The Blackwater Mysteries

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3:23pm May 8 2019

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- This is between SerenitySorrow and myself -

The secluded little town of Blackwater is located somewhere between the living and the dead. It has been a safe haven for those who are 'different' since it's creation in in the early 19th century. Its inhabitants are all, mostly, peaceful people who have been drawn to the towns ambiance and it's thin veil between the our world and the 'other'. Vampires drink a cup of coffee at the 24hr Cafe alongside witches, psychics shop at the locally owned grocery with werewolves, and families of various species live in harmony with one another far away from the eye of most humans. It was a peaceful life, a good one.

Until bodies start appearing in the woods surrounding Blackwater.

The small town is now under siege from an unknown assailant whose motives are unknown but clearly nefarious. The veil is beginning to fray and it's acting as a beacon for other, less civilized, supernatural creatures who would happily watch Blackwater burn. Is it connected? Are the ritually slain bodies only the beginning of the end of Blackwater?


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Gender ::
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Name :: Delilah Devereaux

Gender :: Female

Age :: 23

Species :: Witch

Orientation :: Bisexual

Relationships :: None at the moment, had a few flings previously

Family :: Her father died when she was young, and her mother died a few years back. She has an older sister Iris, who left Blackwater for college and never came back.

Appearance :: [1] [2] [3Delilah stands at an average height of 5'6'' and her body is all soft curves and warm, golden brown skin. She has a heart-shaped face with soft features. Her high cheekbones aren't sharp, and she has a button nose and thick, full lips. However, her eyes are sharper than the rest of her face. Her dark brown eyes almost border on black,  having a catlike look to them, slanting upwards ever so slightly and are framed by long lashes. When she smiles there is a single dimple on her left cheek and her eyes squint up almost closed. Her hair falls in black curls to her midback, though she often keeps them in thick twists.

She often dresses in neutrals, shades of grey and black, and chooses to wear loose fitting clothing. She accessorizes a lot, often wearing multiple necklaces stacked with crystals and charms, as well as multiple rings on her fingers.

Personality :: Ever since she was a child, Del has always been a rather quiet girl, preferring to keep to herself. She is extremely independent bordering on stubborn, and she hates relying on other people preferring to do everything on her own. She could be on fire and she would not ask anyone to help put out the flames. 
She is slow to trust, often believing that people are using her for their own means, which stems from growing up with ghosts constantly asking for help. She has few friends and cannot keep a stable romantic relationship. She has never been in a committed relationship as she herself cannot commit herself to another person, so she tends to stick to just short-lived flings. 

((Honestly i made her years ago and never really got to try her out so this is all i have for now))

History :: Delilah comes from a rich history of witches and magic practitioners. When her ancestors were brought over on slave ships they brought their magic with them. Years after they were freed, their bloodline was combined with those of the Devereaux's, a French family big in the New Orleans magic scene. The name no longer carries the weight that it once did, especially not in Blackwater where the family fled to sometimes during the 1910s. The family history had always been a point of pride for her mother, their people had been stolen but they could never take away the magic that flowed through them. However, for all her pride, she never taught her daughters how to use the full extent of their powers, which later became a point of contention between her sister and mother. Their mother insisted they didn't need to know the older spells, and that they would be safer not knowing, however, Iris was always more strong-willed than Delilah and she went out of her way to learn more about magic and to practice more difficult spells. This lead to a falling out between her and their mother, and the second she finished high school she left Blackwater. Iris didn't even return when their mother fell ill and eventually died, something that Delilah is still bitter about.

Other :: Delilah is a master of simple house magic and protection charms. Her mother never taught her attack spells or dangerous darker spells, but she can light candles without matches, turn the tv off and on without a remote, and create potions, charms and wards. Her true powers are shadow based and she can communicate with spirits but can't raise the dead. She can manipulate the shadows around her so she can't be seen as well as manipulate the temperature around her immediate areas. She is also very sensitive to the changes in the atmosphere and magic energy. However, her shadow powers are pretty much useless during the day as she has no idea if she can weaponize the shadows. 

Its been a while but im back~ If youre an old RP buddy hit me up Id love to reconnect.

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Name :: Zakhar Belyakov

Gender :: Male

Age :: 26

Species :: Bodark. These are a type of 'were-' being from Russia, most commonly associated with werewolves. This type of were was once a human, but instead of being transformed into a creature the person who becomes a bodark actually wants to be one. To do so, they go through a ritual rite of passage. Though most commonly taking the form of wolves, other creatures can also be obtained. Zakhar and his family are all leopard bodarks; or wereleopards in the Western world.

Orientation :: Bisexual

Relationships :: He's had multiple throughout the years, but due to his nature as a bodark they don't last.

Family :: Zakhar has a very large family. To make this simpler here's a basic list...
- Vera (died during childbirth) ~ Mother
- Andon ~ Father
- Mikhail, Luca, Lazar, Illa, Kazimir, Yaakov, Illarion, Gavriil ~ Brothers
- Has multiple sisters, but they are not bodarks and do not live with the rest of the family.

Appearance :: Zakhar // Leopard Form

Personality :: Unlike most of his brothers, Zakhar is the opposite of stoic and level-headed. He's always doing the unexpected instead, Mac-gyvering his way out of situations using charm, cunning, or the resources around him. He's always working on breaking the perceived image that Russians are nothing more than bull-headed brutes and hates being seen as nothing more than a thug. So he's pretty particular about his image and uses his suave personality and good looks to do most of his work. This makes him a good grifter, which was useful in his homeland but less so in this new town. And of course, if that does not work he's always got some sort of hair-brained scheme up his sleeve. Be it jumping from a fifth floor balcony into the pool below, or a bomb made out of cleaning supplies. Zakhar's well known around his clan for being the one to blow things up or wreck havoc. He's a little too unpredictable to ever rank up in the clan, which rankles him a bit, but he also likes the freedom from time to time that's allowed by being a sentinel. 

