Darkness (An open species role play)

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Just about anyone else would have been fine however the fact that the obnoxious Liam was now going to be traveling with them was perhaps the worst news the mage could have faced. Creus did not particularly care for the whole save the world thing however he had been looking forward to leaving for the exact reason of getting away from that chatterbox. After spending the majority of his life alone he was used to the peaceful bliss of silence. When traveling even Blitz was pretty quiet, though the wolf did get exited and vocal on occasion it was tolerable, even cute. It also didn't go on for hours on end and didn't stop. Was he going to be able to survive this trip or was his head going to explode?

The only placating thought was the possibility that Liam will hopefully settle down during the trip and quiet down. Hopefully. Creus didn't mind simple conversations but the kid going on and on about honor and knighthood was one hundred percent obnoxious. The look of dismay on his face was quite obvious when he heard this bit of news but Liam merely giggled like a happy child when he saw. For the mage this was rather disquieting.

As for the other new guy Creus really wasn't sure what to make of him, he sounded like a noble but something about him seemed a bit odd. There was something strangely alluring about his presence, it gave the naturally weary mage mixed feelings. He decided immediately to be careful around this guy, at least until he figured him out.

"Welcome to the group I guess..." Creus said trailing off as Blitz went over to greet the newest member of their group. The wolf paid little attention to Liam, perhaps do to meeting him before. Instead he snuffled all around Fernleigh, wagging his tail as he did so and shoving his nose against random places. Oddly the wolf seemed just a tad confused as well but unconcerned. "Thats Blitz, he won't harm you unless you try to harm him or myself. I'm Creus..."

Anything else that the mage thief might have said was quickly cut off when Liam suddenly let out a delighted squeal and shouted "Stormdancer!" It was so loud Creus couldn't help but flinch as Liam darted past him and greeted a small light dapple grey mare being led out by a stable boy. The mare greeted him with a gentle snort. Following the mare where several other horses all of which looked surprisingly good despite the poor treatment the people at the castle had offered them. Perhaps they did not care for the people that where dragged through the portal but this made it rather clear that they cared about their mission.

One by one the stable boys distributed the horses to each person, placing the reins of an elegant and strongly built grulla gelding in Zakhars hands, the horse appeared to be of the Andalusian breed or whatever its likeness was in this world.  The next horse was slightly heavier boned a glossy pitch black in color with fluff on his fetlocks and gentle eyes, he appeared similar to the friesian horse breed in his world however while larger in frame than Zakhars horse he wasn't quite as bulky as the purebred friesian which probably served to make the horse better suited for long distant travel.

Another horse was led out and the shy stable boy led it near Kuro and then stopped. "H-his majesty wasn't sure if you needed a horse or not t-two, you c-can have t-this one if you want o-or I can take it back." The boy stuttered nervously as another led a black horse with three white stockings and a slightly shorter white sock on his left front and white blaze and snip down his face. The horse was built like a warmblood, though a bit lighter boned over all. It was perhaps a warmblood crossed with a lighter racing breed. All the horses where rather striking in appearance and had excellent conformation.

The last of the horses had caught Creus's eye with its striking black and white coloration and when its reins where handed over to him the mage gladly took them. The stable boys all seemed rather nervous, perhaps shy and they took off as soon as they where able too, leaving them alone with their horses.

Creus took a few minutes to get to know his horse, the gelding seem very gentle and pliant. This horse personality wise was the exact opposite of what he was used too. Shiro, his horse back in his own world was extremely aggressive to the point of being dangerous to just about anyone other than him. Even then Creus had been both bitten and kicked by the horse on multiple occasions. The only reason why he kept the horse around was that he couldn't bear the thought of what would happen to the horse if he ended up in someone else's hands.
Chances where Shiro's aggressive behavior would only serve to get him sent to a slaughter house. The stallion was a desert horse, caught in the wild and transported north by men who did not know how to handle a wild animal and given to a lord who was just as bad. Creus has witnessed the man attempting to beat Shiro into submission in town and later when he saw them camped out on a trail he had stolen the horse out of pity. He wanted to get the animal away from its abusive owner and failed to realize just how bad people has screwed that horse up.

Over the years he had been able to earn the horses trust and loyalty and having a good, nimble endurance horse made hunters fairly easy.  That alone made it worth putting up with the horses nasty demeanor. Now as he stood in front of this gorgeous new horse, he couldn't help but make comparisons and wonder if Shiro was okay. The stallion was hardy and did fine being on his own for days at a time but would he be okay for such a long period of time? Would he be able to find him when he got back or would Shiro revert back to his wild state after being alone for a long time. How long would this journey take?

His thoughts where interrupted by Liam as the kind mounted his horse. "Are you all just going to stand there gawking or are we going to get this sweet new adventure started?" The chirped cheerfully causing a irritated sigh to escape the mage as he tied his back to his horses saddle and mounted as well. The gelding stood perfectly still and waited patiently for his command, something Creus was going to have to get used to. Shiro would have been dancing and raring to go.

"Yes, lets go." Creus stated simply feeling more reluctant than ever as glanced at his comrades. Obviously the people from this world could ride horses and he came from a world that had horses as well, Kuro had his dragon form so he probably didn't need to worry but what about Zakhar. Did he know how to ride? He didn't voice this thought as he nudged the black and white gelding into a walk. Even if he didn't horses where heard animals in nature, his horse would surely follow the rest. His horse compliantly stepped through the castles gates, though the gelding did sidestep nervously when Blitz got close. The horse was clearly weary of the wolf unlike Shiro but he didn't put up too much of a fuss. Likely within a few days the horse would be fine with the wolf around.

