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4:51am Jan 17 2014 (last edited on 4:53am Jan 17 2014)

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I swept the dust off the gold plate nailed into the door. My fingers dragged across engraved letters as I swept the last few specs away.

Madam Melders Readings and Fortunes
Trading Hours- Just knock and if I answer then I'm home.

I stepped back from the door, taking in the chipping and flaking paint and the scratch marks that lined the bottom. I drew my hand away from the plate and raised my hand in a fist to knock on the door. As my first knock sounded, the door flew open. I jumped away in fright as a black shadow raced across the wall in front of me, disappearing from view. My heart pounded in my chest as I took a rather tentative step forward.

"Hello?" I called softly, hearing the noise echo through the empty rooms. I took a few more steps forward, coughing as the dust billowed beneath me. I screamed as a blunt object slammed into the back of my chest, lunging forward and struggling for breath as the door slammed shut behind me. 

The sound of chains dragging across the floor.


5:19am Jan 17 2014

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It's strange, how darkness can stare at you, as if it is sentient, as if it is watching your every move, as if it is filled with a million invisible eyes. It reaches out slowly to caress your cheeks with inky dark tendrils, just as I reached out to touch your hair gently when you shuffled inside the shop, hovering quietly beside your slim shoulders. Your wide eyes searched for my presence in the dimness, but you could not find me.

You had frightened me when you had first approached the entrance, startled me with your harsh knocks against the door. I jumped a fled across the room, nothing more than a shadow on the wall, the force of my flight inadvertently blowing open the door. I had hidden across the room up in the corner near the ceiling, watching you wearily, my nonphysical form pressed against the aged plasterboard. But eventually I had been overcome with curiosity and crawled back across the wall to where you stood.

But as I brushed my insubstantial fingers along your strands of hair you spoke, causing me to recoil at the sound. You moved away from me, further into the room, disturbing the thick layers of dust that covered the partially rotten floorboards. I suddenly felt a clenching in my chest as objects around the room began to lift and hover in the air. Before I could even reach out towards you, one of the display items in the window flew straight into your back, sending you flying while a scream tore through your throat.

The slamming of the door caused my shoulders to hunch up, and I cringed as I heard the sound of dragging chains scraping across the wooden floor. A spirit being afraid? Well, we are all scared of something, even when we are dead...


6:09am Jan 17 2014

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Dialogue Two

I stood behind the door, the sound of a knock seemingly bouncing off the walls. I had been waiting for something new to arrive. Had been waiting for something fresher than the dust that settled upon everything. The spirits that roam these halls no longer scared me. For once I could play the Fear. 

I pushed down softly on the handle, beaten to it by a spirit flying past to bid away from the intrusion, stepping away as a gasp echoed through the room. The dust shook beneath me as the cowardly spirit darted out of view of the stranger. Out of view of the prey. I watched with curious eyes as the prey stepped into the trap. Who knew it would be that easy? That something so new, so clean, so... peaceful, would ever set foot within a place where only fools tread and demons play. The stranger took another step and dust bunnies fled from her path. My eyes followed the darkness, saw the curious stare held within a shadows eyes that were more empty pockets. 


A statement more than a question. Never had I seen such oblivious prey. She had seemingly fallen straight into our hands, she became mine as soon as she first knocked on the door, as soon as she first thought to visit. Because once you are mine, you must stay mine.

The shadows danced across the room, treading lightly to where the girl stood. Curious fingers went to caress her cheek. Frail bones pulled back as the prey moved onwards, but the shadow kept creeping, ever curious. Everyone plays by my rules!

I raised the display items slowly, letting them hover before giving a simple flick and sending one flying into the girls back. Shadows crept forward, all just as eager to know what the first one knew. I threw the door shut, sending dust up in the air and settling around my feet. The creatures retreated as the prey gasped for breath on the floor. I dragged a foot forward. The chains of my past trailing behind as I bit into the soft flesh of the girl stomach.


2:33am Jan 18 2014

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((I'm joining, hope I'm not too late))

The mortal screamed, flailing, white noise spilling from her lips and tainting the air in the room. Frowning, I melted into the shadows, deciding to let myself be known in another way.
The girl shrieked again, and I cringed. Better get it over with. I swirled over to the fallen object and rushed around it, lifting it into to the air. I flung it at the mortal, and let out a wail. Everyone knew what that meant.
The poltergeist had arrived.

I split myself up and swirled around other objects, making them hover momentarily before shooting them over to the living flesh. The Fear was feasting again, didn't he know the rules? Even the Shadow knew them.
Poltergeist goes first; feasting comes next.

Finally silence fell, as the red liquid spilled out of the mortal's stomach and onto the dusty floor, spreading and letting the other shadow's know of the death.
All of them gathered, and one could feel the shiver of anticipation run through the insubstantial creatures.

What would become of the girl?

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