Zakhar is a bit of a scamp with a misleading smile and a rather peculiar sense of humor. Quick to laugh and just as quick to start a fight, Zakhar loves the high from an adrenaline rush so is more than happy to seek out adventure. Which often lands him in trouble. Basically, he's all charm and flashy grins until crap hits the fan, then he's causing as much mayhem as he can. In day to day settings he's pretty jovial and talkative, though quick to snark and make rude comments when he deems them necessary. Which is pretty much all the time, It's hard to get a read on Zakhar, to know where you stand with him. You might think he's your best friend until he sticks a knife into your back, or he might seem like an enemy until he saves you at the last second.
((Zakhar's actually pretty new to me, so I'm still working out some kinks in his personality. Forgive me for such a short personality section!))

History :: Zakhar was born to Vera, Andon's wife and true love; also called a priyatel' or mate in Russian bodark. The family is one of the few feline bodark Clans left in Russia, and they've kept mostly hidden in the remote town of Kyzyl, Russia. He's never known anything other than being surrounded by family, sometimes when their in human form and sometimes when their giant leopards. Having always looked up to his eldest brother Mikhail, Zakhar knew from a young age he wanted to become a bodark as well and follow in his footsteps. When he turned eighteen he was allowed to perform the rite of passage, a ritual in which the person ventures alone into the forest with a copper knife, stabs a tree with it, and asks the forest to allow him the change. It depends on the person as to whether it is allowed at all, and as to whether the change kills them. Zakhar survived and joined his brothers among the ranks.

For most of his life Zakhar and his family were a well kept secret of Kyzyl, protecting the people who in return protected them. Then the okhotniki, or hunters, gained word of their whereabouts. The hunters track down and kill supernatural creatures in the Eastern part of the world for profit, and bodarks are high up on their list. Their pelts, if killed in shifted form, can be sold for high amounts. With their home lost, because hunters would keep coming, Andon came to the hard conclusion that the family needed to split up, their numbers made smaller so that there'd be less of a chance of detection. Though his sons argued, they knew better than to disobey their Pakhan. Andon took the strongest brothers with him to try and lead the hunters away from the others. He sent his younger, unmarried sons, with Kazimir and Lazar leading them, to America. Theyre'd been rumors in the supernatural world of a little town which could be their safe haven: Blackwater.

Other :: Feline bodark families are run a lot like a pride of lions; also called a Clan. There is the alpha male, called a Pakhan, who runs everything and is the most powerful and feared. By his side is his wife and alpha female. The rest of the clan is most of the time their children and sometimes other, weaker, family members. The Pakhan's word is law, and if anyone wants to challenge it they must take him out. Though it sounds a bit like a dictatorship, Clan's are extremely loyal to one another and more often then not more than happy with their places within it.

While Vera was Andon's wife/priyatel', he had three mistresses as well throughout the years. Vera knew and was okay with it as long as she was the one who was at the head of the Clan alongside Andon. This is how Zakhar has so many siblings.


Lazar :: 37 years old. 6'2''. Leopard form. Straight. Lazar is very 'zen' and little actually gets him riled. His brother know when he raises his voice or gets angry he means business; or things are about to go bottoms up. In a way he's very monotonous and does not seem to have much of a personality. This is much like a shield to him. This is probably why he has never shown any interest in a wife. If he does not allow anyone to see the real him, he's less likely to be hurt. Underneath his cold exterior Lazar is extremely loyal and truly loves his family.

Kazimir :: 34 Years old. 6'4''. Leopard form. Demisexual. The gruffest and least socially adept of the four who now live in Blackwater; but also mentally the strongest. He's the one who can make the tough calls and act like he is not fazed. However, underneath his extremely prickly exterior lies a much softer inside that only a few he'll allow to see. Unlike Lazar, he's less stoic and more hotheaded and brusque. On the flip side, he'll happily shred anyone who tries to harm his family or friends. He loves just as fiercely as he fights.

Gavriil :: 24 years old. 6'1''. Leopard form. Straight. Gavriil is basically a more loose, easy going version of Zakhar. He's fun loving and easy-going - he's is always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. Though this can get him into trouble, he'll happily meet it head one with a grin and a laugh. A shameless flirt who loves women, he's also chivalrous and would never harm a female or child. The most playful and sweet of the four of them.


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(( Looks awesome! I finally finished my bio lmao, I added in her appearance and some image references.
So how do you wanna start this off? Do you have any ideas?? ))

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((If it's spoken words in italics then their talking in Russian, not English.))

Blackwater, from first appearances, was a sleepy little town. Boring, as far as Zakhar was concerned. With Kazimir driving the lead car, Zakhar was stuck with Lazar in the small moving van. They'd not been able to take many of their belongings from their homeland, but each had been permitted three suitcases to take their most valuable items and trinkets. Picking had been difficult, as their felines sides dictated that what was theirs stayed theirs. Bodarks were well known to be possessive. At least in the East. Cheek pressed against the cool window, Zakhar had to remind himself that here, in this little American town, they'd be the only ones who understood one another. Sure, America had were's and shifters, but not bodarks. They were completely alone - isolated.

"Stop pouting. Father would not have sent us if he did not think it was best." Shifting his gaze towards his brother, Zakhar's lips curled into a sneer. Lazar was tense, muscle in his jaw ticking, but he'd not looked away from the road ahead. Somehow, as older brothers did, he knew what Zakhar was doing without needing to look. Instead of answering and giving Lazar the satisfaction of knowing he was right, Zakhar returned to looking out the window. They were on the main street, passing by old buildings which housed the grocery, a small clothing store, a bank, a tattoo parlor. Weird place." He thought non charitably. At least there was a dense forest surrounding the town, which would be a perfect place to shift and romp around in their leopard forms. Kyzyl had been ore of a marshland than forest, but they'd enjoyed swimming in the rivers that bisected the city.