Once they where outside the gate, before anyone took off Liam stopped them all urging his mare out in front and blocking their path. "Hey, before we go I just wanted to be clear on one thing. This is not something welcomed in the castle, they don't really like this sort of thing so I kept quiet about it. I'm gay and you lot are incredibly handsome. I cannot believe I got so lucky as to get to travel with so a many hot men. So I would like to apologize in advance for any flirting I might do, kay? If you all are against that speak up now and I will try to refrain from doing so though I won't make any guarantees."

The usually obnoxiously cheerful Liam suddenly seemed quite serious as he spoke, as if he put a halt to their journey before it even got started for a very serious matter. His words fell well short of a truly serious matter. Creus was a loner and that kind of thing was not something he was familiar with other than the occasional advance of a passer by which he usually ignored. Traveling with someone as obnoxious as Liam whom openly admitted to trying to hit on them was indeed worrisome. So when the kid made the offer to try and hold back if they where uncomfortable with it he immediately spoke up. "Please leave me alone." The mage said automatically, his tone deadpan.

"Well of course you would say that now wouldn't you? I know I annoy you." Liam responded completely unruffled by the mages behavior. "Does that mean you don't like other guys or you just don't like me? Cause I know you don't like me."

"Lets get going." Creus said dryly choosing not to dignify Liam with an answer as he attempted to guide his horse around the kid.

"Oh, won't answer huh? I guess this mean you do like guys right, am I right?" Liam pressed, glancing slyly at the others. "What, we might as well ,make things clear now? We are going to be spending a lot of time getting to know eachother."

"Shut up, this is not some romantic expedition, we are here for a purpose. That purpose is to save this country so we can go home." Creus's irritation leaked heavily from his voice but he didn't deny Liam's questions, instead he simply tried to redirect them by reminding him what they where here for.

"Ah-hah, you won't deny it will you because you do in fact like other guys too right?! Don't worry, I promise I'll leave you alone but I'm not going to stop pestering you until I get an answer from you!"

"Why does it matter to you?" Creus asked glaring daggers at Liam. How could this kid be so annoying? Would it be a bad thing if he made sure the kid took a nice long nap under a tree somewhere in the forest while they continued on without him? That thought was seriously tempting.

"I promise I won't bother you if you answer, what if one of the other guys hear wants to know?" The promise of being left alone was certainly tempting but Creus failed to see what this had to do with anyone else. They would after all go back to their home world in the end, it wasn't likely that they would encounter each other ever again which currently was alright with him.

"What does it matter? We are all going back to our separate worlds in the end." The mage retorted, again not quite relenting to Liams questioning though he absolutely did want it to end. This whole thing was very irritating and quite tiresome as well, the truth was he never even thought about things like that before. It was hard enough just trying to survive in his world, romance not something he had even considered.

"Why does it matter? Well good bonds can absolutely transcend worlds and well we actually have the ability to do it here so even after words we can come visit you guys and even let you guys visit each other. They said your a magic user right? I bet if I ask the king nicely enough he will give you the information required make portals!" Liam gleefully didn't give an inch to Creus's excuses and attempts to put off the conversation.

"Fine, I don't know okay? I live in a world where magic users are tortured and burned alive at a stake. My kind has been hunted to near extinction, I have not seen another mage in ten years and the last one I met was killed days later. In order to survive I and if there are any like me still alive avoid normal humans as much as possible. Its hard enough just trying to survive I have never had the time or a chance to consider such things. Are you happy now?" The mage finally snapped and rode past Liam, his words finally silencing the kid.

"Wow, well I suppose that explains this but still if your worlds like that than why not take the time to find that out for yourself while your here? I know I'm out of the question by why not give someone else a chance? Besides me what do you think of the others? Do they look good, attractive even? Do ya like looking at a good looking guy? If so the answer is right there!" Liam called after Creus grinning triumphantly as he swore he saw the mages face flush slightly in response. Liam than sheepishly glanced at the others. "I guess I probably went a little too far with that one. At least I got an answer of sorts though, did y'all see his face flush when I asked him that. It was awfully cute but clearly I got no shot at him, I'm pretty sure he'd drop me off a cliff somewhere if he could. Anyway, lets all get along well okay? Oh and did I tell you all about the honorable knights code?"

(Note; A blaze and snip, stockings and socks are all names of markings on a horse. Stockings are a marking that go from the top of a horses hoof up to its knees or close to the knees, a sock is a marking that goes up just past the horses ankle. A blaze is a white stripe down the horse face and a snip is a white marking on a horses nose. Fetlock is a term for ankles)


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Zakhar ::

It was by sight rather than sound that Zakhar realized their newest companion was among them; only because he'd been side-eying the door. A bit shorter than Zakhar, the newcomer was lithe and almost willowy, with long, oddly tinted hair. Something about him was inhuman, though Zakhar couldn’t put his finger on what, exactly. Magic and the supernatural stuff was still so far out of his wheel-house that at times he still had trouble believing everything that was happening. As for this new person, a part of him was inexplicably drawn to the guy while the more rational part of Zakhar knew he shouldn’t be. It was almost like an unnatural magnetic pull. Weary and put off, Zakhar wrinkled his nose in distaste of the feeling and took a couple of steps away so that Kuro was between them. 

The newcomer, Fernleigh, introduced himself and let them know he would be joining them. Scowling at that new bit of information, and the snobbish air he gave off, Zakhar felt Illium’s spines start to rise as well. In the few days of downtime they’d had, Zakhar’d studied the little beast and one of his realizations was that Illium was highly attuned to Zakhar’s emotions and reacted accordingly. “Easy.” He murmured, scratching Illium’s chin as he continued to eye Fernleigh. Blitz appeared unconcerned, though Creus seemed just as weary as Zakhar felt. For once, it appeared they were in agreement..

