Warriors: The Untold Story

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9:37pm Jul 23 2015 (last edited on 10:14pm Jul 23 2015)

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Thunderstar- Tall tan tom with pale white muzzle and brown eyes.[Alpha] 

Hollywillow-sleek silver tabby with white underfur, eyes are a dark storm blue.[Psyche]

Med. Cat:
Maplewish- calico tom with yellow eyes.[Alpha]

Shadestrike- night black tom with orange eyes.[Alpha]
Silverwing- beautiful silver she-cat with pure blue eyes.[Alpha]
Darkfang- black tom with cyan eyes.[UndeadGamer]

Twigpaw- dark brown tom with dull yellow eyes.[UndeadGamer]
Applepaw- tall ginger she-cat with bright yellow eyes.[Alpha]
Jaypaw- grey tabby tom with emerald eyes.[Alpha]

Softshadow- soft black she-cat with amber eyes.[Alpha]

Flamekit- Dark Ginger tom with green eyes.[UndeadGamer]
Featherkit- fluffy pale grey she cat with unusual lavender eyes.[Alpha]


Cats outside of the clans:
Fallen- stocky handsome black cat with white stripes along back and on tail. His ears are nicked from battles, and he hides a scar on his back left leg. His eyes are two different colours,  Brown and amber.[Psyche]

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10:18pm Jul 23 2015

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Silverwing silently stalked a mouse who was oblivious to the oncoming danger, she leaned back on her haunches and sprang for the mouse catching it easily and killing it with a swift bite to the neck. She stood in triumph and buried it to retrieve later. Sounds of paw steps drew her attention, she pricked her ears dropped down into a crouch.

My baby Leggersnoot made by Keith.

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8:26pm Jul 27 2015

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Fallen flicked his ears forward, listening for the sound of any other cats near by. He detected no sound of any other cat, except for a mouse rustling in the bushes. Good, he thought. Now no stupid clan cat will bother me. He found a nice soft patch of grass to sleep in.

10:43pm Jul 27 2015

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Silverwing scented another can and slinked toward it seeing a large sleeping tom. Who is he? She wondered and sat there.

My baby Leggersnoot made by Keith.
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