the face of it, it just looks, well weird to me)
*Pokemon games u play: I play pokemon lake (My user is Baylyn)
*Best Pokemon: Sylveon, Meowstic(Female), Liligant, Hydreigon, Aurorus, and Lanturn (All level 100)
*Worst Pokemon u own: Cherubi, Flabebe, and Poochyena (All very low levels)
*Fav Pokemon u own: Probably my Sylveon, I had it since I've got my Eevee in the beginning and evolved it, I use it all the time

8:20pm Oct 30 2016 (last edited on 8:21pm Oct 30 2016)

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Can I join?

1:30pm Oct 31 2016

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sure :)


8:01pm Jan 2 2017

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Fav Pokemon: I don't have a favorite
Least Fav Pokemon: I don't have a least favorite
*Pokemon games u play: I don't have any pokemon games
*Best Pokemon u own: I don't know exactly what you mean by best, all pokemon are awesome!
*Worst Pokemon u own: All pokemon are awesome, there ISN'T a worst!
*Fav Pokemon u own: I don't have a favorite

R u happy to subscribe to this Club? Yes!

\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe FNaF group.\r\n

7:30am Nov 25 2017

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can i join? 
Fav Pokemon: Eevee
Least Fav Pokemon: Binacle, Smoochum, Diggersby, and Klink
*Pokemon games u play: pokemon go :)
*Best Pokemon u own: Shadow Lugia
*Worst Pokemon u own: Porygon
*Fav Pokemon u own: Pikachu

Be sure to check out my forums, show room, auctions, rancher shop, and trades. You just might find something you want! ;)

7:07pm Feb 1 2018

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Fav pokemon:Pikachu Least fav: wabaufet     Pokemon Blue and red worst one red and best one is blue and i forgot the rest sorry

3:14pm Apr 8 2018

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Fav Pokemon: Duskull :D
Least Fav Pokemon: Wooper 
*Pokemon games u play: First one was Emerald, then all up until OR/AS
*Best Pokemon u own: Lv85 Umbreon and Garchomp
*Worst Pokemon u own: Lv4 Dunsparce 
*Fav Pokemon u own: Lv32 Duskull 

Adopt one today!

12:02pm Apr 12 2018

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I expected more activity in this thread :o

2:51pm Apr 12 2018

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I did too, the forums haven't been as active as they used to :/

Adopt one today!

11:56am Nov 14 2018

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This thread is kinda dead but yolo

Fav Pokemon: Weavile
Least Fav Pokemon: Stunfisk (literally who likes him)
*Pokemon games u play: Ultra Sun and Moon, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, and all other pokemon games that are no longer ‘modern’
*Best Pokemon u own: shiny Durant
*Worst Pokemon u own: stunfisk because again whats the point
*Fav Pokemon u own: Shiny Hypno.. caught on completely accident. I chained the night before for several hours, and I gave up and broke the chain. Then I went to go train in the area and ya boi was there. 

11:58am Apr 18 2019

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Fav Pokemon: Umbreon and Gardevoir
Least Fav Pokemon: Shuckle
*Pokemon games u play: PokeFarm Q
*Best Pokemon u own: Gardevoir and Ralts
*Worst Pokemon u own: Larvesta
*Fav Pokemon u own: Sneasel, Vulplix, Gardevoir


12:51am Oct 9 2019


Posts: 115
Fav Pokémon: Alolan Ninetales and Mawile. 
Least favorite Pokémon: I guess ditto. 
Pokémon games I play: Ultra Sun/Moon
Best Pokémon I own: Incineroar, Ampharos.

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