“Guess I’m next. I’m Zakhar and this little guy is Illium.” He mused, motioning with his head towards the Farxal. “Unlike Blitz, he probably will harm you.” Smirking a bit, Zakhar felt Illium lean forward a bit to get a better look before sneezing, as if Fernleigh’s scent offended him. His amusement over the fact the wolf was less aggressive than his tiny ferret-beast was shattered by Liam’s gleeful shout. “Christ!” He huffed, rubbing at his ear as he glared down towards the tiny man-child. Liam was greeting a small, grey dappled horse, apparently just as pleased as Thiago was to see the hoofed cretin. “Oh yeah, and the beast-man down there is Thiago. None of us really know what’s up with him other than he’s scared of his own shadow.” 

Deciding he’d had enough of the strange feeling, Zakhar followed after Creus and Liam. Of course, as he got close enough one of the twitchy looking stable boys approached him with a large, grulla horse’s reins held out for him to take. “Uh, I don’t wan-” Before he could explain that ‘no, he did not want the beast’ the boy all but threw the reins at him and fled. “Er,” he eye-balled the horse, who snorted and threw its head in agitation. Clearly, it was just as displeased to be near Zakhar as he was it. “Okay, Elmer, settle down.” He growled out, taking hold of its bridle instead of the reins so he’d have a bit more control. 

It was a good looking horse, tall and broad, though not heavy. Strong enough to carry him and his stuff without any problem, though obviously it wouldn’t be as fast as Creus’ or Thiago’s. Which suited Zakhar fine, considering he wasn’t the best rider. In fact, he wasn’t a fan of horses at all. They were useful, sure, but big; if they didn’t want to do something they weren’t going to do it and whoever was in their paths had better move. He’d been forced to ride before and luckily he wasn’t as hopeless on one as Kazimir, but still pretty awkward. Knowing he had no choice, however, Zakhar patted the geldings neck as he moved to the side so he could put his packs in the correct places. 

The horse sidestepped and he cursed, but remembered at the last second not to pull on the reins and tick it off. “Come on buddy, we’ve got to work together or the rest of this trip is going to suck for the both of us.” He complained quietly, running his hands along the irritated geldings muzzle. It snorted, but held still long enough for him to inelegantly climb into the saddle. “My gravestone is going to say ‘He didn’t want to ride the damned horse.’” Attempting to remember what he knew about riding, he clicked his tongue and the gelding began following after Creus’ black and white horse without any fuss. “Oh, him you like.” 

Shifting uncomfortably in the saddle, Zakhar knew he was going to be sore as all get out by the time they stopped for the night. How Thiago, with his mangled legs and tail seemed so at ease, happy even, to be riding was a mystery. Of course, before they got very far out of the gate Liam stopped them by blocking the path with his mare. Even more startling was Liam’s blatant speech. Barely stifling a laugh, because the kid had guts to flat out state that, Zakhar leaned his forearms on the saddle horn and attempted to get a look at Creus’ face. Because out of all of them it would be the stoic mage who’d likely have the biggest issue with it. Unless Fernleigh was a prudish and ‘noble’ as he sounded. 

Unable to keep from grinning wickedly at the wizards quick rebuttal, Zakhar raised an eyebrow at Liam’s unwillingness to let the subject go and leave poor Creus alone. After all, what did it really matter if the mage liked dudes or not? He obviously didn't like Liam, like that or in any other way. Creus was right about one thing, this mission was important so they could go home rather than a long, romantic getaway. 

"I promise I won't bother you if you answer, what if one of the other guys hear wants to know?"

“I assure you, I don’t care one way or the other” Zakhar deadpanned, “as long as we get this done.” At Liam’s explanation of them being able to visit one another after through portal, he gaped in obvious horror. “Please don’t ever show up in my world with your magic and monsters. You’ll throw us into freakin’ chaos and mass panic.” Lost in his thoughts about the consequences of such things, Zakhar only caught the tail end of Creus’ explanation. 

At Liam’s last pot-shot at the mage, he could not help but roll his eyes and nudge his gelding forward. “You might want to leave him alone for a bit, or you might end up waking up tomorrow as a fish...or something worse.” He told Liam as he passed. “And for the love of who or whatever you consider holy, don’t flirt with me. I’d feel like a cradle-robber.” He added, noting an uncomfortable looking Thiago passing them by to catch up with the mage. At the mention of the knights code, Zakhar winced and urged the gelding after the others. “That kid is a talking migraine.”


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As the light faded from his vision he found himself on a road much more coarse than the one he’d been traveling, after falling with a loud ‘thud’ noise and making an irritated groan. The grass was green and slightly spiky, like a pile of dandelion leaves. The sky was weirder than he could think of, it looked marbled in some areas and pitch black in others, the parts that weren’t, were just regular though. In this moment he realized something that he couldn’t explain, it was perfectly sunny that day, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for miles. 

Dusting himself off he looked around cautiously in the unfamiliar territory, at this point he wanted to scream in frustration as he looked for life. He turned to look behind him, only to find a giant lion staring at him, he paused and stopped breathing for a while out of shock,”Wh- What in the name of sweet mother hobbit!”,the lion stared before replying,”I am Fotiá.” As one could imagine he simply was too shocked to reply,”It would appear we are bound together by some accursed ritual or spell. Meaning, I, a beautiful Chimera will now be associating with you until all is said and done.”, the beast spoke now sitting next to him with her wings slightly flapping. He stared for a minute to realize she had wings, scales, and... two more heads, neither were lions. They were a goat and a snake.. Creepy. ”Okay, so um, what needs to be done?”,he asked turning to the strange hybrid, she looked at him and shrugged,”I don’t know, but if you ever need anything lemme know.” He knodded and got back up, whatever they needed to do they needed to do it now. He immediately began to walk looking for more human life. 

