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9:46am Aug 19 2014

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[Please keep in mind that all site rules apply to all areas of Rescreatu, including the forums.]

Posting messages

  • Spamming (repetitive or nonsensical messages) will not be tolerated in the forums. Please take the time to make intelligent posts, and use correct grammar and spelling whenever possible. It would be greatly appreciated by all staff and members. 

Content of posts

The staff of Rescreatu is not responsible for patrolling the entire internet; only our own site. It is impossible for us to determine who is the original owner of non-copyrighted off-site content. If you choose to use content found elsewhere, please have respect for the creator of that content and include a note indicating this in your message. Staff will not step in and moderate the posting of non-copyrighted content unless it violates the site rules in some way.

We will, however, step in when an on-site act of plagiarism or theft happens (meaning original content posted here is plagiarized or stolen), or if the owners of copyrighted content contact the site via official means to have it removed. Any representative of copyrighted content will know what "official means" is. If you post copyrighted content or if you steal original content posted here on Rescreatu, your account will be subject to warnings and/or banning.

Content rating

Do NOT discuss the roleplaying of anything inappropriate! 

Roleplays with intercourse, graphic violence, touching of private parts, or implication of intercourse will result in a permanent ban on all accounts involved! If you find this behavior on any part of the site, please report it immediately! Users of all ages are able to view the forums here on Rescreatu, and you have no way of knowing what someone's true age is - please keep this in mind when judging whether or not your content is appropriate. Additionally, you may not roleplay this type of content via Rmail either, per Patrick's orders. If you are found to be roleplaying inappropriate content anywhere on the site, including rmail, your account will be banned.

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