Trick or Treat Design Contest!

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10:55pm Sep 6 2017 (last edited on 4:16am Sep 26 2017)


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Now CLOSED! Thank you to all who entered. Stay tuned for the announcement of winners!

Greetings, people of Rescreatu!

With Halloween brewing in the distance, we’re inviting you all to get involved in designing some items for this year’s Trick or Treat! We’re holding a contest where we’ll be picking four winning entries (two tricks and two treats) for Rescreatu's artists to bring to life and release on site!

Make sure you read all the following information before entering!!

How can you enter?

You can enter by posting a maximum of two entries (one trick and one treat) on this thread. You can also submit additional entries via our social media platforms. We are limiting the number of entries to two (one trick and one treat) per user for each platform, and each submission must be a different idea. On social media, you can either send your entry to us privately or post it publicly - it doesn't matter as long as we can see it. Remember to include your Rescreatu username!

Access the social media platforms here:





What are we looking for?

Your entry should be suitable for Halloween and may be any of the following: food, toy, squishy, weapon, book or human avatar item. 

Human avatar items should be kept simple - small, unisex and consisting of one piece only. It may be an accessory or an add-on such as jewellery, headwear, a tail, make up etc. We will not accept backdrops or body clothing (like robes or shirts). You may like to use one of the following templates when creating your item:

Male | Female

We're looking for a variety of items to add to the trick or treat, so we encourage you to enter ideas besides HA items! We'll most likely only pick at max 1 or 2 HA items.

An entry may be either a sketch of the item or a written desc.ription of its appearance. The entry should be accompanied by a brief desc.ription of its function. It must be clear to us what type of item it is, what it would look like and what it would do! You can include an item name but it might not be used for the official item. You may like to use the following form:

Category: Trick | Treat 

Item name (optional): ________

Type of item: food | toy | squishy | weapon | book | human avatar

Sketch or Descr.iption of Appearance:

We are not looking for a polished piece of work; the sketch or writing is just to present us your idea so that the artists of Rescreatu can turn it into an official item. The artists may change details of the winning item but will preserve the essence of the idea.

We will do our best to keep the thread up to date with entrants' ideas as they are received. Before submitting your idea please check that it is not too similar to one already listed. You will be notified if we cannot accept your entry for any reason, and you will have the opportunity to submit a different entry.


Winning entries will be chosen based on creativity and functionality. We will not be judging the standard of artwork or writing - the idea is the most important thing!

Winners will, of course, be rewarded for their work. Prizes will include a copy of your winning item, a tu reward, and a winners’ souvenir.

If you have any questions or would like any clarification, feel free to post here on the thread or rmail Snowpea or Kirby.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

End date: September 25, 11:59pm Rescreatu time


10:56pm Sep 6 2017 (last edited on 7:09pm Sep 24 2017)


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Bat Veil (HA item)
- Oversized spooky scarf (HA)
- Medical table (HA)
- Black widow bite (HA)
- Jaaku Suture/stitched smile (HA)
- Stolen eyes (HA)
- Bloody head knife (HA)
- Ghost scarf (HA)
- Rubber horse head mask (HA)
- Drachid Eyes (HA)
- Witch's Cauldron (HA)
- Tail Mouth (HA)
- Corruption (dying arms) (HA)
- Spiderweb stockings (HA)
- Cursed otachie (HA)
- Chainsaw (HA)
- Ebbie/kitten jack-o-lantern (HA)
- Bat on a spade (HA)

- Spider-filled chocolate pumpkin (Food)
- Creepy crawly cake (Food)
- Creepy Eternal Pumpkin Loaf (Food)
- Zombie Pie (Food)

- Nekrosis jack in a box (Toy)
- Fake imaginary friend in a box (Toy)
- Wind-up Saruka banging cymbals together (Toy)
- Nekrosis bobble head (Toy)
- Jaaku in the box (Toy)

Creatu squishy with an arrow through it
- Halloween Santa (Squishy)

- The Candy Devourer: Nekrosis (Book)
- Beware the Grinning Jaaku (Book)
- Skeleton in the Closet (Book)

- Toothpaste and floss pack

- Fairy glow (HA)
- Will-o-the-wisp (HA)
- Spooky cooking spreadsheet (HA)
- Candy Corn tattoo (HA)
- Shattered Face (HA)
- Spirit Lantern (HA)
- Ghost friends (HA)
- Unicorn horn headband (HA)
- Plush Snake Boa (HA)
- Fairy Queen Wings (HA)
- Lightsabers (HA)
- Spirit half mask (HA)

- Spider cupcake (Food)
- Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bowl (Food)
- Candy multipack (Food)
- Rotting brain (Food)
- Ghost cupcake (Food)
- Spiced Eternal Pumpkin Loaf (Food)
- Zombie hand cupcake (Food)
- Baked Apples (Food)
- Everlasting black cat lollipop (Food)
- Witch's midnight brew (Food)
- Bat smoothie/sundae (Food)

- Scaredy Otachie Squishy
- Wicked witch cauldron (Squishy)
- Jack Skellington Jaaku (Squishy)
- Cute ghost squishy
- Baby spider (Squishy)
- Ebilia pumpkin (Squishy)
- Candy Corn (Squishy)

- Undead Ebilia Bone Chimes (Toy)
- Bouncy Bat (Toy)


10:56pm Sep 6 2017 (last edited on 9:23pm Sep 9 2017)


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Q: Should the art be traditional or digital?
A: It can be either, but if it's traditional please make sure the photo is clear enough that we can see the detail of your sketch

Q: Should the HA item be drawn on both bases?
A: No, just one, or if it's obvious where on the avatar the item is supposed to go, you don't need to submit it on the base. Remember that the item should be something that can easily be applied to both genders. 