However, as he begun to tread on the dirt road he suddenly noticed the sound of horses and obnoxiously loud conversation around ten miles away. His ears perked and his tail twitched,’Finally! Someone who can, hopefully, answer my questions!’, he thought as he instantaneously bolted towards the noise with a slightly wagging tail and shouting. “Hey! Hey!” And the Chimera began to jog next to him.

He ran towards the people without a second thought, forgetting almost everything that had just happened. He continued running and noticed one of them was wearing armor,”Excuse Me! Kind Knight! Mr. Knight, Sir!” He was now slowing as he approached them and began waving his hand to signal for help. He stuck his tongue out a little from the run and strode carefully to the knight, “I’m sorry dear knight, I’m sure you were off on an important quest, but I must ask... um, What is this place?” He looked back and forth, looking for an answer from anyone at this point. He even turned and whimpered to the wolf next to one of the other strange travelers at some point. 

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"Eh, wake up as a fish? Would I be a manmaid or something? Is that  thing or would that be like  a merman or something because that would be totally cool. I've heard stories of them you know, apparently they are ghastly creature who can rob a sailor of his soul or some mumbo jumbo like that. Of course there not real but who knows what an outsiders magic can do. Don't worry though, if Creus does turn me into one of those I promise I won't eat anyone souls here. Well....maybe a quick nibble to see what they taste like. I wonder, are they divided up by flavors like the more bitter your life is the more bitter your soul tastes? Therefore eating your guys's soul is probably out of the question since they are probably bitter or maybe hot'n spicy depending on what kind of lives you've lived. Hey have you had a boyfriend, girlfriend, Have any of you gone on a date before? Oh, do you have a significant other that you left behind? Children maybe, that would be so sad robbing a child of their father but don't worry we should get y'all back home soon."

Despite the fact that he was probably annoying the crap out of everyone Liam continued to chatter away cheerfully, winking purposely at Zahkar when he mentioned 'hot'n spicy.' "Ya know. I had a boyfriend for awhile but for some reason he stayed with me for a whole year before he requested to be transferred to another guard post outside the city. I don't know why, he got better pay staying in the castle but I guess he wanted a change of scenery. I had two other boyfriends but they all ended up getting transferred out as well. I really miss them, I had so much fun sparring with them but I always won so they lost interest after awhile. I'm actually really good at fighting you know, they call me a weapons master. I can use swords, daggers and  a bow really well, I'm okay with a spear but they wouldn't custom make one to fit my size so I will never know my true potential with them. The traditional ones are just to big for a short guy like me."

"Also what do you mean by cradle robber? I've probably had more experience dating than all of you. Heck, I'm probably older than some of you all, don't let my youthful appearance fool you. I'm actually twenty four years young, so how old are you all? Come on tell meee!" The little knight squire continued chatter away mercilessly. He even went as far as to ride up next to Zakhar and tried to reach over and poke him which was made a bit awkward with the size difference between him and his little mare and Zahkar and his larger gelding.  "What about the rest of you all? I don't wanna be the one cradle robbing here. Creus, Kuro, Thiago, new guy? How old are you all? Your going to tell me right? I have to know, I gotta know if I am going to hit on underage guys because thats not right."

"I'm twenty-three and if you try hitting on me I may accidentally hit you with a spell." Creus finally stated dryly as he saw Liam coming for him next, tendrils of blue light surrounding his right hand which he held up in warning. The light itself was not a spell, it was just physical manifestation of the mages magical energy and harmless however it had the desired effect, Liam saw this, his eyes widened and he backed off.

"Wait, wait I don't wanna actually wake up as a fish! I am not even that good of a swimmer! If I had to swim for the rest of my life than I would surely drown. Please don't turn me into a fishman, pretty pleeeaase! You-" Instead of taking the hint and quieting down Laim grew even more obnoxiously loud as he started to panic.

"Then you best shut up, fish man!" The mage snapped the tendrils of blue light suddenly bursting into a blue flame like substance that engulfed his arm. Again it was just a physical manifestation of magic and harmless despite its appearance, Creus had simply thrown a bit more energy into the manifestation causing the writhing light tendrils to grow and fuse. He had a mischievous and triumphant gleam in his eyes once he realized that he could possible scare Liam into obedience. Of course he couldn't actually turn Liam into a fish or anything of the sort, if there was such magic it did not exist on his world. That or he had never heard of it but Liam didn't know that.

Liam pailed at this and opened and closed his mouth several times silently before he backed of and turned his attention back to the others. "He's so mean! My first boyfriend ended up being mean like him too, why are some people mean to me? What did I do wrong? I'm only just a little annoying, why are people so mean!"  Liam probably would have continued to pout but another glare from Creus finally silenced him, temporarily at least.

Once Liam finally quieted down Creus let out a soft sigh or relief and rubbed his temples. He was grateful for finally shutting the kid up but dealing with him was still mentally exhausting. Unfortunately the chance to ride in peace and study the scenery of this new world didn't last more than a few seconds before his horse snorted and threw its head, shying away from a massive shadow that suddenly appeared over head.

"Oh, great." Creus muttered as recognized the shape of the shadow, it belonged to that beast he was supposedly bonded to, the one who was supposed to help them in this quest but he hadn't seen in days. Had the dragon finally decided to join them? He had just finally figured out how to deal with Liam and now Raizel shows up? How unlucky could he get?

"I'm here for something else. The king wants two of you to return."

The dragons voice invaded the mage thief's mind,  its forceful and fearsome magic sending a shutter down Creus's back. Having a dragon forcefully project its thoughts into his head felt like an invasion of privacy and while it didn't quite hurt the power backing the voice was stifling and uncomfortable. It was like getting struck by an invisible force, a feeling he doubted he would ever get used to.

