Make Name Searches Easier

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1:17pm Jun 14 2021 (last edited on 1:39pm Jun 14 2021)


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This is just a discussion thread, I'm keeping my snoot out of the thread's opinions anyway.

List your arguments for why/why not we should make name searching easier and I'll throw up the good points up here.

- Find whatever name your heart desires
- Encourage trading/selling (economy stimulant)

- Harassment over names the owner doesn't plan to sell
- Name searchers lose their source of income

- Option to narrow search by first letter of the Creatu's name
- If pet search via name was brought back entirely, stricter policies regarding solicitation
- Indicate which category in a showroom a pet is in


1:22pm Jun 14 2021 (last edited on 1:22pm Jun 14 2021)


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 Find whatever name your heart desires :D
Might encourage more trading/economy stimulant?

People might get harassed for names they don’t plan on selling
Users who offer name searching as a service will lose that source of income 

Will edit later with ideas I have of how name searching could be made easier


1:27pm Jun 14 2021

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Totally understand why feature was removed in the first place because of harassment and whatnot but just wish it was a little easier. But that may be because I was bulk looking for names and not a single name XD.

My suggestion would be to add an option to search only for names starting with a specific letter.

The process is still manual and relatively tedious to deter people but if you're looking up multiple names, it will make your life a little easier.

If we do bring back name search in its entirety, then perhaps stricter policies on asking for not for sale names or things like that? That would cause people to be more considerate about their rmails.

Someone said that people go straight to rmail once they find a name instead of looking in the sr to see if it's for sale or not. If there are bigger consequences, then people would be more likely to thoroughly check before inquiring.

If this is the case, then there should also be an indication somewhere on the pet in the showroom about which category it's in. Because if you search for names in a showroom, it doesn't tell you anywhere which category the pet belongs to.

4:21pm Jun 14 2021

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I don't think "stricter policies" are the answer personally. Like I said on the SB, plenty of people (myself included) just don't update their showroom regularly. Those messages are often completely out of date. Similarly, feelings about certain names change over time and what someone didn't want to sell five years ago, they may part with willingly now. I also know categories change constantly in showrooms and just recently I moved a bunch from one "not selling" to "meh, maybe" category because I had changed my mind about them, but I hadn't even remembered they existed until I checked because of this clearing. They were probably in there for the better part of a decade, most of that time not actually "not for sale." No one can possibly know if that's the case for someone so I think coming down on people for asking about a name that's "not for sale" isn't reasonable.

I think harassment is already not allowed, so if someone continues to bother you regularly after you say "no" then I think it's reasonable to report the rmails. (As a note: once a year or so is not harassment imo. I have people that come back to double-check that often on names I have and I have myself checked on names for a second or third time before, that's just checking in to see if feelings have changed).


8:54pm Jun 14 2021


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Are there any privacy control features that could be put in place to help alleviate concerns around unwanted, unsolicited contacts? What privacy controls would they be?

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11:01am Jun 15 2021

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Could there be a 'special' category of a Showroom made where names would be unsearchable (except for the typical way users search now) so that users could avoid getting unwanted Rmails for certain names? 

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