After just a few more minutes of driving, and a bit of cursing from Lazar as Kazimir got them lost for a a bit, they finally pulled up in front of the house they'd be renting. It was an older, two story house that had likely seen better days. "It's" Zakhar muttered, getting out of the van behind his brother. Gavriil was already poking his nose where it didn't belong, a small bag thrown over his shoulder. Zakhar wondered who'd painted the poor house and why, as well as how much rent this thing was going to cost them a month. The family had money, plenty of it, but somehow he didn't see Andon happily handing them over a thousand a month for rent and food happily. If they had to get jobs what would they do? Somehow he couldn't see Kazimir flipping burgers. Smirking at the thought of his brother finally snapping and shoving a co-workers face into the frying oil, Zakhar approached the back of the van.

"Gavriil, get over here and help get the bags!" Kazimir barked, the second oldest of the four but the oldest at heart, glaring at the youngest. Lazar calmly jumped into the back and began tossing things out while completely ignoring the bickering. Both Zakhar and Gavriil squawked at the rough handling of their personal items and rushed to try and catch what they could.


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"I really can't believe Moira got some fools to rent out her parents' old place."

Came a voice from behind Delilah. She looked up from the basket she was carefully arranging and turned her head to see a young blonde woman sidling up beside her before leaping up to sit on the counter. "Moira must have used old photos, there's no way someone rented that run-down dump as is." The other woman continued, reaching over and shifting one of the boxes Del had carefully placed in the basket.

Delilah batted her hand away, earning her a small laugh as she pushed the box back into the right position. "The house isn't that bad Sarah." She said her dark eyes flicking back to look at her friend sitting on the counter, to which Sarah only shrugged before poking something else in the basket. Delilah rolled her eyes and adjusted it back. Sarah could be annoying but she was one of Del's true friends in the town, and one of the towns small human population that was oblivious to the supernatural being around them. It was refreshing to be around her and her boring, completely unmagical energy.

"You think you got enough stuff in there?" She asked referring to the big brown basket in front of her. Delilah, unfortunately, was tasked with putting together the town welcome basket, that's what happens when your family is one of the oldest in the town. She got suckered into upkeeping the family legacy and was put on the town welcoming committee, which usually meant she had to do nothing. They didn't get newcomers often, especially when there were so many other small towns resting over leylines and the other supernaturals were adapting to city life, but Blackwater was a good place to lie low.

"Maybe you should put some more tea? Or even some of these." Delilah looked over at Sarah opening a tin of lotion and slathering it on her arms. "Hey!" She reached over and grabbed the blue tin from her friend's hand. "I need to keep some stock for the store, I can't be giving everything away for free."

Devereaux Apothecary and Curio. Delilah's family business, the one she got stuck running when her mother passed. To the humans, it was just a fun little shop to buy handcrafted teas, tinctures, organic soaps and lotions, little knick-knacks and old books. For the others, it was a hub for old world cures and herbs. Hidden in the back away from human eyes she had jars of poisonous plants, lizard tongues and ancient spell books. It was one way to get away being a witch in the open without having to actually admit to anyone that she was.

"Alright, it looks good," Delilah said softly, stepping back to admire the gift basket she had just finished wrapping. At least Blackwater is generous, she thought as she looked at all the gifts organized in the basket. The bakery had given them fresh bread and cookies, there were homemade jams, a big quilt, along with the few soaps, lotions, aftershave and teas from her shop and other miscellaneous things from the other shops along the main street. 

"Well let's go and see the freaks that moved into the old Johnson house." Sarah said picking up the basket and heading outside towards her car. Delilah followed after her shaking her head, she hoped she wouldn't be blunt with the newcomers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It didn't take them long to reach the blue house, and as they pulled up they saw four men rushing around a car as one of them threw items out of the trunk. Sarah gave her a pointed look that she recognized before she wiggled her eyebrows and put on her best smile. "God for once I'm glad I got to take over the welcome job from my mom." She said as she quickly exited the car leaving Delilah to carry the basket.

"Hello boys!" Sarah called out as she walked closer to them. "Welcome to Blackwater." She stuck out her hand for the nearest of them to shake. "I'm Sarah Roberts, and that's my friend Delilah. We were sent to officially welcome you to our town."

Delilah nodded and did a half-hearted smile as she looked from each of the guys, trying to keep her eyes cool as she noticed the change in the energy around them as she stepped closer. They weren't human. She didn't know exactly what they were but she knew supernatural energy when she felt it. She stuck her arms out offering the large basket. "A few of the stores and citizens donated a bunch of stuff to welcome you. We had no idea," she looked from each guy again speaking a little slower her eyes narrowing slightly, "That'd there'd be so many of you."

((That was unnecessarily long lmao. Also, if it's not too weird I was wondering what timezone you were so I could better coordinate my posts. Cause I'm EST, but my sleep schedule is absolute garbage and I'm usually up until like 3AM lol))

Its been a while but im back~ If youre an old RP buddy hit me up Id love to reconnect.

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With his enhanced hearing, Zakhar heard the car door shut closer than was exactly comfortable before a female voice called out. Boys? He mouthed to Gavriil incredulously, who simply smirked and raised his eyebrows wickedly. Throwing one of the heavy duffels over his shoulder, Zakhar turned towards the two females approaching. Kazimir placed the bag in his hand down as the blonde, Sarah, thrust her hand out for him to shake. Americans, Zakhar was beginning to realize, were much more friendly and happy to approach strangers than those back in the Homeland. Kazimir, he was amused to note, was just as startled by the cordiality but with his poker face most couldn't tell.

