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5:52pm May 29 2011 (last edited on 9:58am May 30 2011)

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I find it annoying that I can never know when to collect TU from my Rancher Shop, so I propose an optional option to be able to enable alerts to be sent to you whenever something is sold.

Again, it's OPTIONAL, so you wouldn't need the alerts if you didn't want them.


7:54pm May 29 2011

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7:24am May 30 2011 (last edited on 7:30am May 30 2011)

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Is checking the till really so much work? XD

No support. 

Alerts are annoying. XD Imagine you want to buy a bunch of pets from someone and they are a merchant or someone is leaving and they're giving away all their pets so you need to buy some cheap junk pets (like 100 tu each) to do the trades. Imagine you need 20 junk pets and you get them all from one shop. That person is going to have 20 alerts all for about 2,000 tu. XD

And it would be even worse for merchants I think p; 'Oh noes! I've run out of super healing potions! I'll just buy the 65 that are in this shop' So then that person has 65 alerts.


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8:49am May 30 2011

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emarshe -  they have a thing now where you can automatically check all of the alerts instead of one by one.



9:06am May 30 2011

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9:57am May 30 2011

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EMARSHE; Which is why I said it was optional. You don't need the alrt from the shops if you don't want them. :P

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