Mermaid Magic

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3:59am Jul 14 2016

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Ok so this is a super fun roleplay, but before u get started, there are a few rules...:).
1.No unkindness.                                           
2.If I dont accept u, thats it. Dont complain.
3.Nothing that could be hurtful, or anything gory
4.Have FUN 
5.NO violence

Right, lets get started.You are a mermaid living in a magical land called Coral Waters.There is no Queen, but a Princess rules instead. I am the Princess, and you must have my permission before you become a Coralish (mermaid of the Coral Waters) Mermaid. You must fill out a form, and then once you are accepted( only I can accept you) you type in the actions you do and words you say.I will start with my form, and then you make your own.

Name: Princess Shannon
Skills: Charming people , singing and Archery
Charecter: Friendly, funny, loving, loveable
Looks: Has a sparkly tail that is purple and green, has long flowing ginger hair with a Pink tiara on top, and wears Turquoise.
Likes: Animals, Friends, family
Dislikes: Wars, Violence.

Oh, one more thing lots of people want to know, there is allowed to be a bit of boy-girl stuff if u want.



9:57am Jul 15 2016

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Princess Shannon looked around the pure crystal waters. It was so lovley :).
She smiled. Who didn't love Coral Waters?

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