Missing Human Avatar Art (Users needed!)

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7:17pm Dec 6 2012

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Bubbly blue babydoll shirt doesn't work on mine. I believe they don't have art.

I hope they get art done of geeky glasses!


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9:29am Jan 5 2013

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the Leo mask doesn't have any art :3
it would be cool if you could wear it |D


10:37am Jan 5 2013

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Yeah! I have a Deluxe Green Cloak that used to work but now doesn't ... Am I the only one?


8:47am Feb 23 2013

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bathing suits and only certain cloaks dont work
Kirsti Fancy Underwear
Black One-Piece Swimsuit
Emo Pandasean Bear Beanie
Standard Creatu Collarn(its listed in closet sooo)


1:10am Mar 6 2013

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I've been yearning for Sparxz Urble Beanie avatar art since before the function existed.


3:14pm Mar 20 2013

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Eclipsed eyes :X All the other eclipsed items are wearable, so...

Please please make them wearable XD


8:21am Jun 18 2013

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Agree with Shad. Why is one single item of a set not wearable? Makes no sense xD 

I'd love for Uwibami Strap-On Wings and Tail to be wearable. c:

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8:49pm Feb 26 2014

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Um,I never see the red t-shirt in my wardrobe.


5:49pm Mar 23 2014

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Is this thread still active?
If it is i believe there are quite a few un-wearable items xD
I don't know the names of some of these so i'm just gonna post pictures lol

Kirsti Halloween WingsKirsti Fancy UnderwearKindreds Double Set WingsRed Tie Emo Pandasean Bear Beanie

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2:34pm Apr 6 2014

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Those suit jackets are wearable, but for male Human Avatars.
We have the female dress jackets.


9:38am Apr 7 2014

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I don't believe the ardur scarf is wearable o-o


10:43am Apr 8 2014

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Gothic Eyeshadow
Any Lipstick
Turkey Hat
Standard Creatu Collar

1:22am Apr 16 2014

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The rose Iluvu gloves are still unwearable, too.


2:43am Apr 16 2014

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Strap on Mirabilis wings.

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12:34pm Nov 13 2016

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Tesuri beanies! :D

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10:55am Aug 27 2017 (last edited on 10:56am Aug 27 2017)

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Titanium already mentioned it, but she listed all the glowy charms and pendants, and most of those work for me; it's just the blue hand held glowing charm that won't. The green and pink work just fine, and I have the blue one, it's on my clothing rack but not my wardrobe and therefore unusable, because I can't get at it.

And I'd really like to;  I feel like the blue would go better with my current attempt at Atquati aesthetic, though the green isn't too bad.

12:58pm Oct 6 2018

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 I can wear the male jackets  and the glowing charms and necklaces, and the bandanas
the mirabilis wings   and tesuri beanies and the rose iluvu gloves

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