Innocence -Teenage Runaway RP-

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10:12pm Jul 5 2016 (last edited on 3:41am Jul 7 2016)

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Time: September, 1976
Friendships don't last forever and theirs was no exception. As children they were convinced they wouldn't turn out like the other kids and drift apart as they got older. But once high school entered the equation, they all went their separate ways  and seldom blinked at each other, not wanting to be reminded of the fact that they could ever hang out with such losers like they were. All in their own cliques, nobody would guess they had even known each other before. But what nobody but themselves knew was that once a month, they'd travel a ways out of their small town and stop beneath an Eastern Cottonwood tree, nearby a farm where an elderly married couple lived. For an hour they would talk about everything going on in their lives, the good and bad, until one day they had an idea. To escape their troubles, they could run away and explore the prairies and go from town to town. They could be alive.
(kinda lame ik, but i wanted a simple rp haha)


*No god-modding
*No Mary/Gary Sues
*Be Respectful
*No intense gore/sexual acts
*Type as much as you want, but it must be able to progress the story further
*Only type in 3rd POV
*Please use correct grammar and spelling
*Try to include everyone

Right so the plot is fairly simple, we're a bunch of teenagers from different cliques in the mid-70's who are sick of life and decide to run away from our tiny town in Nebraska to go on an adventure. We only travel by bike or scooter or skateboard, so keep that in mind. Seriously, use as much creativity as possible to get the ball rolling, fights or love triangles and all that junk is very much welcomed, or even entering some danger to the equation, just be sure nothing so drastic that it changes the whole point of the RP (unless you run it by us first)

Character Biography
Sexual Orientation:
Mode of Transport:
Appearance:(pic or desc.)

4:31am Jul 7 2016

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My Character

Name: Aaron Bradbury
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Clique: The Losers
Mode of Transport: Bike
Personality: Aaron is a quiet and reserved kid who doesn't know how to handle his emotions. He responds to any feelings of sadness with a small joke or just tries to smile to make it go away. He's usually awkward but means well. He lacks courage and his failure to express his feelings makes them come out in outbursts from time to time. He likes random facts and will recite them to anyone he want to gain the respect of. He'll try to ignore bullies and mean remarks and let's the bully step all over him until he gets tired. It usually takes someone shouting 
at him to get him to shut up.
Background: Aaron comes from a single parent household, with three older brothers who constantly push him around and are generally too rough for his taste. The absence of his mom is what really gets to him and he'll break down if its ever mentioned. Since he was small, he was the odd one out and others noticed and made fun of this. Aaron then discovered comic books and reading and channeled his feelings into that. Since middle school, he took up writing science fiction and continues it to this day.
Appearance: Aaron
Additional: In his backpack is a small book filled with random facts. He doesn't admit it but he memorizes a fact before telling it to someone. He thinks it makes him look a little smarter than he is lol
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