In the Light of the Moon

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11:41pm Jun 21 2016

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Tried to make the title sound nice to make up for the fact that we have nada.

Anyways, this is for me and the lovely Maybell. Reunited after so many years~

So what we got for a plot so far is witches or other magic people in a small town, where mysterious deaths start happening, and it turns out to be a werewolf. And i guess we'll have to work together and put a stop to the fiend before it infects more people and destroys the whole town.

And thats about it. So i guess we'll figure it out as we go. All we gotta do i make our bios :3

Its been a while but im back~ If youre an old RP buddy hit me up Id love to reconnect.

12:31am Jun 22 2016 (last edited on 12:33am Jun 22 2016)

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Character Name: May

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human, Witch

Age: 21

General Appearance: 5'6", Fluffy brown hair down to the middle of her back, fairly pale, dark brown eyes, thin (but not unhealthy), wears a lot of blue

Strengths: Good at conjuring magic (Making objects appear, perform as she wants as long as she's focused), decent at levitation/manipulation of objects, flying; Half decent artist, good at making friends, Optimistic, Strongheadded

Weaknesses: Bollux at most other types of magic, potions, etc; Clumsy, anxious, Bad at keeping in contact with those who drift away, Doesn't know when to give up (in situations where backing down and rethinking things is the best option), stubborn, emotional

Current Goal/Purpose: To discover who's behind the gruesome murders in her town; To make (and keep) friends

Fears: Roaches, the unknown, loneliness, harm coming to those she loves

General Personality: Seemingly always cheerful to anyone who's never seen her truly stressed/upset, optimistic, Loyal to a fault, trusting

Inner Personality: Naive, full of anxieties and doubt, grows IMMEDIATELY lonely if she isn't around someone, emotional, gets upset easily, constantly worries about those she cares about

More: Hasn't had much luck making friends lately, only really has her brother, Zane for company.

Was picked on when she was younger for various reasons; frequently trusted people and was punished for it. This is the root of much of her self-consciousness and anxiety, though she still is super optimistic and always tries to see the best in others.


Character Name: Zane

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human, Witch (warlock/wizard?)

Age: 23

General Appearance: 6'2", fluffy average-length Black hair, broad shoulders, fit but not overly muscular, olive complexion, emerald green eyes, typically wears black, gor grey, with occasional hints of red or purple

Strengths: Potions, combat (magical and physical), flying, illusion magic; Strong, graceful, protective, organized, responsible, VERY protective of May

Weaknesses: Average at most magics that aren't useful in a fight, Short temper (especially when it comes to protecting his sister), Bad at talking to people/coming across well (easily misunderstood), tends to be reclusive as he doesn't trust others, pessimistic, negative, cynical, bad at holding a conversation even with May

Current Goal/Purpose: To protect May, prevent her from experiencing any more pain, to guarantee the both of them a quiet, happy life.

Fears: May getting hurt, people, dying and leaving his sister behind (though death itself doesn't scare him, he doesn't want May to be lonely)

General Personality: Quiet, negative, pessamist, rough, blunt, crude

Inner Personality: Fiercely protective of May, loving, but his big heart has been jaded by all the people that hurt his sister when they were younger; never wants to see her cry again, secretly sorta lonely himself, but is ok with that if it means he won't let in someone who would turn around and hurt May.

More: Had friends when he was younger, but found out they were bullying May, and she hadn't said anything. He beat the heck out of them when he found out, and from then on, kept his distance from others.


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((I dunno why it takes me like ten years to make bios.))

Character Name: Delilah Devereaux-King

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human, Witch

Age: 22

General Appearance: Delilah is a relatively tall girl standing at a height of 5'9''. She has umber hair that falls in curls past her shoulders, though she normally has it loosely braided to the side. Her skin is a warm, tawny beige, that is covered with several tattoos meant to ward of evil spirits. The girl seems to either have a resting sad face or a scowl. Other than that, she is relatively pretty with dark brown eyes framed by long lashes, and has a straight nose that fits her face. 

She often dresses in very muted colours like greys and blacks, and chooses to wear loose fitting clothing, opting for chunky cardigans and sweaters. Her legs are often clad in dark skinny jeans and on her feet black combat boots. She often accessories with long dangling crystal necklaces and charms, as well as multiple rings on her fingers.