After shaking her hand, Zakhar's older brother stepped back with a nod of greeting. "We were not expecting a welcome, but we appreciate it." Kazimir told them, deep voice heavily accented and a bit slow; some of them took to learning other languages easily, he was not one of them. "I am Kazimir, and these are my brothers Lazar, Zakhar, and Gavriil." He added, motioning to each of them in turn. Lazar simply nodded from where he'd jumped from the back of the van, Gavriil smiled cheerily and waved, and Zakhar looked between the two women and added his own grin and head nod.

"Here, that looks heavy. Let me take it." Zakhar added, slowly approaching the one called Delilah to take the basket. At 6'2'' and bulky from his time running around on four paws and wrestling so many brothers, Zakhar knew women who didn't know him tended to be automatically weary. At least it wasn't as bad as Kazimir, who at 6'4''a and with a perpetually resting b*tch face, usually made people go the other direction. Which worked for his brother, who didn't often like humans. Holding his hands out, Zakhar waited for her to hand the items over instead of just taking. This close, something spicy hit his nose and he resisted the urge to breath it in again. It was close to something he knew of from Russia, but altered. Something...supernatural yet pleasing. Blinking, he took in Delilah's apperance a bit closer this time in an attempt to place the scent. Nothing jumped out, however. Huh, interesting. Maybe Blackwater wasn't going to be so horrible after all.

Lazar approached Sarah, obviously giving Kazimir an out. His brother took it and swiftly reached down to take some bags towards the house. "Gavriil, help him." Lazar instructed. Being better with people Lazar held out his own hand for Sarah to shake. "As Kazimir said, we appreciate this. Blackwater is not what were were expecting, but we hope to make the best of it." Pausing, he looked between the two women wearily. "I hope having four of us will be okay with the homeowner. I thought 'otets' (father) had let them know there would be so many of us." Lips quirking a bit, he turned to look towards the house and sighed softly. "Luckily for the town only four of us came. There are a lot more where we came from."

((Make them as long as you please! Sometimes mine will be irritatingly long, sometime short lol. I'm Central time, so an hour behind you. I work two jobs, mostly closing for both, so when I'm on really just depends on the day. It'll always differ. DX So coordinating will be difficult.))


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These boys were nothing like what Delilah expected. For one she'd definitely have a hard time remember all their names, and she didn't think they'd all be so huge. The one who collected the basket easily towered over her. Not only that but they were incredibly muscular, and the Russian accents to match? She could already see the gears turning in Sarah's head as she looked from each good looking brother to the other.

She would have a hard time remembering their names that's for sure, but she'd probably learn them soon enough if the energy coming off them was indeed supernatural. She was sure the one who had taken the basket, Zakhar, had noticed, his nostrils had flared in an all to familiar way. She looked at him intently trying to get a feel of what exactly they were, but it was completely foreign to her.

"The more the merrier!" Sarah's voice exclaimed, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Especially when you're all so handsome!"

Delilah's eyes went wide as she whipped her head towards her friend. Her mouth gaped slightly as she stood there shocked. The girl was too frank for her own good, but Sarah moved on quickly as if she didn't just try and shoot her shot at all of them at once. "It's just so nice that someone has finally moved into this place. All the kids say this house is haunted you know?" Sarah went on grinning, doing that spooky finger wave when she said haunted.

"Sarah!" Delilah gasped, this girl was really trying to scare these newcomers off before they even got settled. Though judging by their size she was sure they wouldn't be afraid of any ghost that may be lingering. "The house isn't haunted,"  Delilah spoke up, before giving a pointed look to Zakhar. "You can trust me on that." His brothers may not have clued into what she was, but that was as much she would admit to in front of Sarah.

"It's just been so long since we've had newcomers in Blackwater," Sarah whined ignoring Delilah's ghost comment. She sighed dramatically before clasping her hands together. "As official Blackwater welcoming committee let us show you around town. We can tell you all the best to eat and more importantly all the best places to drink!" 

Delilah raised an eyebrow at that. A tour was not part of the deal, Sarah's mom had told them to give them the basket and welcome them, that was it. Trust Sarah to be wooed by four tall men. "Plus we'll all be neighbours soon it's only right that we should get to know each other, isn't that right Del?"

Del shrugged looking at the guys in front of her. She was sure they'd probably want to settle into their new home first rather than spend the evening on a town tour of the bars with an overly flirty Sarah and a moody witch. But they'd have to have to supernatural do's and don'ts eventually. Better it to come from her than the towns giant werewolf of a Mayor. "There is a good bar down near the dock's called the Sirens Call." Delilah offered, tossing some of her chunky twists over her shoulder. "It's a good place to meet some of the more peculiar locals."

((God it will be hard to coordinate posts especially with my weird sleep schedule LOL))

Its been a while but im back~ If youre an old RP buddy hit me up Id love to reconnect.

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Zakhar hefted the basket up and turned his head towards the blonde, Sarah curiously. Handsome? He nearly cackled aloud at Kazimir's stifled, horrified noise as his brother returned for more bags; but did snicker aloud as his older brother swiftly gathered them and made an obvious retreat. Whereas Gavriil loved women and would adore the attention, Kazimir turned awkward and tended to watch them as if they'd bite him - not the other ways around considering his feline side. Lazar looked a bit pained himself, but forced a small smile as Sarah continued on about ghosts. That caught Zakhar's attention.