"What do you mean, we just left. Why didn't he say something then?"  Creus asked out loud as the dragon grew closer but no answer was given as it suddenly dove down and snatched the new guy, his horse, Kuro and his beast up and flew away without another word. "Are you going to bring them back?" Again, no answer.

"Uh, well I guess the king wanted them for something and sent the dragon to pick them up?" The mage said somewhat sheepishly as he glanced back at the remaining crew.   He hoped fervently that whatever this was it would be quick. Kuro seemed decent and the other guy had at least been relatively quiet for what little he saw of him which as far as he was concerned was far better than what he was left with.

"Wait, wait dragon take me with you! I don't want to stay here with these guys!" Creus called after the dragon trying to urge his horse to follow as he tried to wave the beast down however the dragon did not acknowledge him and his horse was less than willing to cooperate. "Well damn, it was worth a try I guess."

The excitement didn't end there either, within minutes of the dragon leaving some other new guy showed up. This one appeared to be some sort of wolf-man? He even whimpered to Blitz whom stared at him in confusion. "Um, Thiago is this your long lost brother or something?" Who was this knight the wolf guy was referring to?  Liam?

Even Liam seemed rather thrown off by the sudden turn of events. "What is this place? We are near the kings castle in the capital Kasdonia. Are you lost? Or...wait? Do you know the name Ekoris? Cause thats the world we are in now. Did you just suddenly appear here? Did the king summon another outsider?"


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Aaron looked side to side and they finally spoke, one said something about brothers, and the other gave him more questions instead of answers,’well that’s rather weird considering I’m the one lost’, he thought to himself. He listened to the first thing he said before getting swarmed with questions. Okay I’m somewhere named Katsidonia or something, I’ve never heard of that. Nevertheless he had the idea that maybe answering his questions will answer his own.” Yeah, actually I’m super lost. Hm? Uh, no I’ve never heard of Eko-“, before he got to finish his answer what the man had said made him panic. “Another World?!”

He took deep breaths and answered the next questions with a fake calmness,” Yes, I appeared after seeing a light of some kind. I don’t know about that king stuff though.” He began panting again, all this shock was tiring him out. He managed to compose himself realizing how rude this must all seem,”Oh! I’m very sorry, I haven’t even introduced myself! My name is Aaron. I’m a werewolf, and this is Fotiá.” He gestured towards the Chimera behind him who gently bowed her head in greeting. 

Aaron turned his head to the other ones as well, he smiled sweetly and wagged his tail, he was more comfortable around people,”Hi.”, he greeted with a happy tone considering everything. He turned back to the one he assumed was the leader,” Mr. Knight could you tell me how to get back to my world? I know I’m asking a lot for a stranger, but seeing as I’m not from this world, & I don’t know anything..”. He stood there for second and thought whether or not it was okay to ask. “I’d also appreciate some food.” He blushed slightly realizing how pathetically cheap he seemed. 

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Rolling his eyes hard enough to hurt, Zakhar refrained from letting go of his geldings reins to attempt to rub his temples. He just knew the beast he was sitting on was just waiting for the right moment to buck him off. Instead, the human grimaced as Liam continued talking. "I don't even think duct tape would work for you." Zakhar muttered, though was ignored. Not that anyone here understood the reference anyway. At least, he figured, with Liam yapping away it gave him something to focus on rather than the twinging in his lower back that came with riding a horse and being unfamiliar with the activity.

At the hot'n spicy comment, Zakhar snorted inelegantly. "You don't even know the half of it kid." Which was exactly why the entire conversation was taking an awkward turn. Liam, though 24, still looked little more than a child - which ranked extremely high on the creepiness scale when it came to the entire thing.  "Your soul probably tastes like a Monster; sickly sweet with enough sugar to give someone one hell of a sugar rush. You need to slow down." Zakhar added. From the corner of his eye he could see Thiago's eyebrows raised in question. He could almost hear the beastman's droll voice asking him why he was indulging Liam. The answer? It was something to do. Plus, it was likely irritating Creus, which was a bonus. Maybe the uptight guy would finally show a little emotion; even if it was anger.

Attempting to weed through the onslaught of questions, Zakhar peered down from his higher position as the little guy attempted to poke him. Scowling, he swatted at the hand irritably. "Don't touch me." He growled, pulling his gelding a bit away. "How your boyfriend stuck around for a year is beyond me. Patience of a saint, that one." Eyeballing Liam wearily to make sure he wasn't about to be prodded again, Zakhar glanced back at Creus in mild surprise as the wizard threatened Liam. The flickering blue magic had the hairs on the back of Zakhar's neck rising. It was surreal still, and not something he was prepared to deal with. But at least it quieted Liam for the time being.

Pleased to see the blue magic gone, Zakhar turned towards Creus. "You're younger than I figured. Must be the grumpy old man vibes you give off." Smirking, he turned towards Thiago and motioned for him to speak up. Clearly uncomfortable with the sudden attention and what had just happen, Thiago hunched downwards in his saddle, tail curling around one of his mares forelegs.


"Huh, your the oldest of the bunch it seems." Which, by looking at the haggard beastman, it was hard to tell whether it was stress or age that had caused the lines in his face. "Unless Fernleigh, or whatever your called, is older." The gelding suddenly sidestepped, throwing it's head in irritation. Cussing under his breath, Zakhar fought back for control and was nearly dumped twice before the beast once again settled. "I miss cars. So much." He complained to Illium, who was hanging on to Zakhar's shirt for dear life. Patting the geldings neck, Zakhar attempted to remember what he'd been saying.

