searching for an advanced rp partner !!

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8:12pm Jan 8 2016

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hello !! i'm searching for a semi lit or advanced rp partner. ;u;
long paragraphs, proper grammar/punctuation, etc. hopefully something long lasting that really holds my interest !! 

i can play all genders of characters and here are a few examples of what i'm really interested in:
- *fae/human [set in old times, lots of headcanons]
- *vampire/human
- *werewolves/other shifters
- warrior cats
- elf/human [i actually have a lot of in depth headcanons about species+world]
- wolf pack

*things i'm really in the mood for

i can add you on skype and we can talk headcanons and characters and stuff !! ;u;
just post on this thread or pm me. 


11:54pm Jan 8 2016

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I can do a vampire/human roleplay with you.

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