A Pirate's Tale - (Nyght x CH)

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(Omgosh. Worst title ever. I'm not going to bother with bio's yet either seeing as we basically know our characters anyway. I might add and edit them a little later. For now, though, let's get this show on the road! 8D)

They came out of nowhere. Probably as a result of the shoddy movements of their persuers through the undergrowth of the island on which they hid. They'd known they were being chased. The Captain's ship had followed their tatty little boat all the way here, so all it really took was a few careless mistakes for them to take advantage of the chance it provided, seeing as they knew they were being hunted. Needless to say, Victor was not in any way to blame for this. As big as he was, he was not stupid, nor clumsy. Nemea's group had headed a different way around the island, so no-one with her was at fault either. No. It was his stupid luck that he'd been saddled with the more stupid members of Hook's crew that had resulted in this particular kerfuffle.

The pirates who had landed here, so far as Victor knew, had some sort of information that Hook sorely wanted. Something to do with that gosh darn compass, he believed. As a result, they had tracked the target ship all the way to this sorry lump of land, before disembarking and setting out to find them. It had all gone so well, up until the point that Victor and his search party were ambushed; Again. Not his fault. Luckily, their fellow party arrived in time to assist, and what followed was a rather prompt and bloody battle. Most of the pirates were easily taken down, though in fairness, theirs was not really all that large a crew, and as of now, only two remained; Both of whom were tied to nearby trees while Victor and the others gathered themselves and took stock of their injuries.

"Lovely little fight, that was." A pirate commented from somewhere to his left. Others were also quietly admiring their handiwork, their voices drifting in to the bald man from the woodland like surroundings. Others were complaining of the nicks and cuts they'd received, or muttering about some other, far less relevant topic.

Standing from where he had been sat, Victor rolled his shoulders lightly, before heading over to where their two captives resided; Both unconscious, heads slumped against their chests.

"Think any of these two will have any clue about this compass we're looking for?" He asked, his voice deep and gruff, his question directed towards the blonde young woman currently tending to a gash on her thigh, the leg in question placed on the stump of an old tree.

"No idea." Nemea stated, jerking her arms apart as she fastened a length of rough cloth around her leg, not even remotely glancing in the huge male's direction. "Right now, it's all we've got to go by." Straightening herself up, the grey eyed pirate turned to stare at the two captives, before gesturing to her fellow crew members. "Get them untied." She ordered, lifting her blades from where they had been resting against the stump she had been using as a stool, and sliding them lightly back into her boots.

Without another word, the pirate turned on her heel and stalked away, shortly followed by Victor once he had overseen the safe moving and handling of the two dead weight captives.


It had been just another, rather uneventful day aboard ship, in Ella's opinion. Although, in all fairness, her thoughts at the moment were probably just a tad biased. After all, she hadn't been allowed to leave the ship with either of the two search parties, and as such had had to remain on board with only a few other members, watching for Nemea and Victor's return. She really hadn't done all that much while waiting around either, as the ship itself was quiet, what with most of the more rowdy members, or members in general, for that matter, being out on the island. It really was a pity. She would have loved to have been out there, doing the more important things.

Sighing to herself, the little redhead stretched her arms above her head, just as the sound of boastful cheering reached her ears. Slamming her hands down onto the railings where she stood, she leaned out over the side of the ship, her green eyes focused on the woodland boundary in the distance as pirates quite suddenly began to appear as if from nowhere. Laughing delightedly, she bounded away from the barrier to sprint towards the plank that led on deck, stepping back just a bit as the crew made their way on board, led by Nem and shortly followed by Victor. She watched the pirates with amusement, curiousity etching it's way onto her features as she spotted the two captives that were practically dragged on board.

"They got information?" She asked, watching as the burly men who carried them unceremoniously dumped them onto the deck with a couple of loud and painful sounding thuds.

"We'll find out as soon as they come around." Nemea replied, sitting herself heavily onto a barrel, leaning against the ships railing and crossing one leg over the other. She was looking at the two unconscious men with no pity in her features, as her fellow pirates almost instantly began the celebrations. Any excuse for a drink, she supposed.

"Shouldn't we go notify Captain Hook?" Ella asked, almost instantly turning to head for the door that led to the Captain's quarters. She was cut short by Victor grasping the back of her tunic lightly, a chuckle rumbling deep in his throat. "No need, little lass. If the Captain can't hear the crew pounding around up here in obvious celebration, he needs his ears replacing."


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