Freeing the Guardian (Pokemon X/Y RP)

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1:10pm Jan 23 2014 (last edited on 4:14pm Jan 23 2014)

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The emperor of the Land's Wrath

Has been hunted down; alas,

Cruel souls did bring the legend down,

And took the noble creature's crown.

Lord Zygarde is being held,

Trainer heroes will be compelled

To save the legend in distress.

Will these heroes have success?

...ok, so here's the plot; Team Flare has captured the legendary Pokemon Zygarde for its own ends, and some trainers must band together to make a plan to rescue it. You can have up to two characters per person, and ONE of them can have a legendary Pokemon if you wish. You can have any legendary Pokemon except the following; Arceus, Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde. 

Bio skeleton:-


Here are my characters:-

Name: Alexis
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Looks: A pretty girl with lightly tanned skin, height of 5'9'', long red-brown hair tied back in pigtails, and bright blue eyes. Her clothing can very but usually she wears a pink top with purple-and-gold scarf, black denim skirt and purple high-top shoes. She carries a lilac bag with her that contains her items, etc. She also usually wears a fashionable red fedora atop her head, which is adorned with a small black feather from her first Pokemon, a Starly (now a Staraptor).
Personality: Having lived in Lumiose City for most of her life, Alexis is very much a fashion lover, and very knowledgeable about pretty much anything to do with fashion. She might strike people as girly one minute, but don't be fooled; she is really a tomboy at heart and is a great lover of excitement and adventure. She's a friendly girl who enjoys making friends and who will not tolerate bullying of any kind, particularly against young children or against close friends.
History: Her mother moved to Lumiose City from Sinnoh and became a successful Furfrou Trimmer. She gave Alexis a Starly before they moved there, a Pokemon that the girl became very close to; she also eventually gave Alexis a Furfrou, and taught her how to give it trims. Eventually Alexis set off on a journey with those Pokemon in tow, befriending more on her way.
Nighthawk - Staraptor - Male - Adamant nature - Reckless ability - Brave Bird, Fly, Close Combat, Aerial Ace
Clarissa - Furfrou - Female - Sassy nature - Fur Coat ability - Cotton Guard, Headbutt, Thunder Wave, Surf
Savage - Garchomp - Female - Naughty nature - Sand Veil ability - Poison Jab, Dig, Dragon Claw, Brick Break - can Mega Evolve
Blade - Bisharp - Male - Brave nature - Defiant ability - Iron Head, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Protect
Crush: Open! ^_^
Other: To you or I, she would sound to have an Australian accent. Also, her Furfrou is usually kept in the Star trim.

Name: Lulu
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Looks: A pretty cute girl overall; she stands at about 5'7'' tall, with a slender and delicate-looking build. Her skin is fairly pale and her hair, which is about shoulder-length, is a deep purple in colour. Most distinctive of all are her eyes, which are a very pale blue-grey in colour, almost white, indicating that she is blind. She wears shades over her eyes most of the time. Her clothing typically consists of a black sweater over a purple t-shirt and a short black skirt, with grey sandals. 
Personality: Lulu is a timid and easily frightened young girl with a fear of other people almost akin to a phobia. She's intimidated by crowds and the only ones she really likes having by her side are her Pokemon. This role was once played by her Arcanine, then a Growlithe, and now by her Mew and Sylveon. Once she does learn to trust you, though, you'll see a visibly sweeter side to her, and she'll become clingy around those she likes. Being blind makes her judge others solely on their personalities, and not how they look. This also means she is unable to read and requires her Pokemon with her at all times. 
History: Lulu was born blind, and from when she was just a toddler she was raised alongside a Growlithe, Wolfie, which was something of a 'guard dog' for her. The two grew very close, but one fateful day not long after Wolfie had evolved Team Flare stole her precious friend and she was left alone. To make matters worse, her parents went down with an illness as well. When they died, she ran out into the wilderness and (of course) got lost. She would have probably ended up dying out there had she not been found by a Sylveon and Mew, whom took pity on her and befriended her, going with her on her journey to find a home somewhere.
Angel - Sylveon - Female - Serious nature - Cute Charm ability - Moon Blast, Swift, Safeguard, Dazzling Gleam
Mew - Genderless (referred to as female) - Modest nature - Synchronise ability - Psychic, Aura Sphere, Transform, Protect
Wolfie - Arcanine - Male - Brave nature - Intimidate ability - Fire Fang, Extreme Speed, Thunder Fang, Dragon Pulse - will be reunited later on
Crush: Open! ^_^
Other: Nothing much.

One more thing...sorry for being so inactive around the site and on the forums. I've been struggling with some emotional issues lately, but I'm gonna do my best to become more active on here again. ^_^

Thanks, everyone!

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