Warriors RP anyone??

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9:40pm Nov 16 2017 (last edited on 1:11pm Apr 8 2018)


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So is anyone here other than me still actually into Warriors and interested in RPing either 1/1 or in a public group? 

It would definitely be OC-only and probably be just a set of clans I have created, unless anyone else has an idea or clans they'd want to use, (I know a lot of people create clans instead of inserting OCs into canon ones but so if you've done that and want one of your own clans in the RP we can discuss things!), then we can combine clans and OCs and create a story. 

If it's a public RP group it would likely be in the private RP forum and require an application to enter, (because I like to be organized and see what kinds of characters are jumping into the RP), something like this one below.

Name: (I don't think I need to explain the name)
Deion: (short, one to two line deion like one would find in the allegiances section at the front of a Warriors book)
Appearance: (either a drawn image of your character or you can link a photo of a cat that looks like your OC from google images- or if you're into photoshop you can use a manipulation too)
Clan: (for now you can state whichever clan your OC currently resides in-- canon or otherwise, or even if they're a loner/rogue/kittypet and we'll work out the details of things later on)
Rank: (kit, apprentice, warrior, elder, queen, deputy, med cat or leader-- is not necessary for a rogue/loner/kittypet character)
Age: (apprentice must be at least six moons old, remember cat ages are very different from human ages so an adult cat can be three years/36 moons)
Relatives: (not necessary per say but just to give some more background to your character)
Apprentice: (only applies if your character is in a clan)
Traits: (a handful of positive, neutral and/or negative traits to describe your character's personality)
Skills: (anything your character might be particularly good at, or a physical or mental advantage they may possess)
History: (a brief backstory for your character, is not technically necessary but again just helps to provide some depth)
Extra: (do they have a mate, kits, anything else that makes them unique that doesn't fit in the history category)

Here's an outline of what the application form might look like filled out for my main Warriors OC:

Name: Silverstorm
Deion: Long-haired silver tabby tom with white points, tufted ears, battle scars and bright yellow eyes
Appearance: [REF]
Clan: IceClan
Rank: Warrior (in potential running to become deputy when the current deputy of his clan retires)
Age: 36 moons (3 yrs)
Relatives: Has a sister named Sorrelfrost, a tortoiseshell she-cat with bright green eyes and a white-tipped tail, his mother Morningdew, a calico queen is deceased, and his father is Loyalstar, a scarred white tom with one blue eye and one yellow eye (Angora) who is on his second-last life
Apprentice: None currently, but has fully trained one apprentice, Kitefeather, and is a potential candidate to mentor a smoky gray kitten named Fogkit when he is old enough
Traits: Loyal, stubborn, prone to following his heart instead of his head, caring, creative, attempts to be selfless but somehow manages to be lowkey selfish instead though he really tries to make sure his own wants and desires align with the well-being of the clan (spoiler alert: they don't always), diplomatic, friendly, (over)protective, empathetic, curious
Skills: Strong back legs and exceptional stamina make him currently the fastest cat in his Clan, able to outrun the speediest hares and leap into the air to catch low-flying birds. He is also quite good at climbing; clawing his way up the long, venerable fir trees that litter IceClan's territory with ease. His speed and agility make him a particularly efficient hunter, as well as a formidable foe in battle, though he tends to rely too much on being faster than his opponents, rather than physically overpowering them, putting him at a loss when he ends up against someone just as fast as he is. 
History: Silverkit was born to the future leader of IceClan, Loyalheart, and his mate Morningdew alongside his sister Sorrelkit and his brother, Maplekit, who died a few days after his birth due to complications caused by his unusually small size. From the time he was old enough to leave the nursery and explore the camp, Silverkit was excited to be a warrior; to hunt for and protect the Clan. Sorrelkit, in contrast, was always hanging around the medicine den, watching the medicine cat work to heal her clanmates, and wanted to do so when she was old enough to be an apprentice. Once they were old enough, Silverpaw was apprenticed to a senior warrior named Quickstrike, and Sorrelpaw to a younger warrior named Cherrybreeze. A few moons into his apprenticeship, Silverpaw began to dream of StarClan, and realized that if anyone else knew, he would be made a medicine cat instead of a warrior. Despite having respect for medicine cats, Silverpaw craved action and excitement-- the rush of battle, the pride after a successful hunt. As a medicine cat, he would be mostly staying in the camp, save for travelling to collect herbs and speak with their ancestors. 
Convinced he could better serve the Clan as a warrior than a medicine cat, Silverpaw kept his visions to himself. Sorrelpaw began to notice something was off with her brother, whom she was used to sharing everything with, so she cornered him while the two were hunting together and demanded he tell her what was going on. Silverpaw initially denied her claims, but eventually admitted to his deception, ashamed of himself for it. Rather than talking some sense into her brother, Sorrelpaw saw an opportunity. She had always wanted to be a medicine cat, but her lack of connection with StarClan forced her to become a warrior instead. If Silverpaw were to relay any visions he had to her, she may be able to transfer to become the medicine cat's apprentice, and learn to heal her clanmates. They both agreed upon this plan, so that they could follow the paths they desired while preventing the Clan from suffering as a result. Now, as a warrior, Silverstorm remains close to his sister, and tells her about his visions when he has them. Sorrelfrost has become an excellent healer, and is about to replace IceClan's current medicine cat, Willowcloud, who is growing old and ready to retire soon. Silverstorm has fully trained one apprentice, Kitefeather, and is about to take on another shortly. He gained his scars in the battle that decided her warrior status, in which he would have lost his life if the IceClan deputy had not saved him. 
Extra: Silverstorm has no mate or kits, though he is currently the only one who could carry his bloodline further, as his sister is a medicine cat. He's been approached and flirted with (I guess? do warrior cats flirt I forget lol) by a few of the she-cats in his Clan, who have all been politely turned down. Everyone simply assumes this is because Silverstorm is interested in serving his Clan first and foremost - which is technically true -, but there may be something else at play here as well. (he's a gay cat lmao)

So uh... yeah! If anyone's interested feel free to comment with ideas or rmail me. The applications aren't actually open yet because I have no idea what this RP is going to be for sure, this was just an attempt at throwing some ideas out there. As of right now if a public RP becomes a thing, the application will need to be used, and IceClan will obviously be one of the clans. I'll allow up to five, (like the canon ones including SkyClan), and if no one has any clans with characters in them they particularly want to use, I'll add the others I've come up with myself.


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um hey I I could do this rp
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