"I'm twenty-seven. So not to far behind you, Thiago. Which makes the cradle robbing imagery so much worse." Scanning Liam again, he tried figuring out how the tiny, androgynous guy was twenty-four. "A cradle-robber is someone over eighteen who dates, or whatever, with someone under eighteen - though under fifteen in particular is really pushing it. Full offense, but you hardly look over fifteen to me."

Deciding against answering the have you dated question, Zakhar scratched Illium's chin as the little farxal slithered down from his shoulder and perched himself on the saddlehorn. Which was about the time a shadow overcame them and Creus' golden dragon snatched up Kuro and Fernleigh. Shouting in surprise, Zakhar couldn't quite catch what was going on as his gelding reared, giving a panicked whinny at the apperance of such a massive predator. By the time the horse was back on all fours, eyes showing the whites around it's iris' the dragon and it's new cargo were gone. "Seriously? Just like that their gone with no explanation?" He growled out, attempting to right himself in the saddle while also making sure Illium hadn't been thrown. "How are we supposed to do anything if everyone is being cryptic?"

Creus, instead of saying anything simply attempted to call back his dragon so he could be taken back too. Not that Zakhar could blame him, honestly. He was under no illusion that the four of them were going to ever amount to much. Creus obviously didn't like any of them, Liam was too friendly and irritating, Thiago too skittish, and Zakhar knew he wasn't easy to get along with. He was a right jerk at times. But to survive in his family one had to be - or they'd be eaten alive. "Nice try, buddy." He mused sarcastically.

Moments later they were joined by a fifth person, who all but sprung upon them like an over eager puppy. Which, after actually getting a good look at him, was an apt deion. "The hell?" Looking back towards Thiago, the beastman was shaking his head rapidly.

"I am a creation; unless he was affected the same was as me there should be no others with these deformities," Thiago told Creus. Flattened nose twitching, Thiago cocked his head to the side and studied the wolf-man. "From his questions he is likely like you. From a different world." Both Thiago and Zakhar blinked in near unison as the newcomer appealed to Liam as if he was their leader.

"Welcome to the club, bud." Zakhar told the wolfman. "Either you were purposefully or accidentally summoned by a deranged king in this world. Along with me and the wizard over there." Motioning towards Creus, he figured he'd let the mage introduce himself if he wanted. "And did you say werewolf?" He questioned, skeptical. He whined like a dog (wolf?), panted, and his tail seemed to have a life of it's own. However, he looked less monstrous than Thiago; which was a little sad considering werewolf. The movies lied. He thought with a chuckle. "Also, seriously, Liam there isn't some sort of Round Table Knight or our leader. Don't give the brat a bigger ego."

Getting the name of the new guy, who was still asking Liam the questions, Zakhar nudged his horse up beside of Creus'. "If he is someone summoned and that creature is his beast, are we keeping him? Or should we send him back towards the castle." He muttered, not wanting the others to overhear and put their two-cents in. "We've lost Kuro and Fernleigh and frankly we're seriously lacking man power. I know your a mage and all, but Thiago's probably going to be useless in a fight unless we can train him a bit, and frankly without any kind of magic I'm not going to be able to be a great help if we go head to head with someone. Not to mention Liam." Pausing, he watched as Thiago began rummaging through one of his packs. "Or, he could be a liability. Who knows? Your call, since I don't give a crap either way."

Thiago pulled out a cloth wrapped bundle and upon opening it produced half a loaf of bread infused with nuts and raisins he'd likely taken from the castle to munch on throughout the day. Giving Aaron a weary look, Thiago held it out for the werewolf to take. "It's not much, but we weren't expecting someone else. Our supplies are limited." The beastman told Aaron, and Zakhar was once again reminded how weird it all was.


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Aaron turned to the one who offered him bread, realizing how similar they were, he stepped toward him cautiously with his head lowered and ears down. He pulled gently on the mans arm and sniffed him,’ No, not quite. He smells... too human.’, after his little interaction with the arm he decided to take the half-loaf. He reached with both hands this time and brought the bread to his face, he paused however before biting.” Oh, right! You had questions!”, he blushed lightly realizing he was being rude,” Um, first off, Yes! I’m a werewolf. I basically am everything the legend says, but less... irritated.” He looked up at the human-scented wolf and bowed his head slightly,” And thank you, for the food I mean.”

He then immediately started taking large bites into his food and scarfing it down in mere seconds,” I had no idea nuts went well with bread!!”, he said  to himself. “So,”, he turned his attention back to the ones he had yet to get a name from (everyone except Liam),”My names Aaron, I’m a werewolf and I’ve just recently discovered I like nut bread, what’s your name.” He looked at them as he waited. His greeting was a bit late but he wanted to be sure he didn’t just go around calling people ‘bread-guy’ or something stupid. He stood patiently and had begun wagging his tail again, to be honest he was happy the one who gave him bread invited him to join,’it’s best to know the names of people you’ll be traveling with.’

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As was within his nature Creus was relatively quiet as he observed this new guest of theirs. Considering he was either very lost or just got summoned to a new world, he seemed rather plucky and perhaps just a bit naive. Giving his name and information out about himself and even accepting and eating food from complete strangers like that was certainly a good way to get killed. At least it was in the world Creus had come from, one could never be too cautious there. As far as he could tell, this guy was probably also summoned since he mentioned a bright light, had a beast and seemed lost. That along with the timing of his dragon snatching away the other two seemed just a bit to coincidental. What was that king playing at? They only had a few days to get to know eachother and just when things where starting to settle down between them he just casually rips a few of them away and sends in a new guy?