Other than the woman in front of him, whose smell remained enticing, he'd not noticed anything particularly supernatural about much of what they'd experienced since leaving home. Kyzyl wasn't a hub for monsters, but with so many bodarks running around other, harmless supernaturals sometimes crossed their paths to seek shelter for a few days. Andon never let them linger long, but multiple different species had called their door 'home' until they found their way. He'd never met an actual poltergeist, though. Then the golden skinned female in front of him had to ruin his hopes. "Too bad." He mused as she spoke to him, promising them there was no ghosts. "It would be the most interesting thing to have happened since we arrived in America. Well..." pausing for a second, he assessed Delilah up and down curiously before chuckling. "Maybe the second most interesting."

The offer of showing them around the town was loud, and as if summoned Gavriil appeared behind Lazar with delight clear in his lighter eyes. "That would be wonderful! God knows after the couple of weeks we've had a drink would be very welcome. What do you say, Lazar?" Though their Pakhan was not there their ranks were still in place. Lazar was currently their leader and they would do as he said. Both Zakhar and Gavriil turned their pleading gaze towards their brother. In return, Lazar eyed them both stoically before whistling for Kazimir.

"You're coming too. You might need to carry Gavriil home." Zakhar smirked at his youngest brother, who was shooting Lazar a betrayed look. Kazimir scoffed and muttered something unflattering in Russian.

"I'll take this inside, then we'll follow behind you?" Zakhar asked, looking from Delilah to Sarah. He motioned to the vehicles, figuring the town was small enough that most important places could be walked to. "Don't think we'll all fit into one vehicle without sitting on top of one another." Between himself and Kazimir they were able to get the rest of the bags and basket inside before the four of them paused in front of the two women, waiting for them to tell them where to go.

((I added a tiny bio for each of my other three brothers to maybe help make them less confusing.~ There's also now a leopard form pic for Zakhar as well. I image their leopard forms are roughly 2-3 times the size of a normal leopard.))


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"Oh hell yeah!" Sarah exclaimed as she happily clapped her hands together, practically bouncing on her feet as the older brother, who was clearly the leader, agreed. Delilah wasn't sure for a moment if the older man was going to agree, but then again it was Blackwater. It's not like there was anything better to do anyways.

Delilah was also intrigued by the one in front of her who hadn't stopped assessing her since they walked up. She was glad to get this opportunity to get to know him better. She wanted to know exactly what he was, and what the foreign energy that made the air around him thrum. Delilah waited with Sarah, who was practically bouncing with excitement as she watched them carry the bags inside. "Thank god mom had that municiple meeting. We really lucked out, huh, Del?" Sarah smiled at her, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively once more. "Finally, some men that Talia hasn't dug her hands into."

Del rolled her eyes at that as she played with one of the golden pendants hanging from her neck. Talia might be the resident succubus, but Sarah could easily give the woman a run for her money when it came down to laying it on thick. As if on cue the guys came back, mentioning something about sitting on top of one another. Before Delilah could even open her mouth to answer Sarah had already started, "Oh now, I wouldn't mind sit-"

Delilah quickly grabbed her friends arm and pulled. "You know what, the first round's on me." She interjected, to which the blonde hooted beside her as she dragged her away from the brothers towards the car. "You guys should follow in your car, the bar is a ways out, when we get there you'll understand."

They could have gone to the pub on the main street, the Black Bear was a perfectly acceptable establishment. However, if the newcomers were to get the full Blackwater experience they needed to head out to the one place that was the supernatural hub. 

- - -

It didn't take them that long to drive through the main street towards the bay before turning up a seaside road and heading further up to the docks  where a neon sign of a mermaid winked down at them. The closer they got the more Delilah felt the atmosphere change, each inch forward she felt the distinctive supernatural energy dance along her skin. It was both energizing and anxiety inducing all at once.

"Don't think I didn't see you and that Zak guy making eyes at eachother." Sarah said as they pulled up to park. Delilah looked over surprised opening her mouth to speak. "Sh*t was weirdly intense girl. But it's fine there three more for me." She continued with a wink before hopping out of the car. She waited for the guys car to pull up before calling out to them. "I'm gonna get the shots ready! I'll meet you by the counter."

Delilah watched the blonde bound off to open the big door and enter before she turned to look at the guys. "I don't know what went down in your old hometown, but things are different in Blackwater," she said as she walked toward the bar door. "You must have felt it. That must've been the reason why you guys chose here." She was sure they must have felt the energy by now. It was in the ground, it was in the air, it was radiating from behind the door beside her.

"This bar is a safe haven for people like us, I may not be exactly sure what you are, but I figure it best to give you fair warning before I open this door. This, is the real Blackwater." With that she opened the door showing the lively interior. It wasn't quite evening yet, but the bar was a hum of activity, chatter, laughter and music blared, while smell of alcohol hung thick in the air. "After you."

((Cool! That will totally help me keep all the guys in order as the story goes on lol. When it finally goes down and Delilah sees how gigantic they are in leopard form it's gonna be so cool.

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Hoping into the back seat, Zakhar snickered as Lazar stole the keys from Kazimir and glared his brother into submission. Gavriil was the last to get in, lips pulled into a irritating smirk as he gazed at Zakhar then motioned towards the other vehicle pulling away. "Pretty little things. That blonde looks like she'd eat one of us alive. You, in particular, need to relieve some stress." He reached forward to poke Kazimir in the front seat, but swiftly pulled his hand back as Kazimir slowly turned to give him the evil eye. Zakhar new that the next time they shifted Gavriil was going to the on the wrong end of one of his, much larger, brothers tackles. Zakhar guffawed.

"Hey, don't think I didn't notice you scenting the other one. You're as subtle as a brick to the face." Turning to give Gavriil a blank look, Zakhar simply shrugged but didn't dispute it.

"She's not human, is she?" Lazar asked, not looking away from the car they were following. "The way she talked, telling us we'd understand once we got to the bar." Zakhar met his black gaze in the rear view mirror. "You got closest, what did you get off of her?"

