Wanted: Semi-literate to literate rp buddy!

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10:01am May 31 2016

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  1. Hey, all.

  2. I'm Locky. It sounds much cooler with an English accent. Kinda like lah-key.

  3. Anywho, I'm looking for a roleplay partner. Preferably semi-lit to lit, although if you can only pump out a paragraph or two, I understand. I can and will wring your neck if you reply to my novella with a one-liner. *thats a threat, punks*

  4. I love most fandoms and genres, although I get bored easily if its a Warrior Cats plot that's generic and overused. Pokemon, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, sci-fi, romance, whatever tickles your peach.

  5. Annnnnnnddddddd I think that's all. Please respond ASAP if you have any interest :D
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