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4:12pm Jun 23 2018

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ahhhhhh, seriously though

I feel so ON MY OWN when I'm going off on a tangent so I want to find more of my kind. All genres are welcome. I know there's a slim chance I will find people into what I'm into (Shini likes that really grimy stuff) and there's a chance I probably won't be into what you're into and vice versa, but be respectful! This is a sanctuary where metalheads alike can be themselves. Tell us about your favorite bands! Did you go to any shows recently? Favorite songs? Do you own any merch? Are you friends of any bands or members in real life? Do you have your own band? Are you a pit god or a pit bunny (if you don't get into the pit that's okay too! <3) What shows or bands are on your "bucket list?" Do you ever think you'd travel to see a band play? [My favorite band, Vulvodynia, is based in South Africa and does a majority of their tours in Europe so my friends and I might be making a spontaneous birthday trip so I can see my babes play (; ] Do you have any favorite albums? Feel free to show off your [Res appropriate] merch too! Stories about how you got into metal and/or experiences in the scene are also welcome. As we say in the pit we're all one big family here to look out for and make great memories with one another. Don't be shy and hold your horns high! 


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I didn't want to crowd my other post so I figured I'd make a new one to introduce myself, if it's not allowed sorry! ;;--;


I'm Shini! Big spooky kindhearted pit god metalhead. I'm one of the ones you see covered in sweat going hard at shows. For me, I really can't describe the feeling I get from metal. It's like a trance. I become so lost in the music and just let my body follow suit. I've met some really great people in the scene, including my pit god soulmate who goes just as hard (if not harder) as I do and the individuals I will never forget that helped me realize my love for the pit. My first time I just remember giggling and playfully snarling while crashing into people and letting the music and atmosphere take over (and it was Ingested too, with my favorite song so it was just perfect aaaa). Some of my favorite bands are Vulvodynia, Oceano, Carnifex, Cattle Decapitation, Ingested, Acrania, Psycroptic, Signs of the Swarm, Infant Annihilator, The Faceless, Rings of Saturn, Whitechapel, Visceral Disgorge, Abominable Putridity, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Spite, Archsipre, Vulvectomy, Within Destruction, Slipknot, Drown in Sulfur, Organectomy, Analepsy, Kraanim, Korpiklanni, Wolvhammer, Aborted, Cannibal Corpse, Dir en Grey, and many more that I'm not going to list lmao. 

I have four pieces of Vulvodynia merch (custom made backpack, socks, bedspread, and dress from their album art for Psychosadistic Design, tribute tattoo for these dudes also planned), sweats, a longsleve, patches, and a shirt from Carnifex, a longsleve from Whitechapel, three shirts from Cattle Decap; two preordered (the original art from their Humanure album and their "no bathing in the grease trap" that I'm stoked to get, plus a Cattle Decap tattoo planned for the future, a wall flag from Signs of the Swarm, boyshorts from Rings of Saturn and Ingested (they say "slam queen" on them and they're perfect, Monolith of Inhumanity Cattle Decap album (working on getting more albums and vinyl), "Acid bath" Cannibal Corpse shirt, and five shirts from Aborted (my "God Machine" and "Worship Death" ones are my favorite, about to have a sixth after my paycheck drops (; ). 

I just got back, and are currently recuperating from the Devastation on the Nation Tour. It was great. Got to see my babies Aborted and Ingested play, plus Signs, Psycroptic and other great bands. I discovered Disemtomb, Arkaik, and Venom Prison (they have a female lead and this babe's vocals are insane) that I'll definitely be bumping more of. Had my first experience with a wall of death (shout out to my boys @ Ingested for knowing how to bring it) and got the poop beat out of me in a Psycroptic pit but it was still a great time. I wasn't in Aborted's pit bc I was too busy being right up front headbanging and praising them like they gods that they are. When they played some songs from their album Goremagedon I literally lost it (I also lost it when Wormhole said they just got back from touring with Vulvodynia bc URGH FAVORITE BANNDDDD). Yo, Signs of the Swarm also came on stage to Cesspool of Ignorance and I also lost it bc that's my favorite song by them, I recorded the intro and breakdown too! <3

As for upcoming shows we might hit up Ragefest (Rings of Saturn and Spite), Summer Slaughter too if the line up is good. Missed out on Thy Art is Murder, Fleshgod, and Whitechapel bc of timing. "Bucket list" bands would definitely be Vulvodynia (COME TO AMERICA, DAMNIT <3), Arcania, Infant Annihilator, Cattle Decap, Rings, Veil of Maya, Dir en Grey, Korpiklanni, The Faceless (I think they're coming to Baltimore soon) Kraanium, and well, yeah, seeing Aborted again would be pretty cool. I wouldn't mind seeing Cannibal Corpse too even though the fans are kinda making them go downhil (bad fans, but still a great band and one that defined my childhood). It would be pretty great to see Ideclarewar, too. 

uhhhh I think that about sums it up. Can't wait to hear from you guys! 
ps shini really likes to ramble about metal and she's v sorry 

also forgot to mention that yes, I do have my own slam metal band the name isn't Res approprio and shini does the REEEE REEEEeeee


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