Even thinking back on the moments he'd been in Delilah's presence the phantom smell of her lingered. "Spices mostly, clove and cinnamon, herbs, and definitely something supernatural." He decided not to mention that his leopard kinda wanted to roll in the scent like it was catnip. He didn't need to be mocked. "This town is turning out to be more interesting than originally planned." Gavriil and him grinned cheekily at one another while Lazar sighed in exasperation.

"Behave, the both of you."


The drive went by mostly silent afterwards, with Gavriil humming under his breath as they took in the scenery. The bar was over looked by a winking mermaid, which instantly made Kazimir sneer; he was obviously looking forward to getting his drink and disappearing into a dark corner to glare at anyone who got too close. Lazar would likely go find people to form alliances with, and Gavriil would just chat up anyone who was unfortunate to get to close.

As soon as the doors opened the scent of other supernatural was almost enough to knock them all back into their seats. The atmosphere was thick with it; so many mixed together to make an almost overwhelming cologne. Zakhar could feel his leopard's hackles raise, even if it was only mentally. Most other supernaturals they'd met were not 'monstrous', but having so many in one place back in the motherland was like a beacon for Hunters. Were there no hunters in the US? If not, maybe they needed to talk to their Pakhan.

Like his own, he could see all three of his brothers' nose twitching and flaring as they took in the almost overwhelming smell. For Zakhar, however, the scent of cloves grew stronger as Delilah approached them, telling them there was a reason they'd chosen Blackwater. "Actually, we didn't chose it. Though, our Pakhan might had heard something." Zakhar told her, looking towards the bar curiously, then jerked back to stare at Delilah as she flat-out told them she knew they were something. Kazimir's 'be silent' in Russian stopped him from telling her what they were just to get it out of the way. She knew they were supernatural, what harm would it be to let her know they were bodarks?

He met his elder brothers eyes over his shoulder, and knew he was being serious. Being lower ranking, he simply nodded and kept his mouth shut. Then the noise and bustle of inside the bar was visible from the opened door and Gavriil perked up like a dog hearing a whistle. Then he was gone, disappearing towards the bar eagerly. Lazar and Kazimir followed at a slower pace, both nodding to Delilah their thanks for giving them a heads up about what they were walking into. It was going to be an interesting experience to be surrounded by others like them, in a place they didn't need to hide so carefully.

Following at a slower place, he scanned the crowds curiously and finally spotted Sarah's blonde hair by the bar. Approaching, he peered at the array of different drinks lined along the shelves behind the bar curiously, hoping to see something familiar. Nothing. "What would you recommend?" He asked. Maybe with a bit of alcohol he could get Delilah to tell him what she was; maybe then he could figure her out easier.


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Delilah nodded back at the brothers as they passed her and into the bar. She followed closely behind Zakhar and watched as he took in the environment around them. A few of the other patrons had looked up no doubt sensing the unfamiliar presence. Delilah waved at the few she made eye contact with as she fell in step behind Zakhar. She made a mental note of who she recognized to be human, even in this place it would be practically impossible to escape any human presence. 

Resting her elbow on the counter she leaned sideways next to Zakhar when he asked her what to drink. She tilted her head towards Sarah, who was drumming her fingers on the counter with six shot glasses lined up in front of her. "Tequila!" Sarah announced proudly as she pushed the glasses towards them along with salt and lime wedges. "Bottoms up!" She said quickly before licking salt off her hand, knocking the shot back, biting into her lime and then letting out a hoot. 

Delilah smiled softly as she watched her excited friend, she wasn't starting these boys off easy. She supposed that she didn't have too either. With Sarah distractedly talking to the bartender for another, she muttered something under her breath and waved her hand. The shot glasses slid along the countertop like ducks in a row, each one stopping in front of a designated brother and the last continuing to slide towards her open hand. She followed what Sarah had done earlier and laid out the salt and lime. "To Blackwater." She said raising her glass and tipping it slightly towards them in a cheer before knocking it back the same way her friend had, trying not to gag as it burned down her throat.

"Yes, girl!" Sarah said knocking her fist down on the counter before she took another shot of her own. "Alright if any of you want to lose a game of pool to me I will be over there." She hurried off towards the table where a few others were already playing, and they greeted her with an enthusiasm that matched her own. With the blonde off on her own that left Delilah on her own with the brothers. So much for a tour, Del thought as she looked away from her friend to the men in front of her. Without Sarah to do most of the talking, well in her case flirting,  Delilah was suddenly struck with the fact that she didn't know what to say. How does one properly explain the entire history of Blackwater and what made it so unique? How did she even begin to explain the rules?

Her dark eyes flitted between the brothers before turning to the bartender. "Jed, I'm gonna need a Sazerac, and if you have any imported Russian drinks." Better she just let them ask the questions and try to answer as best she could.

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The shout of 'tequila!' had Gavriil hooting with delight as he snatched up his drink and followed Sarah's lead of salt, drink, then lime. Zakhar watched with amusement, snickering at his brothers scrunched face. "You're going to end up in a ditch if you keep that up." He told him, "again." Gavriil simply flicked him off before slinking off into the crowd with an all to familiar gleam in his eyes. "He'd better not get us into trouble already." Zakhar mused, looking towards Lazar.

"I'm not playing babysitter." Kazimir quickly put in, shooting back his own shot without the aid of salt or lime. He grimaced a bit, but motioned for the bartender for another. It was a family joke that if any of them got into the kind of trouble that would have Andon boxing their ears, they'd call Kazimir to get them out of it. Though gruff and more than willing to chew them out for their stupidity, they all knew he'd come to their aid anyhow. After his second shot, the tallest of the bodarks slipped towards one of the darker, more secluded corners.

