More Dye Colour Sections in the Creatu Species Directory

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3:16am Jun 24 2021 (last edited on 3:20am Jun 24 2021)

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At the moment it is divided into hatch colours, dye colours and birthstone colours (and then mutants down the bottom)

But with the addition of the 4 new dye kits, plus more creatu getting uldavian, the dye kit section is about to be pretty extensive

Maybe we could split it up into several sections, or even a few sub sections

Under Basic Dye Kit Colors have the regular dyes: azure, lemon, indigo, rose, lime, magenta, orchid and amber

A Special Dye Kit Colors section with snow, rainbow, trance and uldavian (I know this last one isn't a universal colour but it also isn't a metal)

A Metal Dye Kit Colors section with gold and silver, black and gold, rosegold (and maybe one day bronze)? They especially fit together as they are cash shop and/or uldavian only. 

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