The Laboratory

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6:47am Sep 30 2016

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Since the great war started, the humans declared war and the Creatu went into hiding from the war...

6 years later...

the war was over but the humans needed to be stronger in case of another war. and the Creatu were the subjects

They were taken to a well built and well secure laboratory where experiments were run and the humans had a special formula to give the Creatu powers, but it had a 10% chance of working and many went insane from it and eventually passed after days of charging at everything from the tiniest bug to the humans...then found on the floor and taken away

You are in this laboratory. your room is just blank walls of concrete with a food and water dish in the corner with automatic feeders, a small gate and a mattress in the other. you were tested and you got a special power. but the laboratory is well built and no way to get out. The guards have strong armor and are armed and always double check the fields and the Creatu count to be sure

Everyday the single gate in your room opens to a large field blocked by high walls, a ton of security and a 7 inch thick bullet proof dome. you must find a way to escape and live a free life. you can team up with others to escape...or for you it's every creatu for itself and escape alone, and you choose to look back and help the rest or just keep walking...

Its time to escape...



Laboratory Schedule:
9:00 AM: Meal drops into food bowl
10:00 AM: Doors open to field
11:00 AM: Health Check by scientists
12:00 AM: put back in field
1:00 PM: Back inside the laboratory
2:00 PM: Training of powers
3:00 PM: Meal drops into food bowl
4:00 PM: Normal Training
5:00 PM: Battle Training
6:00 PM: Agility/Stamina Training
7:00 PM: Back to room
8:00 PM: Meal drops into food bowl
9:00 PM: Lights out

*don't be rude to another unless part of roleplay
*no swearing
*don't be graphic
*have permission from person if killing another character
*you can join at any time


12:36pm Jun 22 2017

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Hello, I noticed that you want to get rid of this thread and was wondering if I could do a roleplay like it and the Black Market, would that be okay?

12:43am Jun 23 2017

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