"Don't mind either of them. Gavriil is a bit much but harmless; mostly." Lazar assured Delilah, having to raise his naturally soft voice to be heard over the other patrons. "Kazimir will take some time to warm up to the idea of being away from home, but he's soft on the inside." Looking at his own drink Lazar grimaced and didn't touch it, but gave Delilah an apologetic look. "Sorry, I'm not much of a drinker." Zakhar shrugged, licked salt from his hand, then downed his first shot followed by the second in quick succession. The lime helped with the taste a bit, but he still hissed between his teeth at the burn.

"Ack! Yeah, I'm definitely more of a vodka drinker." Zakhar muttered, nose wrinkling. "Which is not just because I'm Russian." He added, winking at Delilah. "Give Kazimir bourbon and he could drink anyone in here under the table. Ilia and Mikhail love rum, but you can't put them in the same room together while their drinking. Last time involved a kiddie pool, BBQ sauce, and a pair of kitchen tongs. We don't talk about it." He ignored Lazar's sigh of disgust at the memory. "Anyway, Jed was it? If you've got any Mamont or Beluga that would be awesome. If not, then frankly I'd be happy with a n Old Fashioned." Leaning against the bar top, he looked expectantly at Lazar, knowing his older brother had questions.

Lazar rolled his eyes and ordered a water. "If I'm understanding your subtle wording about Blackwater, then there's something about this place that is something of a safe haven for those like... us." Supernaturals. Monsters. Lazar looked around the bar after he finished speaking, keen eyes taking in those surrounding them. Zakhar did the same, both of their nostrils flaring to take in the scents that were particularly strong due to the amount of supernatural creatures and the enclosed walls. "What can you tell us about it?"


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At the mention of rum Delilah smiled. "Ah rum, men after my own heart." She said raising her hand and resting it on her chest using her free hand to bring her glass to her lips. She didn't recognize the names he called so she figured those must have been the others that Lazar had alluded too earlier, and from the sound of the story it was probably for the best they weren't here tonight. She took a sip of her drink, which sadly didn't include rum, but she was still a good ole island girl at heart. She nodded to Jed who looked over at her apprehensively for a moment before he turned to get the drinks. Most were wary of newcomers, especially when it seemed like a whole pack came to town.

Raising her glass to her lips once more she took a sip, enjoying the taste of sweet spice warm her before putting her glass down as she watched Jed place the drinks before Zakhar and his remaining brother before moving to the other end of the bar. Turning her attention back to Lazar when he started speaking, she stifled a laugh as she watched the brothers start flaring their nostrils doubt trying to scent out the others in the establishment.

She reached behind her back and pulled the bar stool a little closer to them before pulling herself up on to the seat, they might be here for a while, so she might as well make herself comfortable.

"Well," Delilah started shifting slightly to pulled her twists to one side and lean her elbow back against the counter resting her chin on her hand. "Blackwater rests on an intersection of ley lines, a natural hub of magical and supernatural energy. So naturally, we were all drawn here in the beginning because it was safer." She looked over to the wall behind the bar counter where a bunch of photos hung from the wall, the images ranging from sepia, black and white, and colour of different patrons throughout the town's history. 

"We haven't gotten a lot of new people here in the past thirty odd years." She sighed looking back to them. "A lot have adapted to city life, so they leave." She tried to keep the bitterness out of her voice as she thought of her own sister running out on them. She reached for her glass again and took another gulp.

"We've made a home for ourselves here. We police ourselves. The hunters don't kill us, and we don't reign hell on them." Delilah continued, pushing the thought of her sister out of her mind. She looked at the brothers again, finally asking the question she'd been dying to know since they'd walked up. "So what are you guys? Some kind of wolf? You keep doing that thing with your noses." A dimpled smile spread across her face, her eyes squinting up slightly as she leaned forward a bit dropping her voice, "You know it's not very subtle, right? And I just can't get a read on you guys, don't recognize your energy." 

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Zakhar and Lazar both listened carefully. Rumors had circulated throughout their homeland that there could be places such as this; places where the supernatural energy was strong enough to draw out things that went bump in the night. Not necessarily evil things, but rather the opposite. A safe haven of sorts. Their family had never truly placed much faith in the rumors - however it seemed now that underneath all of their noses their Pakhan, their father, had sought out such a place in case they'd ever need it. Andon might have been aloof and a prickly, but no one could dispute his love of his family.

Turning around to lean his arms against the bar as well, the hair on the back of Zakhar's neck prickled with the knowledge his back was to to so many other supernaturals. If Lazar hadn't been there to watch it he'd have kept his keen gaze on the unknowns in the room. Taking a sip of the drink that had been placed in front of him, he hummed in appreciation then tilted his head to the side to refocus on Delilah's words. There'd been bitterness in her voice when she spoke about people leaving, but knew better than to poke that particular wound. Bodark or not, something about Delilah screamed 'not human' and already he had a feeling she could have a temper if provoked. Neither him nor his leopard were to keen on figuring out what she was the hard way.

The conversation took a bit of a sharp turn at the word 'hunters' and both he and Lazar stiffened. Turing away, Zakhar gritted his teeth against the soft growl trying to force its way out. "There are hunters here?" Lazar asked carefully, keeping his voice bland and neutral. Should have known that. Zakhar thought crossly, taking a gulp of his drink. Where supernaturals lived there'd be hunters. Perhaps the news wouldn't have been as shocking if it wasn't for the fact half of their family were currently being hunted down and they'd had no news for days as to whether the others were alright or not.