Strengths: Del has pretty much mastered simple house magic like lighting candles without matches, turning the tv off and on without a remote, and creating simple potions and little charms. But her other powers are very much shadow based. She can communicate with spirits but can't raise the dead. She can manipulate the shadows around her so she can't be seen as well as manipulate the temperature around her immediate areas. She also very sensitive to the changes in atmosphere and magic energy.

Weaknesses: Her shadow powers are pretty much useless during the day, and she has no idea is she can weaponize the shadows. She sees ghosts constantly, and sometimes has a hard time differentiating between the living and the dead, making her very withdrawn and quiet. She gives up very easily which is probably why she doesn't have a lot of friends and can't keep stable relationships. Because of her sensitivity to magic and atmosphere she can become overwhelmed and she gets headaches.

Current Goal/Purpose: For completely selfish reasons she wants to know whats happening, the spirits are restless and they are annoying her.

Fears: Can't stand large crowds, hates heights, not being able to distinguish the living from the dead, and being constantly harassed by the dead

General Personality: Ever since she was a child, Del has always been a rather quiet girl, preferring to keep to herself. She is extremely independent, and she hates relying on other people preferring to do everything on her own. She could be on fire and she would not ask anyone to help put out the flames. She grew up having to depend on herself and that mentality has stuck. Thus, she often comes across as cold and uncaring because she keeps everyone at an arms length.

She is slow to trust, often believing that people are using her for their own means. Which is understandable considering she grew up with ghosts constantly bothering her and asking for help. She also has few friends and cannot keep a stable relationship. Whenever things get too serious she bolts. She cannot commit herself to another person much less believe that another person could commit themselves to her, so she leaves before they can.

More: She works in a bookstore in town (idk what else to write man)

- - - -

Character Name: Jethro Reagan Zhang 

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Age: 26

General AppearanceJethro is a tall guy standing at a height of 6'3''. He's a good looking guy giving off that whole bad boy vibe, though once he opens that mouth all thoughts of attractiveness goes away. He is a stern faced guy with jet black hair, straight eyebrows and stubbly van dyke beard. His monolided eyes are brown, bordering on hazel depending on the lighting and framed by a fringe of dark eyelashes. His mouth is normally impassive but sometimes twists up into grin (or sneer depending on who you ask) which reveals white teeth and deep dimples. Due to the fact that he's a cop, he's extremely fit with broad shoulders and muscled arms. He also has a tattoo of a chinese dragon snaking up his right forearm. When he's not in uniform he's a leather jacket, plain t-shirt and jeans kinda guy, having no set style others than the basics. He owns the same shirt in various different colours, and the same goes for jeans



Current Goal/Purpose: He wants to find out what is killing people in his town


General Personality: Now Jethro isn't what most would call nice. Sure he has his moments, but that will be quickly followed by something mean. He is the type of boy who will refuse to call a girl by her name, most likely giving her an annoying nick name or calling her a different name that starts with the same letter. He is a rather easily irritated, violent guy, not to mention head-strong. He will never back down from a fight even if the best option is to. He tells thing exactly like it is, even if he comes across as rude or mean. He's a hard nosed cop, not one to do things by the book, which often gets him in trouble. Of course is also a playful side to him. He can be rather coy at times, not to mention he makes inuendos and is the first the drop sexual jokes or pick up on them. Sure he may come across as a jerk, but those who decide to stick around tend to see his true colours. He really is a loyal friend, helping you when you fall, or fighting the guy who pushed you down. And although most may never see it, seeing as it is a rare thing indeed, Jethro has a soft side to him. Although he hates tears, he will be the first to ask the ever so annoying question 'Are you alright?' even though you clearly are not. And he will be your shoulder to cry on. And although its unbelievable, the boy loves kids, even though he calls them little brats and will swear that he hates them till he's blue in the face, he does. He likes small animals and children, he has some sort of paternal instinct to protect. ((i'll edit this nonsense later))

More: he's one of the town deputies

((Honestly im so lazy I'll finish this later))

Its been a while but im back~ If youre an old RP buddy hit me up Id love to reconnect.
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