Make CS Books Unbreakable

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10:03am Feb 13 2021

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I support this, if they absolutely *have* to break then at least let us know how many uses they have.

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1:18pm Feb 13 2021

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Yes please!! I support this. One of my advent calendar books broke after 1 use and I was so frustrated. 
(those may be very different from spending $50, but it's still a difficult book to get, and I only had the option for 1. )
And I second that retired books shouldn't break either. 


1:52pm Feb 13 2021 (last edited on 1:53pm Feb 13 2021)


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Due to various details I'm not at liberty to go into at the moment, this is not something which will ever happen.

If you look at squishies, those are a one use item which break instantly and there are never any issues. Honestly, books are just like food and squishies with extra 'possible' uses.

There are a couple of options here:

1. Books remain the same.
2. Books get a single use without breaking, and after that, they can't be read to a pet, but can still be added to a library. This makes them useless for other pets and basically wastes their only 'intellect charge' but still count for libraries. This is the only way they will ever have a 'break timer' or anything stating when they will break, we won't allow books to have multiple guaranteed charges.
3. Books change to be like food and squishies, and break instantly upon use. This gets rid of the mental issue people have here, which is 'my rare item MIGHT go away omg!' when in actuality, it should be treated as a one use item that you MIGHT gain extra uses from. This means that books are BETTER than food or squishies, yet we have those as leaderboard prizes and in CS packs etc all the time without anyone complaining.

The issue is, books can never be infinite use or they would be loaned out like an RRay and become absolutely worthless. That doesn't fit in with our future plans of the site.

If anyone would like to suggest another alternative method such as one I mentioned above that doesn't involve infinite use books, feel free to; or let me know what you think of the options I listed.

3:58pm Feb 15 2021


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I only have one reader so option 2 is absolutely fine with me. The fun is in the stories anyways.

Perhaps a book binder npc? If you're afraid of a book breaking after the initial use, you can take it to them and for a fee (cp or rc would be best imo) then you can guarantee one more use out of the book, but each book can only be rebound once.


9:59pm Feb 15 2021

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I'm definitely not a fan of 2 or 3. I only technically have one reader, but if I ever decide to get another one that makes it so much worse for me. I'd rather have a chance (but not a guarantee, since option 3 is a direct downgrade from what we currently have) of it breaking but be able to use it multiple times as long as I get lucky over either of those other things.


10:33pm Feb 15 2021

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I think the issue here is more of the price of the item. You mention food and Squishies "in packs" but that isn't the sole item you get in a pack. Maybe there should be a set number of charges, (10 or 15?) That way it's not infinite, but it can still be used and you KNOW at what point you can use it until. They won't become "worthless" as you say the R-ray is.


3:35pm May 9 2021

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I think the issue being specifically credit shop books makes the point of them not breaking more poignant. If it isn't a book that costs real money that's one thing, but something users spend real currency on is another. Having a few books on the site that don't break is really just similar to having a few endless food items, which also already exist on the site.


9:25pm May 9 2021

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May I suggest leaving books as is with the addition of a "use timer"

when the book is first obtained it is assigned a use number. Number of times it can be used.
then each time it is used the timer subtracts 1.
we see the timer on each use and know how many uses are left so we can read it to X number of pets. no harm no foul. I know its totally random now. sometimes you can read them 10 or more times and sometimes you may get less than 5 reads out of a book.

once a book is used it cannot be sold or traded only added to a library. this will help with selliing a book with only 1 use left.


12:03pm May 10 2021

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Full disclosure:  I am that user who was lent "Cooking with Fire in Reiflem" and it broke after 1 use.  It was not for sale anywhere.  I was sick, but as the lender pointed out, the chance of it breaking was always there.  (RNGesus was not with us that day.)

My luck aside, I'll say that I'm fine with books as they are.  You're always guaranteed to get to read it to ONE pet and then you can access the contents as long as you have that pet. OR you could choose to not take that chance, and put it straight into your library without reading it.  OR you could do as I do, and read it until it breaks or all of your pets have had a go at it. :] It's your choice whether you take the chance or not. 

With squishies, you make the choice of either putting it on your squishy shelf or having a pet use it.  You can't have both with the same squishy.  I've never seen a complaint about that; people understand that if they want to do both, they they need to obtain 2 squishies. Books can possibly be used over and over again; why change something that clearly has an advantage over other items?  Limiting their use is a down-grade.

Respectfully, I like the books as they are.   

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