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8:40pm Jan 16 2014 (last edited on 8:43pm Jan 16 2014)

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((whispers you should give me your homework I love english ;o;))

((oh wow 2nd page and it isn't even a rp post))

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2:40am Jan 17 2014

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{whispers but it was not even the fun English homework. 8C
sorry for taking so long friends, decided to watch peter pan. uwu}

Elias Daniels wasn't entirely sure how he felt about all the mafia business. He had a reputation around Rescreatu - certainly not a pleasant one, but it was better than being known as a member of a gang. Accepting this offer and meeting up with these other recruits was, undoubtedly, not going to gain him any favors. But money, or lack thereof, was enough to drive any man off the edge, so the shadows of guilt and regret that flicked through his mind disappeared as soon as they came.

His face emotionless as stone, his jaw set and his hands buried deep in his pants pockets, he sauntered down the hard, dark gray stone path. He knew these parts of town, near the Reiflempor Square; knew a few faces that passed by. He didn't bother to wave. Like a man on a mission, which he was at that point, he trekked on.

His two faithful creatu padded along behind him. Abused, still a poor, cowardly little soul, practically latched onto Elias's leg and cast constant cautious glances over his shoulder. Grant. who was always such a mysterious and evasive little fellow, was no where to be seen. Elias trusted that his longtime friend would pop back up at any minute.

He wasn't given an exact address, but he could assume that they were all to meet at or at least around the Black Market. As he walked, just as he suspected, a white head poked out from behind a building and trotted behind Elias completely silently, as though floating. Smiling very faintly, Eli gave the smooth white head a pat and turned away.

He was sure he had to be coming to the right place when his shoulder collided with that of a young girl's, one who looked to be approximately his age. He looked her down and up slowly, then gave a half-shrug and raised his eyebrows as though confirming something in his head.

"Couldn't help but noticing that you look the slightest bit lost." He backed out of her personal space and ran his hand through his hair. "Seems to be your lucky day, because now we can be lost together, eh?" The slightest lopsided smile tilted the corner of his lips, giving off a completely innocent air as he waited for a response from the girl


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Narrowing her eyes, Kylie pushed her way through the thick crowd in the Square. After a few jostles and a particularly hard pull of her purple hair, her patience snapped.
 "I swear, the next person..."

She was pushed to the side as someone else shoved her. With a low growl, she whirled around and glared at the offending man.
"HEY YOU. Watch where you're going or I'll make sure you won't be able to see anything! Got that?!" 
With a last glare, she whirled back around and stalked through the crowds. Hearing a familiar wheezing behind her, she slowed down enough so her laughing companion could catch up.
"It looked like he soiled himself, Nuf." 
Her undead friend stood next to her now, and with a small smile, she continued forwards.
"Do you know where the group is, Flower?"
Lolling her head to the side, Kylie glanced at her familiar, who was shaking her head.
She groaned.
"Why do I even keep you around?" 
Looking straight across the Square, she could see a larger than average group standing in the shadows and she groaned loudly again. She pushed off the wall using Flower, who sighed when she did.
"Come, Flo, gotta put on a show."

Straightening her back, she stalked over to the other side, still weaving through the people.
When she got the the group, a scowl was firmly in place.
"I'm Gunner, this is Burning_Bloom. You make me angry, I'll show you why I'm called Gunner. Got that?"
Then she smiled.

"...why I'm called Gunner. Got that?" 
Theo snickered, someone's name was Gunner. Pulling softly on the black kurrabi's fur, he urged him forward, but the kurrabi wouldn't budge. Theo rolled around, hanging off Obik's neck in a sloth-like grip, and looked at him.
"Why aren't you moving?"
Theo cocked his head.
"The ... group, is just over there. With the... Gunner girl."
With a smile to his companion, he dropped off his neck, and walked the few metres to the group.
"Hey, I'm Theo, this is Obik." With a grin, Theo executed a small salute in hello.

Used to be Headache, dawg
I am Zoe but I respond to Headache, Thorin, & any variant.

I am mostly everywhere and nowhere tbh.

8:36am Jan 23 2014

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((Is this still going or has it been moved?))


7:22pm Jan 28 2014

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