Both brothers' morose thoughts were brought to a sharp halt at Delilah's sudden question. A flush turned the tips of Lazar's ears red; the only area on his olive skin light enough to show it. Zakhar simply smirked. "Straight to the point, I like it." He mused, huffing a chuckle. Knowing his place, however, he looked to his older brother for permission to say anything. Lazar seemed to think about it, clearly contemplating to pros and cons. Zakhar raised an eyebrow silently. Someones going to see a giant leopard running around the woods sooner or later. Better to let them know now we're harmless rather than giving someone a heart attack. He tried conveying silently. Lazar finally nodded. 

Pleased, Zakhar turned back to Delilah. "I show you mine, you show me yours?" He asked cheekily, then paused to think. "Although, please don't compare us to wolves. It's insulting." Laughing, he shook his head so she knew he was joking. "We probably do need to watch the nose thing, though. Back home all of our kind did it so we don't really even think about it anymore." Pausing again, he rubbed his chin before finishing his drink.

"We're bodarks. Which, I'm pretty sure this country does not have. Basically we're wereleopards, though we chose the shift instead of it being forced upon us. We're not held by the moons sway," he added sarcastically "nor do we want to kill people in shifted form. In fact, when shifted we're actually pretty much giant teddy bears." Lazar gave a muffled grunt of irritation and Zakhar grinned at him. "You cannot tell me it's not true. We're just, much larger than your average Amur leopard. So if you see a giant cat running through the forest I swear we're not going to hurt anyone - unless they start it."

Giving Delilah a curious look, he purposefully sniffed in her direction with a glint his his eye. "So, what are you? It's familiar in a way but not. Spicy."


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Delilah watched the apprehension on Lazars' face as his younger brother looked at him, gauging him for approval. She wondered for a moment if the men were somehow communicating telepathically with each other. They had spoken in hushed Russian earlier, but the looks they were giving each other now almost caused her to wonder if there might have been more to it.

She looked expectantly at Zakhar when he turned back to her, a small smile playing her lips at the "I'll show you mine if you show yours" comment. She listened carefully as he explained what they were. In all her years, and her studies she could definitely say that she had never heard of that particular species of shapeshifter. She'd never considered how different other countries supernaturals could be, but she was definitely looking forward to one day seeing these big cats in action.

When Zakhar sniffed in her direction again she raised a slender eyebrow. "Spicy?" Del repeated smiling slightly as she raised her glass to lips and finished off her drink. "Now, that's one I've never gotten before. Herbal, definitely. A few times I've gotten deathly, but spicy is just so much nicer."

Putting the glass back down on the table she signaled to the bartender for another. "I'm a witch." She said finally, looking back at the two before her. "A dark witch, technically? The whole light and dark thing is so trivial, only humans could dumb it down to that." She shrugged before shifting in her seat again and continuing, "I have power over shadows, and I can communicate with the dead. My mother never taught me how to any of the cooler things with these powers though. So the most I can do is move things and conjure fire. I'm also excellent at crafting wards, poisons, hexes, and love potions." She added with a wink.

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Zakhar made a curious noise, head tipping slightly to the side as he appraised the woman, the witch, that stood beside of him. Lazar was shifting uncomfortably, but Zakhar was simply intrigued. Witch's were rare in Russia, mostly because they were persecuted harder than most supernatural due to perceived notions that witches were particularly evil. To actually meet one, drink with one, was one of the more exciting events of the last year for the bodark.

Continuing to listen, Zakhar hummed curiously. "Yeah, spicy. To my nose, and my cats nose you smell like cinnamon and cloves mostly, mixed with something I can't identify." He shrugged, as if saying so aloud wasn't odd. Lazar shot him a 'really' look. Realizing suddenly that it might have come off as a little to personal, he scratched his chin and looked around to locate his brothers. Gavriil was by the pool table, of course, and Kazimir had disappeared. "Sorry, I hope that wasn't to weird to say. Bodark's tend to use scent as much as sight." Huffing softly, he shook his head.

"Out of curiosity, but how does it work to talk to the dead?" He asked, motioning to Jed for another drink. "I've never actually talked to a witch; your kind is almost extinct in my homeland. Or," pausing, he watched the bartender for a moment as he made his drink, "is that something secretive? From what I've heard witches tend to keep such information between yourselves." Taking a sip of the drink placed in front of him, he caught Lazar's gaze over the top of Delilah's head and nodded at his brothers subtle head shake. The message was clear, don't pry.

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((Yo no worries about taking so long to post, I totally get it my life has been busy too. Sorry I took so long, I kind of didn't give you much to work with so sorry again lol))

Delilah raised an eyebrow as he went on about her spicy scent, trying to hide her smile when she saw Lazard give his younger brother a pointed look. Oh, these guys are going to be fun, she thought as she sipped on her drink once more as Zakhar busied himself looking away from her, trying to recover from that fact that he no doubt told her way more about her own scent that he probably should have.

She was a bit startled at the mention of the extinction of her kind in his home country, they must have gone harder there than they did in all of Salem. Then again the number of human fatalities there were on par with witch deaths, she shuddered internally at the thought of the poor humans who might have gotten swept up in the hysteria there.

Placing her glass down on the table again she twirled it in place as she considered her next words. Witches were in fact fiercely private among the other supernaturals. The element of mystery helped keep them safe from the other more physically powerful supers and it also kept people from prying in fear of retribution. Even among their kind, and even within covens they could still be just as withholding. For all their solidarity with each other, they still refused to share spells or teach more advanced magic to their colleagues. 

"Talking to the dead isn't that hard." She said eventually looking back up at him. "Ghosts are the easiest, if they're in the room I could talk to them the same way I talk you. To talk to someone who is no longer in this realm though is entirely different. They have to be summoned through a special ritual, but sometimes you don't always get the one you're looking for or they just won't ever show." She said the last part with a sigh. Delilah had her fair share of failed summonings, most of her family members refused to talk to her, even in death they keep their secrets. 

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