Was this going to be a continuing issue for them? Was the king going to send his dragon to grab him, Zahkar or Thiago at some point too? What kind of game was that guy playing at? How in the world where they supposed to get anything done if that continued? It was bad enough they where all there in the first place. Now he wouldn't mind it as much if the king just randomly beamed in reinforcements provided the others stayed. Having extra help in this situation was probably a good thing however there was one problem with that. How did that old man know the people he summoned would help them instead of joining the other side? The last thing they needed was to be stabbed in the back by a stranger from another world.

Why couldn't he just go home? He still wanted no part of this.

"I don't know the best answer to that. We definitely need all the help we can get if we want to survive and go home but this guy seems a bit.... naive. If he is a werewolf and if they are anything like the legends in my world they should be pretty strong, he could be of use. Furthermore it seems too coincidental for him to appear here when that crazy old king took the others. I could only assume that he was meant to replace them? Either that or the magic they used misfired or something. Its tempting to just send him on his way though. I suppose the best option is to just let him decide for himself."

What other option was there really? There was no guarantee even the small group they had previously would survive, given that that already small group had shrunk by two their chances of survival also naturally shrunk. Saving the world seemed like a really tall order for just a handful of stranger from different worlds.

"Aaron is it? From the sounds of things you have probably been summoned here however if thats the case this is not a good thing. We where also summoned, well Zahkar and I where and we are being sent off to a country over run by some mysterious dark force, supposedly to find out the cause and put a stop to it before it keeps spreading. We are not the only ones who have been sent out. Apparently according to this countries king countless other people have been sent previously and have not returned. There is a very good chance that we are being sent to our deaths."

At this the mage paused hoping to let the gravity of their situation sink in. This was not some pleasant new adventure this was probably going to be a trial of life or death. Succeeding and surviving was currently the only way for them to go home but they where risking their lives just to go home.

"You can call me Creus and the only reason why I am participating in this is because I haven't yet discovered a way to go home. Right now the only one who knows how to send us home is the very guy who summoned us, the king of this country. He will only send us home if we succeed. So you may want to take a few minutes to think things over. If you want to go home you will probably have to join us but if you do you may die. So do you want to go home badly enough to risk your life or would you rather try going into hiding and start a new life in this world? "

That very same question was something the mage thief had been asking himself from day one and truthfully he had already made his choice. He would much rather run away and start a new life here than risk his life to go home. He had nothing in his home world after all, no family or friends. All he had to look forward too was surviving another day without being caught by hunter or the law. Only two things prevented him from doing that, the main one obviously being the dragon that he had been bound too. Raizel kept his distance and hadn't yet offered any assistance but he had had made a very clear threat. If he tried to run away and refused to help the dragon would hunt him down as Raizel wanted to go home.

The only other motivation he had to cooperate, besides his obvious fear of the dragon was that if what the king said was true, then he wouldn't be safe in this world for long either. If the darkness did spread and ended up engulfing the whole world than what would become of him? Granted he didn't know if that would even happen but the thought did add an additional damper to things.

"Ugh, do you really have to make things seem so grim? Sure we may not come back from this but at least we can enjoy the journey and make new friends! Heck, maybe if we're lucky those friendships could even become something more.Memories got to count for something right? Besides we are all strong and smart, I'm sure we will survive."  Liam piped in cheerfully.

"What use are memories to the dead?" 

"Don't let this dour guy scare you alright? I'm sure we will all find a way to go home to our friends and families and we get to return as heroes as well." Liam added ignoring the mages droll response. "So do you want to join us or not?"

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Zakhar stiffened a bit as the werewolf grabbed at Thiago’s outstretched arm, sniffing the beastman curiously. Thiago himself had paled dramatically, but didn’t wrench the limb away as if worried he’d offend Aaron into doing something dramatic – like tear the arm off. Which, werewolf, so who knew? Even a less irritated one still had the ability to get...irritated. Zakhar watched as Thiago’s feline tail twitched wearily, lips drawn back slightly as if he was fighting off a fearful hiss. From their few interactions it was obvious Thiago didn’t like being touched, which from the scarring and bruises the human couldn’t exactly blame him.

Then Aaron turned towards them, stuffing the bread happily into his mouth. Amused by the antics, Zakhar leaned forward on the saddle to take in the newcomer more fully, wagging tail and all. Then Creus began speaking, as droll and sarcastic as ever.

Flicking his gaze from Creus, to Liam, then back to Aaron as the mage made his ‘grand’ speech on how they were all likely to die, Zakhar couldn’t help but think the entire enterprise was doomed to fail. And only partially from the storm. In all likelihood, their lack of cohesion would be their downfall. The pessimistic thought made him miss his world, his brothers, all the harder. Most of the time they didn’t even need to talk to know what needed to be done – they just moved in sync like a well oiled machine. This group of misfits were going to work as well together as cats and dogs. Which, considering Aaron and Thiago, was an apt analogy.

“Very inspiring there, Creus.” Zakhar muttered sarcastically, throwing the wizard a scowl. “Way to remind the rest of us as well how utterly fu- b’lyad!” Something massive and winged whipped overhead, sending dirt and leaves raining down and forcing the trees to dangerously sway around them. Zakhar’s gelding gave a panicked whinny and attempted to dance to the side in agitation, the human clinging inelegantly. “I hate that serpent, so much.” Zakhar hissed, forcing his horse to calm. He also hated the gelding, but that was besides the point.

The quetza-whatever continued on ahead of them as if it had not even seen them, serpentine body all but writhing through the air as it’s feathered wings beat furiously. Continuing to curse in his mother tongue, Zakhar picked twigs from his hair and plucked a leaf from Illium’s quills. “If you decide to join us, hopefully you can control your beastie better then we can.” So far, it seemed the werewolf’s own monster was better behaved then Creus’ dragon or Zakhar’s serpent. It appeared not to have its own agenda – at least not yet.