Q: What do you mean by a sketch?
A: By sketch, we just mean that the drawing doesn't have to be polished - it can still be in the 'draft' stage. You may use colour but we will also accept non-coloured sketches.

Q: Can I get someone else to do a sketch for me?
A: Yes! If you know someone who is willing to draw a sketch of your idea, you can get them to do so and include it in your submission.


10:56pm Sep 6 2017 (last edited on 5:28pm Oct 31 2017)


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Rin - Stolen Eyes
Percy - Pumpkin Loaf
Olly - Scared Otachie Squishy
PebblePuff - Treat Tattoo



11:04pm Sep 6 2017

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Can I artwork be traditional art (not drawn on the computer) and be uploaded on the computer? Also can you draw both pictures on the same piece of paper or does it have to be separate?


11:12pm Sep 6 2017


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Secrets - Yes, the art can be traditional, just try to make the photo as clear as possible! And it would be best if you can submit the entries in separate images :)


11:14pm Sep 6 2017

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Ok! Sounds good! Thanks. And when you mean a sketch do you mean it can't be colored or can we color it?


11:15pm Sep 6 2017


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If we're making an HA item, do we have to draw it on both bases or just one? :0


11:21pm Sep 6 2017 (last edited on 11:32pm Sep 6 2017)


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Secrets - by sketch we just mean that the drawing doesn't have to be polished - it can still be in the 'draft' stage. You can definitely use colour but it isn't compulsory ^^

Sombra - Just one, but it should be something that can be easily applied to the other gender.
Edit: if it's obvious where on the avatar the item is supposed to go, you don't need to submit it on the base


11:22pm Sep 6 2017


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Yeah I got that much, haha! Thanks!


11:23pm Sep 6 2017

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Do we have to have social media or can we post it here on Res?


11:29pm Sep 6 2017


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Skiski - that's under the "how can you enter" bit~ You can enter one treat and one trick right here on this forum - social media is just a chance to submit more entries for those who want to c:


11:37pm Sep 6 2017 (last edited on 12:12am Sep 7 2017)


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Entry for Trick 8)

You've heard of a Butterfly Veil, now get ready for....

Res Char Base F Work  by Rothamor


You didn't think you could bring up a Halloween contest and not have me include bats, did you?

"BUT OLLY," you cry. "Bats don't exist on Res!"

then how do we have gummy bats, hm? Checkmate, atheists.

Entry for Treat!

Scaredy Otachie by Rothamor

Scaredy Otachie Squishy!

Poor guy, maybe you should take your mask off to calm him down?


12:19am Sep 7 2017


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Thank you for your wonderful entries, Sombra! Both added :>


1:01am Sep 7 2017

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Entry for trick:

A chocolate pumpkin full of real spiders


2:04am Sep 7 2017 (last edited on 6:43am Sep 7 2017)

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For the Trick Item

What makes Halloween if not a few scares? A Nekrosis jack in the box, the evil intent clear in his malicious expression! (Toy)

For the Treat Item

Worried about going out with all the ghouls and ghosts of Halloween around? Don't go alone! The glow of a good fairy will protect you! The glow could be a ball of light about the size of the avatars head in a blue yellow or green with the tips of the wings showing on one side, the fairy being in the top right of the screen, being over the avatar to signify lighting the way. (HA)

-edit for understanding

2:29am Sep 7 2017 (last edited on 2:30am Sep 7 2017)


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Zarma - Sounds spooky! What would the function of your item be - food? :o

Battle - Nice ideas! What type of item would they be? I'm thinking toy and HA item but I need to check :D If the treat is an HA item, could you give any more descr.iption about how it may look?

A note to everyone - make sure to give us enough detail so we can clearly picture the item you have in mind! ^.^


4:10am Sep 7 2017

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Treat: A spider cupcake (Orange top with "chocolate chips" for eyes, with a black paper base with legs sticking out.)
Trick: A squishy (any Creature) with an arrow through the middle

Username: Windwalka (because i don't know what i'm doing :))
I am sorry if these already exist I haven't been on this site long,(although i am really enjoying it) and i don't know many of the items

5:24am Sep 7 2017

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Trick - Fake imaginary friend in a box. Trick your friends into thinking you have a real imaginary friend in a box!
It's a cardboard box with nothing inside. The packaging has some flashy 'wow!' sticker stuff on it that kids go nuts for. It's a toy item.


6:06am Sep 7 2017

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Treat: Will-o-the-wisp
Little blue flames around your HA's feet.

Trick: A wind-up Saruka toy banging two cymbals together.

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