Realizing he’d not given his name yet, Zakhar nudged his horse forward again from where it had skittered to the side and huffed down at the gelding. “Chose to stay or chose to go, doesn’t really matter. Though, we are down on manpower now, and frankly could use you.” He told Aaron seriously. “If you do chose to stay, I’m Zakhar. This little guy is Illium.” He added, stroking the farxal’s little head where it sat curled around his shoulders. Looking towards the only other one not to introduce themselves, Zakhar motioned for him to say something.

Thiago squirmed, eerie golden eyes wide. “I am Thiago.” Head tilting to the side a bit, the beastman observed each of them for a moment before slumping. “Much of what Creus said is correct. This will be dangerous, exceedingly. But if you do want to get home it would be wise to join us. We all have our reasons for wanting the storm stopped and are willing to fight for it.” After a moment, Thiago’s nose scrunched a bit. “Though, I am unsure what you will do about a horse.

“Not it.” Zakhar grumped.

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‘So much, so much is happening. There’s no trust, this isn’t a pack. They’re all forced here. So many names. So many opinions and altercations about everything. Almost no one agrees. They need help. They think I’m useful. But there’s no trust.’

Aaron stood for a while, he placed one of his hands on his hip with the other holding his chin. He stopped his apparent thought process and looked at Creus intensely, his expression had changed so drastically. His brow furrowed, nose scrunched, and irises dilated as he walked forward with every muscle tensed, his body suddenly became rippling with intensity. He circled slowly with a slight hunch, his tail and ears bristled slightly & lowered. Around the second time he circled he stopped. He placed his fist in the ground and brought down one of his knees. “I’m sorry if I upset you for any reason, I don’t know why you’re irritated...,” he paused before coming up from the ground,”but, if it’s my strength you need I promise to be of immense support and usage. As far as supplies, rationing, and a horse, I don’t need to eat for 2 weeks or longer, and I can keep up with these horses pretty well.”. He said before looking up with a slight grin before walking over to Zakhar and Thiago.

 “Hi again!”, he greeted, he walked beside them (rather their horses),”I remember you saying you don’t have food, I’m a great hunter so if y’all need any I’d be happy to help.” He then diverted his attention to the knight man, who apparently wasn’t the leader,’He’s seems super nice, in comparison to Creus at least.’, he thought. He swayed his tail slightly as he began tying up his hair with leather twine.”So,”, he turned to Zakhar,”What was your world like?”, he asked in an attempt to make friendly banter,”No need to answer though, just curious.” He began wagging his tail in anticipation, hearing about other worlds and meeting so many people from different places was getting him really excited. Fotiá followed quickly, all three heads complaining to Aaron,”You’re gonna be a real hassle to these people if you make friends. You never know who might take advantage.” He ignored her and continued wagging his tail.

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"Irritated? No I am just being honest about the situation. Its not a good one to be in." First Zahkar, now this new guy. Did he really come off as angry to everyone? He knew he wasn't the nicest person in the world but in this situation who wouldn't be a bit upset? Who wouldn't be on edge? Who with any common sense would be happy about this? Stolen away from your own world and forced to face an unknown enemy that would probably kill them or worse turn them into some sort of mindless monster like the ones that attacked them in town? He didn't want to die, he had spent so much time and energy just trying to survive in his own world only to be thrown into this situation.

Wordlessly the mage nudged his horse forward and the black gelding obediently started walking again. He had to admit he didn't fully understand why some of these people took so readily to this situation. Liam treated it as some sort of dating game, this knew guy just jumped right into the group and despite the situation he seemed quite confident, even Zahkar seemed to handle the situation quite well. Did they truly understand the dire situation they where all in?  Or was this normal for people to react that way in this situation?  Was he just the odd one out?  Truthfully he probably wouldn't ever know the answers to that question and it didn't matter if he didn't.  What did matter was their survival.

"Just remember this Aaron, everyone, if you have people that care about you they will hurt if you never return. They will live their lives never knowing why the people they loved just vanished and never came back. I would suggest that the moment an opportunity becomes available you should return home regardless of the situation this world is in. There is no need for anyone to be a hero." 

After that Creus said nothing more on that matter as he led his horse a bit further away from the rest of the group. Many years ago, when he was just a kid living among a group of orphans his best friend vanished without a trace. After many of the others kids had been killed he and his friend where captured and taken to separate locations. He escaped but never saw his friend again, never knew if he survived or got killed. It had been ten or eleven years since that incident, he couldn't exactly remember which any more but even to this day he still often found himself wondering what happened back then. Did his friend survive and simply abandon him for some reason or did he die?

"That would be great! We could use all the help we can get but the animals here might be different from your world. You will have to be careful whom you hunt however I can tell you a bit about the animals here. " Liam offered cheerfully to Aaron as he followed the rest. "I have trained quite a bit as a knight but I also have some survival experience as well. Hopefully between your skill and my knowledge we can do quite well in keeping everyone's bellies full!"

The thought of being able to teach someone about their world and the animals in it made Liam quite happy though Creus's words did put a bit of a damper on things. The mage was right and based on his words, Liam could guess that he must be familiar with that sort of pain. He was also familiar with it as well, after all neither his father or brother ever returned after they got sent out to the dark storm.  "Or we can survive and return home as heroes, perhaps we may even find and rescue the people who disappeared into the storm over the years. Why be so pessimistic?"

(Sorry all for the late reply, my laptop ended up breaking and I had to wait until I got hold of a computer. In the next round we can do a time skip of a couple of hours to them arriving at a forest, I have plans to bring some action into this)


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(Is the RP dead? It’s Alcaries turn, but she hasn’t responded. If the RP isn’t dead should we go on. Sorry, I know it’s a sensitive topic but I have to ask after almost 2 months.)

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